Mapping The Best Coffee Shop In Each State

By Hunter Joyner - Mar. 29, 2017

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There are approximately 24,000 coffee shops spread across the country.

And if you’re one of the 150 million American coffee machines that consumes coffee on a regular basis, chances are that you only care about one of those.

Let’s not kid ourselves here, you definitely have a favorite coffee shop that you visit regularly, and practically live at.

So, how does your favorite coffee home compare to the other 23,999 shops in the country? Does it rank as the best in your state?

Well, we at Zippia made a list ranking the best coffee shop in each state, just so you could find out.

Here’s a quick look at the top seven (that all tied with a ranking of 4.85):

  • Iowa—392 Café—Ranking: 4.85
  • Florida—The Hause—Ranking: 4.85
  • Nebraska—Howlin’ Hounds—Ranking: 4.85
  • New Hampshire—Union—Ranking: 4.85
  • Ohio—Artisan Coffee—Ranking: 4.85
  • Texas—Numinous—Ranking: 4.85
  • Wisconsin—Bella Goose—Ranking 4.85

Now on to the method behind our coffee madness.

How We Figured Out The Best Coffee Shop In Each State

We looked to two major sources when identifying the best of the best when it comes to coffee shops. Specifcally:

  • Google Place Reviews
  • Yelp Reviews

We only considered coffee shops that had at least 50 reviews on both Google Reviews, and on Yelp, excluding all giant coffee chains.

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Additionally, each coffee shop had to be a coffee shop –not a donut shop, or a restaurant.

Finally, we averaged together the Google Places and Yelp rankings to create a “Best Coffee Shop Score”.

For example, if Belladonnas Coffee in Alaska had a 4.6 on Google Reviews, and a 4.8 on Yelp, its final score would be a 4.7.

Below are the top coffee shops in each state.

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Detailed Breakdown Of The Best Coffee Shop In Each State

State Coffee Shop Score
Alaska Alaska Coffee Roasting Company 4.1
Alabama Seeds Coffee Co. 4.75
Arkansas Onyx Coffee Lab 4.6
Arizona Peixoto Coffee Roasters 4.7
California Rad Coffee 4.6
Colorado Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters 4.7
Connecticut Lorca 4.65
Delaware Brew Haha! 4.4
Florida The Haus Coffee Shop 4.85
Georgia Ebrik Coffee Room 4.75
Hawaii Kai Coffee Hawaii 4.6
Iowa 392 Caffe 4.85
Idaho Flying M Coffee Garage 4.5
Illinois Brewpoint Coffee 4.75
Indiana Calvin Fletcher’s Coffee Co. 4.75
Kansas Reverie Coffee Roasters 4.65
Kentucky Carabello Coffee 4.8
Louisiana Spitfire Coffee 4.65
Massachusetts Render Coffee 4.55
Maryland Bean Rush Cafe 4.8
Maine Tandem Coffee Roasters 4.6
Michigan Espresso Elevado 4.75
Minnesota Five Watt Coffee 4.7
Missouri Headrush Roasters 4.65
Mississippi Steampunk Coffee Roasters 4.75
Montana Off The Leaf Coffee Bar 4.45
North Carolina Morning View Coffee House 4.65
North Dakota Twenty Below Coffee Co. 4.7
Nebraska Howlin’ Hounds Coffee 4.85
New Hampshire Union Coffee Co. 4.85
New Jersey Harvest Coffee Roastery 4.8
New Mexico Michael Thomas Coffee 4.6
Nevada Grouchy John’s Coffee 4.75
New York Hi-Collar 4.5
Ohio Artisan Coffee 4.85
Oklahoma Clarity Coffee 4.65
Oregon Coffee Girl 4.7
Pennsylvania Philter 4.65
Rhode Island Dave’s Coffee 4.5
South Carolina Black Tap Coffee 4.65
South Dakota Coffea Roasterie And Espresso Bar 4.6
Tennessee K Brew 4.65
Texas Numinous Coffee Roasters 4.85
Utah River Rock Roasting Co. 4.75
Virginia Cervantes Coffee Roasters 4.75
Vermont Tuckerbox 4.45
Washington The Local Coffee House 4.8
Wisconsin Bella Goose Coffee 4.85
West Virginia Tiptop 4.8
Wyoming Paramount Cafe 4.4

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