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By Chris Kolmar - May. 26, 2021

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The education career field is likely one of the most diverse, both in the range of subjects to teach and potential modes of teaching. From the formal, in-person classroom to the fast-paced online tutoring setting, there’s a teaching job out there for anyone with a background in education.

You might be a teacher who isn’t ready to jump back into the classroom during the COVID-19 pandemic, or an educator hoping for a more flexible work schedule. Online-education platforms make it possible to teach from home and build your career in a completely digital environment.

As remote jobs become increasingly appealing and the internet speeds up the recruitment process, employers are adapting to the changing job landscape.

This article provides a list of 40 organizations with current openings for work-at-home teaching jobs. You’ll be introduced to companies with different teaching philosophies and innovative educational practices.

40 Organizations With Online, Work-At-Home Jobs In Education

  1. Able2Shine

    Able2Shine is a soft skills educational platform. They host online classes, educational summer camps, and annual public speaking competitions to encourage confidence, leadership, and the development of soft skills in youth and adults

    They currently have open positions for K-12 online educators, across a variety of subjects.

  2. American International English Teachers’ Association

    The American International English Teachers’ Association (AIETA) is the fastest growing online English language teaching company in the United States. Along with their team of international educators, they offer one-on-one English teaching for students ages 4-17.

    They currently have open positions for online entry-level English language teachers.

  3. Axiom Educators

    Axiom Educators specializes in partnering with school districts to provide remedial and advanced placement academic support for K-12 students.

    They currently have open positions for online K-12 tutors in the Math, English, and Science subjects.

  4. Brainfuse

    Brainfuse is an eLearning corporation and one of the United States’ leading online education providers. Through their service, students receive live instruction, featuring a comprehensive lesson library and diagnostic tests.

    They currently have open positions for online tutors across various writing and science subjects.

  5. Bright Horizons

    Bright Horizons is a child-care provider based in the United States. They offer education advising, tuition program management, back-up child care and elder care, and student loan repayment programs.

    They are currently hosting a virtual hiring event for child care teachers in the Pittsburgh area.

  6. CL Academy

    CL Academy focuses on providing individually-catered education that prepares students for entry to the top universities in the United States. Along with individual tutoring services, they offer SAT/ACT test prep.

    They currently have open positions for online academic tutors in English, General Science, and Physics.

  7. Connections Academy

    Connections Academy is an online school that provides online services to various virtual K-12 schools. They offer tuition-free online public schools that encourage parent involvement and the use of internet resources.

    They currently have open positions for both online teachers across different subjects and various administrative jobs.

  8. C2 Education

    C2 Education is a tutoring company that helps high school students with the college admissions process, offering face-to-face, personalized programs.

    They currently have open positions for part-time English, Reading/Writing, and History tutors.

  9. Edmentum Inc.

    Edmentum Inc. is a provider of online learning programs, mostly geared toward educators. They promote an individualized learning experience for students through simplified technology and innovative programs.

    They currently have open positions for virtual teachers.

  10. EF Education First

    EF Education First is an international education company with a specialization in language training and educational travel. They offer various online programs to prepare for study abroad and language learning.

    They currently have open positions for online Kids English teachers.

  11. Englightium Academy

    Englightium Academy is a private Christian online school for grades 3-12. They specialize in educating children from a Christian perspective, through a parent-led textbook curriculum.

    They currently have open positions for online English teachers.

  12. Georgetown Learning Centers

    Georgetown Learning Centers has multiple tutoring centers in the state of Virginia offering services in one-on-one tutoring, SAT prep, and subject review classes. Locally owned and operated, they work closely with the curricula of Virginia schools.

    They currently have open positions for online Spanish and Writing tutors.

  13. Giftedly Learning LLC

    Giftedly Learning LLC is an online tutoring service for Pre-K-8th grade students. They create personalized and tailored experiences for students, dedicated to suiting each student’s individual needs.

    They currently have open positions for online elementary and middle school tutors.

  14. Golden Voice English Online Education

    Golden Voice English Online Education is an e-learning company that provides online English language programs for students based in China. Their curriculum follows the Chinese public school system and is developed by North American education experts.

    They currently have open positions for online ESL tutors.

  15. Hudson Global Scholars LLC

    Hudson Global Scholars LLC offers programs geared toward preparing students for acceptance to prestigious American universities. They partner with various universities to help students throughout the college application process and pay special attention to international students.

