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By Sky Ariella - Dec. 22, 2020
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Once you’ve entered vacation mode, the last thing on your mind is setting up a professional out of office message. While you’re sipping martinis on an island at sunset, your co-workers, vendors, and potential customers will be helplessly trying to get ahold of you.

Establishing an out of office message ensures that they still view you as a seasoned professional and that you have all the information you need in a convenient place when you get back.

Why Is an Out of the Office Message Important?

Implementing an informative out of office message when you’ll be away for some time benefits your professionalism, productivity, and communication. It explains to your colleagues and clients how long you’ll be away, as well as providing them with any additional information they may need.

Imagine that a co-worker preparing a presentation for the end of the week. They realize that they need some information on a client you handled and call your line to get in touch. You’re on the last few days of your vacation, but never left an out of office message explaining the situation. The co-worker is left waiting for your response without knowing that you won’t be available until after their presentation.

These scenarios occur whether you’re only going to be away from the office for a few hours or a couple of months. An out of office message avoids confusion and allows you to come back from your trip with all the people who tried to contact you conveniently organized in the form of messages.

Reasons for creating an out of office message include:

What to Include in an Out of Office Message

  1. The reason for being gone. Some people are wary of divulging details of their personal life at work. However, briefly outlining the reason you are away provides the listener with more clarity about the situation. It doesn’t need to be a detailed exposé covering every day of your trip, but just a brief overview of the reason why you’re gone.

  2. How long you’ll be gone. The most pertinent piece of information to a caller or emailer who is looking for you is how long it will be until you’re back. State the length of time you’ll be gone plainly.

  3. What day you will return. Even though you’ve already stated how long you’ll be gone, giving an exact date helps the contact schedule when they can expect to hear from you into their calendar.

  4. A contact in case of emergency. There’s always a chance that a co-worker or client does not have the time to wait for you to get back from a vacation or business trip. For this instance, it’s a good idea to leave an “in case of emergency” contact. That can be an email that will reach you without disrupting your day with a phone call or referring them to someone else who works at your company.

15 Examples Of Out Of Office Messages

Example #1 Basic Out Of Office Phone Message.

“Hello, this is the answering machine of John Wells. I’m currently out of the office to attend my sister’s wedding. I’ll be gone for a week, between December 3rd to December 10th. I’ll follow up upon my return. If you are having an emergency, please call me at my personal phone number, (753)-589-6855. Thank you.”

Example #2 Very Short-Term Phone Message.

“Hello! You’ve reached the messaging system of Hailey Durant. I will be at a doctor’s appointment from 2 pm-5 pm today on December 5th. I won’t be away for more than a couple of hours, but if you urgently need to reach me, please call my secretary Lynn at (389)-957-6322. Thanks and have a great day!”

Example #3 Very Short-Term Email Message.

“This is an automated message. Thank you for your email. I have received it, but I’m out of the office after 11 am on December 5th to attend a function at my daughter’s school. I will respond as soon as I’m back at my desk tomorrow. However, if this is an emergency, please contact me via cellphone at (740)-632-7499.

Thanks again,

Ann Martin”

Example #4 Away From Work For Over A Day Phone Message.

“Hi, and thanks for calling Timothy Barnes at Mobile Marketing Team. Unfortunately, you’ve reached me at a time when I’m not in the office. I’ll be at a business meeting from December 4th-December 7th and unavailable by email or phone. I’ll be happy to get back to you upon my return. If you cannot wait, please leave me a message on my personal line at (748)-917-5931. Thank you.”

Example #5 Away From Work For Over A Day Email Message.

“Hello. Your email has been received by Anthony Thomas. He is on a long vacation weekend until December 8th and will not be checking his email. For emergencies, please contact Mr. Thomas’ business partner, Stefan Ryan at SRyan@gmail.com or (858)-748-9222.”

Example #6 Away From Work For A Week Phone Message.

“Hello, you’ve reached Bethany Smith’s messaging system while I’m away from the office. I’ll be gone for a week between December 7th-14th. However, I’ll be happy to get back to you as soon as I return.

