The Most Weirdly Popular Halloween Costume In Each State

By Kathy Morris
Oct. 27, 2020

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Halloween is coming up.

That means candy, costumes, and binging on scary movies. This year, it might also mean your normally cringey work Halloween party is now a cringey Zoom Halloween party.

Chances are you’ll see a lot of witches, pirates, princesses, and superheroes on your screen. You know, the usual basic Halloween costumes. Witches alone make up about 9% of all Halloween costumes. Yawn.

However, there will be the renegades. Those who boldly wear what most don’t- even if it means answering, “What are you?” all night.

We hit up the data to find the most disproportionately common costume in each state. Some are normal Halloween garb, others are just… weird.

Most Interesting Findings

  • Costumes that aren’t trending? Job related costumes!
  • California and North Dakota like basic witch costumes
  • Plague doctor and Purge costumes are trending, how 2020
  • Missouri REALLY seized on that fly in the Vice Presidential debate. So much so, they’re plotting on how to execute their own buzzing costume.
  • Kentucky is getting political too, being the state with the most Biden costumes
  • Carole Baskin (of Tiger King infamy) is a weirdly popular Halloween costume in Connecticut and Utah. Dare we suggest a bold couple’s costume?
  • Angelica, Eliza, and …Peggy may be some of the Hamilton costumes worn this Halloween
  • Are all those Minecraft (Kansas) and Paw Patrol costumes (West Virginia) for kids?
  • Hawaii is most likely to rock an “Among Us” costume, the popular game you where you kill your friends

How We Figured This Out

We turned to Google Trends to find what costume searches were trending. We looked at over 100 costumes, using keywords paired with “costumes.” Good chance if you’re googling “Wizard Of Oz” costume in October, you’re planning a Wizard of Oz Halloween costume.

While some are popular favorites all-around(The all-too common pirates, witches, princesses, and superheroes), we also examined more trendy costumes such as Tiger King, Cobra Kai, the trendy video game Among Us, and others. From there, we identified what costume was trending really high in each state.

This doesn’t mean, for example, that in Missouri the majority of folks will dress up as a Fly (although that sounds awesome). It just means that Fly costumes are far more popular there than most other states.

We only looked at search activity from 9/9/20 – 10/9/20. This means we missed all the last minute Halloween costume searchers. That’s okay though, we know they’re all going to Google “easy Halloween costumes” and then just say they’re a muggle all night anyways.

It’s Spooktacular

You’re never too old for a little Halloween fun.

Whether that’s bringing in some delicious candy to the office or wearing a fun costume for a work event, more power to you.

Halloween costumes can be a fun way to show some personality at work. Why not share your love of a video game or favorite childhood movie with your colleagues?

You might want to steer clear of any costume that makes it physically hard to do your job, anything political, or costumes too gruesome, but ultimately Halloween is all in good fun. So you should let yourself enjoy it.

Of course, if the scariest thing you can think of is a Monday morning at work, it may time to find a job that doesn’t give you nightmares.

Weirdly Common Halloween Costumes

State Costume
Alaska Dinosaur
Alabama The Flash
Arkansas Bear
Arizona Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
California Witch
Colorado Hamilton
Connecticut Carole Baskin
Delaware Superhero
Florida 1980s
Georgia Minions
Hawaii Among Us
Iowa Monkey
Idaho Plague Doctor
Illinois Tinker Bell
Indiana Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Kansas Minecraft
Kentucky Biden
Louisiana Wizard of Oz
Massachusetts Hamilton
Maryland The Flash
Maine Harry Potter
Michigan Spider-Man
Minnesota Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Missouri Fly
Mississippi Scary Clown
Montana Batman
North Carolina Vampire
North Dakota Witch
Nebraska Cheerleader
New Hampshire Purge
New Jersey The Addams Family
New Mexico Lego
Nevada Cruella de Vil
New York 1980s
Ohio Lego Ninjago
Oklahoma Monkey
Oregon Tinker Bell
Pennsylvania Vampire
Rhode Island Doll
South Carolina The joker
South Dakota Mermaid
Tennessee Plague Doctor
Texas Cobra Kai
Utah Carole Baskin
Virginia Princess
Vermont Princess
Washington Hamilton
Wisconsin Cobra Kai
West Virginia Paw Patrol
Wyoming Pirate

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Kathy Morris

Kathy is the head of content at Zippia with a knack for engaging audiences. Prior to joining Zippia, Kathy worked at Gateway Blend growing audiences across diverse brands. She graduated from Troy University with a degree in Social Science Education.

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