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By Chris Kolmar - Apr. 15, 2021

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Maybe you’re just joining the workforce and need an entry-level opportunity that can help pay the bills. Maybe you are looking for a side hustle to help keep you afloat while you work on your education or finding a more permanent solution. Maybe you are someone who doesn’t want to work in a traditional office setting.

Either way, being a tipped employee can be a great way to work an entry-level job without limiting yourself to minimum wage. Depending on the position you have, it can be a lot more lucrative than you might think.

At its foundation, people tip because they want to show appreciation for the work you have done. This sort of thankfulness is something that is not found in a traditional professional setting, and perhaps this rewarding system may be perfect for you.

  1. Host-Waiter Jobs (Overview)

  2. Nanny Jobs (Overview)

  3. Taxi Driver Jobs (Overview)

  4. Bartender Jobs (Overview)

  5. Doorman Jobs (Overview)

  6. Golf Caddie Jobs (Overview)

  7. Radio Disc Jockey Jobs (Overview)

  8. Hotel Manager Jobs (Overview)

  9. Beautician Jobs (Overview)

Top 10 Best Tipped Jobs

  1. Host-Waiter
    Average Annual Salary: $20,504

    This is probably the most common tipped job, and it is one where tipping is essentially mandated. Social etiquette is to leave a 10% tip, even if the service was lackluster. The drawback is that your position may take that into account when considering your pay.

    For example, depending on the state you live in, you may earn minimum wage plus your tips, you may earn minimum wage against your tips, or you may earn a significantly lower minimum wage while your employer leaves it up to you to make up the difference. Because of this, wages can vary wildly.

    Make sure you know your state’s laws and your employer’s policies (such as tip pooling) before taking a job as a waiter.

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  2. Restaurant Delivery Person
    Average Annual Salary: N/A

    Since the pandemic hit, there has been a sharp rise in food delivery drivers. Thanks to services like Doordash, Postmates, and UberEats, anyone with a valid driver’s license can start delivering food.

    The best part is that with most of these food delivery companies, you get to keep 100% of the tips you make through the app. You also have a significant amount of flexibility, as you get to choose when you work. Depending on where you are located, you can expect to bring in around $8-$15 an hour plus tips when working for one of these apps.

    There, of course, still are the traditional options, working directly with a restaurant, like you would if you were a pizza delivery driver. The advantage of the old-fashioned way is that you are more likely to earn cash tips.

  3. Nanny or babysitter
    Average Annual Salary: $25,000

    Nannies and babysitters may not be the first job that comes to mind when you think of tipped positions, but they can be just as beneficial as a waiter. If you love working with children or find taking care of them relatively easy, nannying or babysitting may be for you.

    While babysitters are typically hired by the hour, a nanny is a more stable position, usually working more than two or three days per week. A nanny or babysitter’s pay is negotiable as well, depending on the number of children you will be watching, their needs, and any other work that you may be doing (such as tidying and housekeeping).

    Typically, nannies and sitters can make around $15 – $20 per hour plus tips of up to 20%.

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  4. Taxi Driver
    Average Annual Salary: $27,093

    Much like the restaurant delivery person, this position has changed a lot in recent years. Uber and Lyft have made it possible for the average person to turn themselves into a one-person taxi company. You get to decide which fares you take and when.

    Aside from a valid drivers’ license and car insurance, all you need are some customer service skills to be well on your way toward becoming a self-employed taxi driver.

    Of course, traditional options remain, and there is some credibility that comes with working with a pre-established taxi company. You may find yourself getting more fares daily with a taxi company than you would as an Uber or Lyft driver. USA Today reports that the average tip for a taxi driver ranges from 15% to 20% of the fare.

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  5. Bartender
    Average Annual Salary: $22,000

    Bartenders are another job that first comes to mind when people think of tipped positions. This work tends to be fast-paced and exciting, which makes it perfect for someone social and energetic.

    Along with serving drinks and cocktails, bartenders are also atmosphere creators and conversation starters. Their job is to bond with their customers and make them feel comfortable and relaxed. Being informed about local nightlife, sports, and entertainment can help you become a bartender who easily earns tips.

    A general rule is to tip around $1 for each drink ordered, or 20% of a final tab.

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  6. Doorman
    Average Annual Salary: $24,699

    Similar to bartenders, doormen also provide atmosphere. A doorman gives a business like a hotel a classy air, as well as a sense of peace and security. Greeting guests and residents daily lets them know that there is someone familiar guarding their place of comfort.

    Doormen also act as a sort of concierge, who can give directions and general information about the city or town around them. They also open doors, obviously, screen visitors, and accept deliveries on behalf of their customers. According to Business Insider, tips for doormen can range from $25 to $150 per guest.

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  7. Golf Caddie
    Average Annual Salary: $23,000

    A golf caddy is a person usually employed by a golf course, who travels with the players and keeps their equipment. Maintaining their clubs, carrying their bags, locates a golfer’s ball after it’s been hit, and determines distances of hazards and the like.

    Becoming a golf caddy requires some knowledge of golf, and it helps if you’re a player of the sport yourself. But aside from this knowledge, you will also need excellent customer service skills as well as interpersonal skills in general.

    A good caddy is someone who can help make the game as entertaining as possible for their clients, whether this means being a seen-but-not-heard attendee or being a casual group member who is there to entertain as much as aid.

    According to Gold Advisor, caddies can earn about $40 – $50 in tips per player.

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  8. Radio Disc Jockey
    Average Annual Salary: $60,886

    Staples at nearly every wedding and high school dance, DJs are necessary for any big get-together. Banquets, proms, and family reunions can all require a DJ to provide music and atmosphere. They are the ones who get the party going and can set the tone for the evening.

    To become a DJ, you will need to have a good knowledge of the guests’ tastes and requirements, as well as a familiarity with all genres of music. You will also need to know how to operate standard sound equipment, such as speakers and microphones, and having hosting skills never hurts.

    DJs can earn tips both during and after their performance. People will supply tips via a tip jar, as well as if they have a special song request. Depending on your performance, a tip can also come after the party is complete. Dollarbreak.com reports that DJs earn around $20 – $50 per hour, plus tips of around 10% – 15%.

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  9. Hotel Manager
    Average Annual Salary: $58,000

    Hotel floor managers do exactly what it sounds like — they manage the floors of a hotel. While they may not work at the front desk, they are the managers that make sure each room is clean and prepared for guests.

    They may perform opening and closing operations, train other employees, and delegate tasks to their workers. Dollarbreak.com also reports that hotel floor managers can earn around $15 per hour plus tips of 10%.

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  10. Beautician or Barber
    Average Annual Salary: $27,000

    This is one of the harder tipped positions to land, as many clients will want their beautician or barber to have some sort of beauty schooling, certificate, or experience.

    However, if you are passionate about beauty, cutting and styling hair, or other sorts of hair care, becoming a beautician or barber can be a lucrative opportunity for you.

    Being able to help someone feel better about their outward appearance is something that many people deeply appreciate, and many are likely to show their appreciation through tips. This goes for chain salons as well as luxury spas. Typically, beauticians can expect a tip of around 20% of the total service cost.

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Final Thoughts

While tipped positions are often seen as poorly paid service positions, the fact is that these jobs can be quite lucrative, especially considering the minimal training needed for them. Many of those who work in the service industry earn tips because people appreciate the work they do, so there is a lot of money to be made in joining an entry-level service industry job.

Inconsistent income can be the worry of many of those who are considering taking up a tipped position, but with hard work and a friendly attitude, one can easily generate substantial income. Tipped jobs can allow you to have flexibility in your work, as well as allow you to do a job you’re interested in.

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