    They currently have open positions for online English teachers at the high school level.

  16. iTutor Inc.

    iTutor Inc. is a premiere online tutoring platform with a team of education professionals. They partner with school districts and college access programs to create real-time online learning for students.

    They currently have various open tutor positions, as well as certified teacher positions for different subjects.

  17. iTutorGroup

    iTutorGroup is an online education company that provides personalized learning programs to students and business professionals. They specialize in English language and Mandarin Chinese language learning.

    They currently have open positions for online English language teachers.

  18. KidPass

    KidPass is a monthly membership service that offers exclusive classes, camps, and activities for kids. Educators have the option of creating their own classes and either teaching live or uploading video courses.

    They currently have open positions for online activities instructors.

  19. K12 Inc.

    K12 Inc. is a for-profit education company that sells online schooling and curricula to students and families. They provide online K-12 education as an alternative traditional classroom setting, encouraging students to learn at their own pace.

    They currently have open positions for online teachers across various subjects.

  20. Landi English

    Landi English is an e-learning company that offers live online language courses. They emphasize bringing educational equality to children globally and creating jobs for remote, home-based teachers.

    They currently have open positions for online English tutors.

  21. Learn It Systems

    Learn It Systems offers academic intervention programs and partners with schools across the United States. They provide research-based, supplemental instruction to pre-K-12th grade students.

    They currently have open positions for part-time online teachers

  22. Leman Academy of Excellence

    Leman Academy of Excellence is a public charter school offering virtual teaching positions during th COVID-19 pandemic.

    They currently have open positions for K-8 virtual teachers.

  23. Lemon Tree Learnin

    Lemon Tree Learning is a private one-on-one tutoring service that offers test prep, homework assistance, and help with college admissions. The founders have a background in private education and promote individual support for students.

    They currently have open positions for professional private online tutors.

  24. Magic Ears

    Magic Ears is an online English learning platform for students ages 4-12. Educators work in small online classroom settings to encourage an effective learning environment.

    They currently have open positions for part-time online English teachers.

  25. Masteryprep

    Masteryprep is a test prep program for administrators seeking to help their schools. They develop SAT/ACT prep curricula to boost student test scores.

    They currently have open positions for virtual test prep instructors.

  26. Minnesota Reading Corps

    Minnesota Reading Corps is a tutoring service dedicated to promoting literacy in students in Minnesota. Trained AmeriCorps members are placed in learning centers statewide to serve as literacy tutors.

    They currently have open positions for online Reading tutors.

  27. Native Camp

    Native Camp is a Japanese online English learning school that operates all over the world. They provide language lessons through their unique language platform.

    They currently have open positions for online ESL teachers.

  28. Outschool

    Outschool is a marketplace of live online classes for kids. They promote small group learning over video chat to engage students and parents.

    They currently have open positions for online administrative roles.

  29. Pearson Education

    Pearson Education is a British publishing and education company. It acts as an assessment service for schools and students, focusing on enhancing employable skills in youth.

    They currently have open positions for online test administrators.

  30. Preply

    Preply is an online educational platform that pairs students with private tutors. Their unique algorithm ranks tutors for efficient classification and recommendation to students.

    They currently have open positions for online English and other language tutors.

  31. Rosetta Stone Inc.

    Rosetta Stone Inc. is an education technology software that specializes in language and literacy. It comes with progress monitoring tools and distraction-free learning for students.

    They currently have open positions for online British English language tutors.

  32. Simple International

    Simple International is partnered with 60 Chinese schools to help native English speakers travel to China for teaching internships.

    They currently have open positions for international online English language teachers.

  33. Spring Education Group

    Spring Education Group is a network of private preschools, elementary, middle, and high schools. They are advertised as some of the best private school programs in the United States.

    They currently have open positions for online assistant preschool teachers.

  34. Superprof

    Superprof is an international team of educators that offers online lessons across various school subjects. They’re passionate about promoting cultural exchange and language learning.

    They currently have open positions for online private tutors.

  35. Supertutor Media Inc.

    Supertutor Media Inc. specializes in online tutoring videos that cover topics related to college admissions and test prep. They’re currently working on developing a full-scale online ACT prep course.

