20 Creative (And Affordable) Ideas For Employee Recognition [SlideShare]


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Companies with a solid employee recognition strategy enjoy stronger engagement, increased employee morale, a devoted spirit of customer service, and lower turnover rates.

If you treat your employees as if they were your best customers, they will become loyal brand advocates who are more engaged with your customers and your business as a whole.

There is something interesting that happens when you give praise to your employees; and in doing so it doesn’t have to come with breaking the bank.

Kelly Chesterson is the Vice President of Operations for Point Recognition and is a Certified Engagement Practitioner.  She has worked in the reward and recognition industry for more than eight years and with her team has put together an awesome slideshow containing 20 creative (and affordable) ideas for employee recognition.

From simple things like surprise cupcakes or donuts, to an office parking spot, to trophies for special recognition.

Check it out and feel free to share any other ideas you may have implemented in your business when it’s come to team and individual recognition.

20 Creative (And Affordable) Ideas For Employee Recognition created by Point Recognition