The States That Want To Move To Canada The Most

By Kathy Morris - Nov. 5, 2020

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Oh Canada, land of maple syrup, hockey sticks, and bagged milk.

It’s no secret that our Canadian nice neighbor to the north is a pretty nice place to live.

In fact, whenever America goes through a bit of turbulence, searches for “moving to canada” sky rockets. The US election was no exception. Election day, and the days surrounding it, saw a surge of American workers looking to learn more “aboot” Canada.

We analyzed Google Trends’ data to see where in the country people were most interested in moving to the Great White North.

Interesting Findings

  • Vermont searched “moving to canada” more than any other state in the past 7 days.
  • After Vermont, Maine and Oregon are the most eager to exchange their dollars for maple syrup and say “eh” a lot.
  • All top 10 states that want to move to Canada the most are pretty chilly.
  • The state least interested in moving to Canada is Mississippi. Whether it’s the chilled weather, the distance, or the strongest desire to remain on American soil, you’ll have to ask them to find out.
  • After Mississippi, it is Hawaii who is lease willing to trade their leis for parkas.
  • Related search terms include “best country to move to from us,” showing some people are pretty open to life anywhere else– you can see a breakdown of that further down

How We Determined This

We once again turned to Google Trends to find which states were googling “moving to canada” the most.

The keyword overall saw a sharp increase in traffic this week. While we can’t guarantee everyone looking how to move to Canada will follow through, they’re at least thinking about it. We opted to look at the past 7 days- capturing the days leading up to Election day, Election day itself, and the day following.

For the other countries Americans in certain states want to move to, we followed a similar process. We simply substituted the other country for “canada” in the “moving to” search query. You can see who is eyeing Japan, Australia, and other countries further down.

States That Want To Move To Canada The Most

  1. Vermont
  2. Maine
  3. Oregon
  4. Colorado
  5. Washington
  6. Delaware
  7. Montana
  8. Wyoming
  9. Alaska
  10. Idaho

It’s Not Just Canada

Canada isn’t the only country US workers are considering relocating to. Although it is by far the most popular, judging from Google searches. Below we highlight some countries certain states are a bit more keen to move to than other states.

Job type you want
Full Time
Part Time

California – Japan
Colorado – Spain, Costa Rica
Florida – France, Panama, England
Hawaii – New Zealand
Indiana – China
New Mexico – Mexico
Nevada – Australia
Oregon – Germany, Ireland, UK
Pennsylvania – Norway
Switzerland – New York
Washington – Italy

Hold your hockey stick, moving to Canada isn’t that easy

While searches for moving to Canada are up, odds are most people won’t fully through.

Immigrating to Canada- and most countries- requires a lot of paperwork and often means navigating a foreign job market from abroad to land a visa. The process of relocating will cost you a lot of time and loonies (the Canadian currency, not sanity.)

Despite all the challenges, all the stress has people in America checking out the process to see if they should move to snowier pastures.

The States That Want To Move To Canada (From Most To Least)

Rank State
1 Vermont
2 Maine
3 Oregon
4 Colorado
5 Washington
6 Delaware
7 Montana
8 Wyoming
9 Alaska
10 Idaho
11 New Mexico
12 Massachusetts
12 Utah
14 Minnesota
14 West Virginia
16 Pennsylvania
17 Wisconsin
17 Indiana
17 Missouri
17 Nevada
21 Ohio
21 Maryland
23 Connecticut
23 Michigan
25 California
25 Tennessee
25 Illinois
28 North Carolina
29 Arizona
30 Iowa
31 Rhode Island
31 North Dakota
33 South Dakota
34 Oklahoma
34 Kansas
34 New York
37 New Hampshire
37 New Jersey
37 Virginia
40 Arkansas
40 Texas
42 Kentucky
43 Florida
44 Louisiana
44 Alabama
44 South Carolina
47 Nebraska
47 Georgia
49 District of Columbia
50 Hawaii
50 Mississippi

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Kathy Morris

Kathy is the head of content at Zippia with a knack for engaging audiences. Prior to joining Zippia, Kathy worked at Gateway Blend growing audiences across diverse brands. She graduated from Troy University with a degree in Social Science Education.

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