In the meantime, feel free to leave a message, or if you can’t wait a week, please contact my assistant at BarbaraJones@gmail.com or (382)-493-3823. Have an excellent week, and speak soon.”

Example #7 Generating Leads Email Message.

“Hello, and welcome!

I appreciate you reaching out to Aaron Markson at Blake St T-shirt Designs via email. I am away from the office until December 9th; however, if you require assistance before then, please contact my colleague Beth Marina at (384)-593-2858.

Interested in receiving monthly T-shirt deals to your email? Blake St T-shirt company hosts new deals almost every week that are exclusively available to members. For more information about receiving monthly deals, click here.

I look forward to speaking soon.


Aaron Markson
Chief Executive Officer, Blake St T-shirts”

Example #8 Available By Email Phone Message.

“Hello there. You’ve reached the answering system of Erica Kenning. I’m currently away on a business trip and will be unavailable by phone until December 7th. While I will be out of phone service, I can be reached by email at EricaKenning@gmail.com. Please feel free to send me an email, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you!”

Example #9 Directing To Social Media Email Messages.

“Thanks for contacting Rebecca Allen at Pearson’s Organic Products. This is an automatic email. Unfortunately, you’ve reached me when I’m away from my desk for a few days on a personal vacation. I’ll be back by December 8th to answer any questions. If you have any burning questions that need answers immediately, please contact my colleague Brittany. She can be reached at (283)-483-3823.

Have you checked out Pearson’s Organic Products Instagram page? There you can find details about all our latest products, including our newest reusable tote bag design. Click here to see our Instagram page.

Best Wishes,

Rebecca Allen
Marketing Manager, Pearson Organic Products”

Example #10 Away From Work For The Holidays Phone Message.

“Hello and Happy Holidays! You’ve reached Marcus Long’s messaging system. Our office will be closed for the holidays from December 23rd to January 2nd. I’ll be back to help with anything you need then, but if you’re having an emergency, please contact me via email at MarcusLong@gmail.com, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you, and have a wonderful holiday season!”

Example #11 Personal Day Phone Message.

“Hello, this is the desk of Alison Beckingham. I will be away for the full day of December 4th for a personal day. I will return to work the following Monday to handle any concerns. Thank you, and see you on Monday.”

Example #12 Vacation Phone Message.

“Aloha! You’ve reached the messaging system of Ann French; however, she’s on vacation in Hawaii from December 4th-December 14th. Until she’s back, feel free to send any questions, concerns, or comments you have to my co-worker Tim at TimBenjamin@gmail.com. Thank you, and I look forward to speaking when I return from vacation.”

Example #13 Medical Leave Phone Message.

“Thank you for calling Michael Ronson at the Rhinebeck Dental Group. I will be undergoing knee surgery on December 4th and will be out of the office on medical leave for two weeks after to recover. I will be back to work on December 15th, 2020. If you need to speak with a representative of Rhinebeck Dental Group immediately, please call their reception desk at (484)-595-1833. Someone will be there to take any questions you have.

Thank you, and have a good few weeks.”

Example #14 Maternity/Paternity Leave Phone Message.

“Hello, you’ve reached the messaging system of Kayla Berkeley at Sound Psychology Practice. I’m unavailable via phone or email at the moment because my partner and I recently welcomed a newborn baby girl. I’ll be away from work for three months on maternity leave. I am expected to return to my duties at Sound Psychology on February 1st, 2021.

If you’re experiencing an emergency, please reach out to my colleague at Sound Psychology Mariann at (473)-348-5866 or MariannLexington@gmail.com”

Example #15 Small Business Email Message.

“Hello! Kindness Cafe has recently received your email and is looking forward to speaking with you further. The cafe will be closed short term for renovations between December 4th to December 14th. Staff will be unavailable until renovations are completed.

If there’s an urgent matter you need to discuss with the owner of Kindness Cafe, please contact him directly at MaxKing@gmail.com or (575)-777-2383. We look forward to serving you again soon.”

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