Best Public College In Each State For Getting A Job In 2020

By Amanda Postma
Jul. 6, 2020

Find a Job You Really Want In

Finding a job is never an easy task. You have to update, or create, your resume. Then you have to craft a cover letter, find jobs that interest you and apply.

Most of the time you don’t even hear back from the company. All of that for nothing. Let’s put an end to this neverending cycle, shall we?

We figured out which public colleges in each state were the absolute best for getting a job. If you were to have one of these colleges on your resume, you’d for sure get the job.

The Best Public Colleges

  1. University of Wisconsin-PlattevilleWisconsin
  2. University of Nebraska Medical Center – Nebraska
  3. Castleton University – Vermont
  4. Winona State University – Minnesota
  5. SUNY Cortland – New York
  6. James Madison University – Virginia
  7. Truman State University – Missouri
  8. The Citadel, The Military College of South CarolinaSouth Carolina
  9. The College of New Jersey – New Jersey
  10. University of North Dakota – North Dakota

If you’re looking to go to college, these schools definitely deserve your attention. If you want to find out what’s the best college in your state, and it isn’t already listed, then keep reading for our complete list.

How We Determined This Data

Using the Department of Education College Scorecard data, we searched for the public college in each state with the highest listed job placement numbers ten years after graduation.
We then sorted every college in the country from the highest employment levels to the lowest. Any college that did not have this data or suppressed it was excluded from the running. We opted to focus on the best colleges to graduate with your bachelor’s degree. To do this we only looked at colleges that predominantly offer four-year degrees, excluding some excellent two-year colleges.
We then selected the college with the highest rate of employment in each state, rounding to the second decimal point for readability.

1. University of Wisconsin-Platteville

State: Wisconsin
Placement Rate: 95.32%

Topping the charts at No. 1 is the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. With a job placement rate of 95.32%, it’s clear why so many students choose to go here.

2. University of Nebraska Medical Center

State: Nebraska
Placement Rate: 94.96%

The University of Nebraska Medical Center is the second best public college for getting a job. The school has a job placement rate of 94.96%. Here’s a job for you, and a job for you. They’ve got jobs to go around!

3. Castleton University

State: Vermont
Placement Rate: 94.66%

Secure in the No. 3 spot is Castleton University. Students who go here are almost handed jobs for having this school on their resume, or at least it seems that way, especially with the school’s job placement rate at 94.66%.

4. Winona State University

State: Minnesota
Placement Rate: 94.50%

It can’t get any better than at Winona State University, which is the fourth college on the list. The majority of students who attend here find a job after graduation. This comes as no surprise since the school’s job placement rate is 94.5%.

5. SUNY Cortland

State: New York
Placement Rate: 94.44%

The future is bright (and sunny) over at SUNY Cortland. The school boasts a job placement rate of 94.44%, almost ensuring you’ll find your way to a job after graduation.

6. James Madison University

State: Virginia
Placement Rate: 94.35%

James Madison University fills the No. 6 spot as being one of the best public colleges for getting a job. It’s almost guaranteed that you’ll find a job after graduation with the school’s 94.35% job placement rate.

7. Truman State University

missouri class=

State: Missouri
Placement Rate: 94.30%

It’s true. Most students at Truman State University have no difficulty in securing a job after graduation. Thanks to the school’s impressive job placement stat of 94.3%, it’s now one of the colleges we recommend going to.

8. The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina

State: South Carolina
Placement Rate: 94.29%

Not far from No. 7, The Citadel Military College of South Carolina sits at No. 8 with a job placement rate of 94.29%. The school really takes the time to make sure students are staying on track of their studies and understanding the material, and it shows.

9. The College of New Jersey


State: New Jersey
Placement Rate: 94.26%

The College of New Jersey is ninth on our list of best public colleges for finding a job after graduation. With its 94.26% job placement rate, most students are easily able to secure a job. It’s almost as easy as pressing a button.

10. University of North Dakota

State: North Dakota
Placement Rate: 94.18%

Finally, the University of North Dakota has an impressive track record with students being able to find jobs after graduating. The school has a whopping 94.18% job placement rate.

Summary of the Best Public College in Each State for Getting a Job in 2020

So long are the days of struggling to find a job after graduation. With our list of the best public colleges, you’re sure to find work soon after, if not before. If you’re not as impressed with these colleges as we are, be sure to take a look at the complete list of best public schools in each state below.

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Amanda Postma

Amanda Postma is a writer for the Zippia Career Advice blog with a focus on creating entertaining content to help you through your job search. She received her BA from the University Of Missouri-Columbia.

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