    They currently have open positions for online SAT/ACT prep tutors.

  36. TipTop ESL

    TipTop ESL is a teaching company geared toward pairing educators with the best teaching jobs in China. They collaborate with iTutorGroup to teach ESL subjects.

    They currently have open positions for online English teachers.

  37. is an online tutoring company that offers one-on-one learning solutions for students across a range of academic subjects. They have a supportive mentoring program and a multi-system quality control process that ensures high-quality learning for students.

    They currently have open positions for online tutors across various subjects.

  38. Udemy Inc.

    Udemy Inc. is a marketplace for global learning and teaching online. They offer on-demand courses and a self-paced learning environment that students have more control over.

    They currently have open positions for general online teacher jobs.

  39. VocoVision

    VocoVision is an innovative teletherapy platform that offers virtual learning and therapy sessions for students and families. They focus on maximizing student learning opportunities, both academically and in their daily lives.

    They currently have open positions for online teachers for the visually impaired, as well as for virtual speech pathologists.

  40. QKids

    QKids is an online English language teaching service that connects Chinese young learners with teachers, tutors, and college students studying education. They offer interactive gaming-based learning.

    They currently have open positions for online English language instructors across different age groups.

What Is an Online Teacher?

An online teacher is a person who provides instruction via the internet using video or voice chat. In today’s age, many in-person teachers have rapidly become remote teachers as learning has moved online.

The companies listed above, however, will set you up with students whom you’ve never met before. Your students might be in a completely different country, which makes for an interesting cultural exchange as well as an educational experience.

Online teachers often use slides, videos, and other visual elements to aid their students. Some companies will provide all the curriculum and materials you need to teach a class, while others depend on you yourself to create lessons.

Online teaching also usually involves some form of assessment in the form of quizzes, interactive games, post-class notes, etc.

Requirements to Become an Online Teacher

Each company has its own requirements for hiring an online teacher, but the most common requirement is prior teaching experience. Don’t be discouraged just because you haven’t held a formal teaching position, though.

Think about times you’ve tutored, instructed, or trained individuals — these can all count as teaching experience.

For those teaching a standard K-12 curriculum, a teaching degree or relevant state-issued certification will be necessary.

If you’d like to teach the English language, having a TEFL or TESOL certificate will help immensely. Not all companies require them, but you’ll certainly be offered a higher starting salary with a certificate in teaching English as a foreign or second language.

Besides that, online teachers need to be:

  • Personable. This is a vital trait for all teachers, but online teachers have to be especially approachable. Conducting classes online can be a bit awkward, and the sooner you can help your students feel comfortable, the better their experience will be.

    Outgoing, energetic teachers will thrive in this environment, as engagement is everything in the world of online teaching.

  • Tech-savvy. No matter which company you work for, you’ll be using some sort of software to conduct your classes. Being able to learn how to use the company’s platform is an essential first step to succeeding at your job.

    Plus, you’ll need a solid internet connection, an ethernet cable for internet security, a phone hotspot ready for extra security, and a headset with a microphone for clear audio quality.

  • Patient. All teachers need patience, but online teachers especially so. Your students may struggle to use the learning platform, suffer hardware problems, or have poor internet that makes annoying audio lag. You need to remain calm and patient through the troubleshooting processes just as much as you have to be during the class itself.

  • Educated. Whatever topic you’re teaching, you’d better be pretty proficient with the subject matter. Many online teaching jobs don’t require expert-level knowledge, but it’s important that your students see you as somewhat of an authority on the topic.

How Much Do Online Teaching Jobs Pay?

Pay rates for online teaching jobs can vary quite a bit. Many companies offer a set per-class rate rather than an hourly or salary-based pay structure. There are also typically bonuses available to those who perform well, receive referrals, or otherwise reach important milestones.

To give a broad range, online teaching jobs typically pay between $12-30/hour. Teachers with more certifications and experience can expect to earn somewhere on the higher end of that scale, while recent graduates without any teaching experience at all will receive a rate close to the lower end.

Be sure to research companies you’re interested in working with and find out more details when you reach the interview or job offer stage of the hiring process.

Final Thoughts

Online teaching is a wonderful way for educators to connect with students around the world and earn money while working from home. If you’d like to start building virtual connections with students and earning a steady stream of income, check out any of the companies listed above to get started.

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