America the Brew-tiful: Mapping the Best Brewery in Each State

by Chris Kolmar
Rankings - 4 years ago

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Editor’s Note: Previous versions of the maps incorrectly identified the breweries in OH and MS.


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Do you love craft beer? Then odds are that, somewhere or other, you have a favorite brewery.

Maybe it’s close by and you’re a regular; maybe it’s hundreds of miles away and you can’t go often, but you still make the trek as often as you can.

Everyone who has one thinks that their favorite brewery is more than just their favorite. It’s the best. But how can you be sure?

We compiled a list of the best breweries in each state, based on rating from Beer Advocate. Below, we’ll give you a complete list, but first here’s a quick Top 5:

  • Alaska (AK) – Anchorage Brewing Company – Rating: 4.87
  • Florida (FL) – Copp Winery & Brewery – Rating: 4.85
  • California (CA) – Beachwood Blendery – Rating: 4.83
  • Wisconsin (WI) – Dave’s Brewfarm – Rating: 4.78
  • Montana (MT) – Lewis & Clark Brewing Company – Rating: 4.75


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How We Figured This Out

Looking on the website Beer Advocate, we pulled up listings of all the breweries in each individual state. We sorted them by their rating, from highest-rated to lowest. Then we filtered out all the breweries that had less than 10 reviews posted for them, and chose the top one from this list.

That got us the initial list. Then, because we were curious, we looked at the breweries themselves and tried to find the top-rated beer for each one. We used roughly the same process, sorting the beers by their rating, and filtering out any that had less than 5 posted reviews.

Evidently, Alaska has a lot more to offer the beer world than I would have guessed.

Here are the top breweries in America (Ties shown with the same rank):

Rank State Brewery Rating
1 Alaska Anchorage Brewing Company 4.87
2 Florida Copp Winery & Brewery 4.85
3 California Beachwood Blendery 4.83
4 Wisconsin Dave’s Brewfarm 4.78
5 Montana Lewis & Clark Brewing Company 4.75
6 Arkansas Ozark Beer Co. 4.74
7 New Hampshire Candia Road Brewing Company 4.67
8 South Carolina Edmund’s Oast 4.62
9 Colorado Casey Brewing & Blending 4.61
9 Texas Jester King Brewery 4.61
9 Vermont Hill Farmstead Brewery 4.61
12 Connecticut OEC Brewing (Ordinem Ecentrici Coctores) 4.6
13 Massachusetts Trillium Brewing Company 4.59
14 Maine Barreled Souls Brewing Company 4.56
15 New York Rushing Duck Brewing Company 4.55
16 Mississippi Mississippi Brewing Company 4.54
16 New Jersey Conclave Brewing 4.54
16 Virginia The Answer Brewpub 4.54
19 Ohio Fat Head’s Brewery 4.53
20 Louisiana The Courtyard Brewery 4.52
20 North Carolina Wicked Weed Brewing 4.52
22 Michigan Short’s Brewing Company 4.51
22 Missouri 2nd Shift Brewing 4.51
24 Minnesota Bemidji Brewing Company, LLC 4.5
24 Pennsylvania Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company 4.5
26 Delaware Dogfish Head Craft Brewery 4.48
27 Indiana The Devil’s Trumpet Brewing Co. 4.47
28 Oregon Great Notion Brewing 4.44
29 Iowa Madhouse Brewing Company 4.42
30 Georgia The Wrecking Bar Brewpub 4.41
30 Kentucky Dry Ground Brewing Co. 4.41
30 New Mexico La Cumbre Brewing Co. 4.41
33 Alabama Yellowhammer Brewing 4.39
33 Arizona Dragoon Brewing Company 4.39
35 Illinois Scorched Earth Brewing Company 4.37
35 Maryland Burley Oak Brewery 4.37
37 Nebraska Infusion Brewing Co. 4.32
37 South Dakota Monks House of Ale Repute / Gandy Dancer Brew Works 4.32
37 Washington Bale Breaker Brewing Company 4.32
40 Rhode Island Grey Sail Brewing of Rhode Island 4.3
41 Kansas Gella’s Diner & Lb. Brewing Co. 4.26
42 Tennessee Wiseacre Brewing 4.25
43 Idaho Selkirk Abbey Brewing Company 4.2
44 Nevada Banger Brewing 4.18
45 Hawaii Maui Brewing Co. 4.17
46 North Dakota Fargo Brewing Company 4.08
47 Wyoming Melvin Brewing / Thai Me Up 4.05
48 Utah Uinta Brewing Company 4.04
49 Oklahoma Prairie Artisan Ales 3.96
50 West Virginia Mountain State Brewing Co. 3.95
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