People are flying the most to these states

Amanda Postma
by Amanda Postma
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If you’ve ever wondered what states get flown to the most, then you’ve come to the right place.

Or maybe you’re trying to figure out where to go to next.

Sometimes it’s hard picking out a great destination to vacation to. Luckily, we’ve put together the top 10 states that people are flying to the most.

With so many flights touching down in these states, you know there’s got to be something great.

The Top 10 States

  1. California
  2. Texas
  3. Florida
  4. Georgia
  5. Illinois
  6. New York
  7. Colorado
  8. Arizona
  9. Nevada
  10. North Carolina

With COVID in the air, it’s hard to envision stepping onto a plane right now. But with the plane ticket prices down, we’ll bet you’re itching to go. These 10 states are great destinations to visit, but if none of them tickle your fancy make sure to keep reading for the full list of states.

How We Figured It Out

We used data collected by Champion Traveler to figure out what states were flown to the most in the U.S. The site determined how many flights went to each state, how many flights went over each state and the ratio between those two. We only used the data for the number of flights to each state to determine which states are visited the most by travelers.

1. California

california class=

Flights to: $740,782

Everyone is flocking to California. Between the beaches, Disneyland, L.A., and the food, we don’t blame everyone for wanting to visit. Over 12 months, the state had 740,782 flights.

2. Texas

texas class=

Flights to: $565,292

Texas comes in as the second most flown to state. With 565,292 destination flights, the state saw lots of visitors. It’s a good thing the state is so big!

3. Florida

florida class=

Flights to: $452,180

Palm trees, hot weather, Disney World. Do you see a theme? Florida is the third most flown to state with 452,180 over a 12-month period.

4. Georgia

georgia class=

Flights to: $391,889

Georgia has the fourth-most flights with its southern charm and delicious food. Over the course of a year, the state had 391,889 flights that came in.

5. Illinois

illinois class=

Flights to: $352,071

With a big city in its midst with lots of things to do and, of course, a beach, Illinois is the 5th most flown to state. The state recorded 352,071 flights in the span of 1 year.

6. New York

new york class=

Flights to: $246,409

This next state will have you singing that you’re leaving today, so start spreading the news (and packing your bags!). With 246,409 flights, New York comes in at the No. 6 spot. The state is nothing short of an adventure with lots of sights to see and things to do.

7. Colorado

colorado class=

Flights to: $245,548

While Colorado doesn’t offer a beach, there is still plenty to do there which is why it’s No. 7 on the list. The mountainous terrain brought in 245,548 flights in a year alone. From zooming down a mountain to great hiking trails and hot tubs that are best enjoyed after a day on the mountains, it’s no wonder people are flocking to Colorado.

8. Arizona

arizona class=

Flights to: $176,531

Arizona with it’s dry, desert heat comes in at No. 8. The state saw 176,531 flights in a year. That’s a lot of visits for people to just pass out from heat exhaustion as soon as they get off the plane.

9. Nevada

nevada class=

Flights to: $167,198

With 167,198 flights recorded in a year’s time, Nevada comes in as the ninth most flown to state. There’s definitely plenty to do there with the number of casinos and bars on the strip in Vegas.

10. North Carolina

north carolina class=

Flights to: $162,329

We’ve got North Carolina to cap off this list. With recorded 162,329 flights, the state does not have a shortage of tourists each year.

To Fly, Or Not to Fly

Even though now is probably not the best time to fly, many are still figuring out how to make it work. Masks are required and social distancing guidelines are in place so you probably won’t have to sit next to anyone. In fact, now may be a great time to fly in terms of having a row to yourself. If you’ve decided to throw caution to the wind and fly, then you might want to consider flying to one of these destinations. There’s definitely a reason people are flying there.

Rank State Flights To
1 California 740,782
2 Texas $565,292
3 Florida $452,180
4 Georgia $391,889
5 Illinois $352,071
6 New York $246,409
7 Colorado $245,548
8 Arizona $176,531
9 Nevada $167,198
10 North Carolina $162,329
11 Michigan $155,896
12 Washington $148,410
13 Minnesota $138,461
14 Massachusetts $125,110
15 New Jersey $122,974
16 Utah $114,239
17 Pennsylvania $110,556
18 Missouri $104,404
19 Hawaii $102,602
20 Maryland $99,031
21 Ohio $85,730
22 Tennessee $81,729
23 Oregon $71,099
24 Louisiana $67,165
25 Wisconsin $51,257
26 Indiana $39,282
27 Alaska $35,897
28 Virginia $32,205
29 South Carolina $30,263
30 Oklahoma $30,020
31 Alabama $23,843
32 Nebraska $22,990
33 Connecticut $21,501
34 Idaho $21,500
35 New Mexico $21,399
36 Montana $17,004
37 Kentucky $16,178
38 Arkansas $14,974
39 Rhode Island $13,151
40 Iowa $12,817
41 North Dakota $10,726
42 Mississippi $10,068
43 Kansas $9,703
44 South Dakota $8,052
45 Wyoming $7,917
46 Maine $7,299
47 New Hampshire $6,364
48 Vermont $3,708
49 West Virginia $2,387
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