Interview Confirmation Email: Samples And Tips

by Chris Kolmar
Get The Job, Guides, Interview - 2 weeks ago

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You’ve been waiting to hear back from a potential employer, and it finally happened.

You’ve been offered an interview.

Congrats on the hard work.

You might be wondering now how to respond in a way that increases your chances of landing this job. A well-written interview confirmation email is a great first step to demonstrate your professional communication skills in action.

Even before the interview, you can set yourself up for success with a well thought out approach to your interview confirmation. Look below for tips on how and when to write an interview confirmation email, along with some helpful samples.

What Is A Confirmation Email?

A confirmation email is the best way to keep track of important details, demonstrate professionalism, and show your interest and enthusiasm for a position. Even if you were initially contacted by phone, an email ensures that both you and the hiring manager are on the same page for the interview.

Please be sure to use an email account with a professional name and photo. Otherwise, your hard work in typing out the perfect email will be very much overshadowed.

How to Write an Interview Confirmation Email

Here are some basic guidelines on writing your confirmation email:

  1. Write Professionally. Don’t include funky fonts, gifs, emoticons, or text speak in your email. Make sure your voice is in line with the company culture. Some consider exclamation marks unprofessional while others see them as a friendly modifier, so only use them if they have been used in communication with you before.

  2. Use a Brief, Informative Subject Line. Use the subject line of your email to remind your potential employer of your name and the position you are applying for. Something like [Kaitlin Morris – Software Developer Interview Confirmation] works perfectly.

  3. State What You are Emailing About. Make sure to state at the very beginning that you are writing to confirm your interview.

  4. Show Gratitude. Be sure to include a thank you at some point in your email to show that you’re polite and courteous– traits that people are eager to work with.

  5. Confirm Details. Make Sure you know exactly when and where you should be for your interview. If those details haven’t been decided on or aren’t clear, now’s the time to get
    everything sorted out.

  6. Include Contact Info. Along with your signature, include your phone number so you can be easily reached with any responses or concerns before the interview. They already have your email address, but feel free to include any other contact information you see appropriate.

  7. Proofread. Make sure there aren’t any spelling or grammar errors. If you are reusing a template you wrote, be sure you included the correct names and details.

  8. Ask What You Will Need to Bring (Optional). If you’d really like to be prepared for your interview, preemptively ask if there are any materials you might need to bring.

  9. Reinstate Interest (Optional). If you’d like, you can reinstate your interest by briefly reminding them why you are a great candidate for the position.

When to Send the Email

First off, if you have already received a confirmation email from a hiring manager, or if you were told one was on the way, there’s no need to send an email yourself. Just review the details, and send a short, simple acknowledgement and “thank you for your consideration.”

Otherwise, timeliness is crucial. The hiring manager is likely busy and organizing multiple interviews with job candidates, so respect their time by responding within two days. However, responding within 24 hours is ideal.

Below are various email templates for different circumstances. Once you’ve written the email, it’s time to take the next steps of preparing for your interview.

Confirming Interview Short Email Template

Subject: Kaitlin Morris – Software Developer Interview Confirmation

Dear Mr. Jones,

Thank you for the opportunity to interview for the software developer position at Communion Bank. I am looking forward to my interview with Patrice Nelson at the Newark branch of Communion Bank on Friday, December 12th at 3 PM. I will bring my portfolio and two forms of ID as requested.

Please let me know if there is any additional information I can provide you with before the interview. Feel free to reach out with any additional details or concerns.


Kaitlin Morris

Confirming Interview with Availability Options Email Template

Subject: Ashton White – Social Media Coordinator Interview Confirmation

Dear Ms. Grandbois,

Thank you for your call earlier today. I appreciate being considered for the Social Media Coordinator position at Olson-Emmerich. I’m excited to meet with you at the Olson-Emmerich headquarters downtown.

I am available for an interview any time this week after 5:30 PM. I am also available Mondays and Wednesdays between 12:00 and 3:00 PM. I am flexible in being available at any time that works best for you, but here are some specific times that work best for me if it is helpful:

Tuesday, June 12th at 6:00 PM

Wednesday, June 13th at 1:00 PM

Friday, June 15th at 6:00 PM

Please reach out at any time to confirm these details, or if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you again for this opportunity.


Ashton White

Confirming Interview with Questions Email Template

Subject: Executive Director Interview Confirmation – Anna Gonzales

Dear Ms. Samuels,

Thank you for considering me for the position of Executive Director at Ulia. I look forward to meeting Jane Hunkins on August 9th at Ulia’s office location, as scheduled by you.

I had a quick question about the interview time we discussed during our phone call. When you get a chance, could you confirm whether this interview will take place at 8 AM on August 9th, or at 8 PM that day? I appreciate the clarification.

Please let me know if there is any additional information I can provide you with before the interview. Feel free to reach out with any additional details or concerns.

Best Regards,

Anna Gonzales

Confirming Interview and Reinstating Interest Email Template

Subject: Marketing Assistant Interview Confirmation – Joseph Burns

Dear Mr. Hankinson,

It was great speaking with you today. Thank you for considering me for the Marketing Assistant position at Becker Inc. I’m looking forward to our meeting tomorrow at 5 PM at Becker Inc’s San Francisco office.

I’m excited to bring my demonstrated marketing skill and creative solutions to the Becker Inc team. I have years of experience in establishing digital marketing strategies and strategic planning through data analysis. I believe my experience and work ethic is a great fit for this position.

Please let me know if there is any additional information I can provide you with before the interview. Feel free to reach out with any additional details or concerns.


Joseph Burns

Confirming Video-Interview Email Template

Subject: Digital Content Designer Interview Confirmation – Amelia Abrams

Dear Mr. Fitzpatrick,

Thank you for the opportunity to interview for the Digital Content Designer position at Kohler PLC. I am looking forward to my video-interview with Clarissa Starr on Zoom, Thursday, February 3rd at 2 PM EST.

Please let me know if there is any additional information I can provide you with before the interview. Feel free to reach out with any additional details or concerns.


Amelia Abrams

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