5 Innovative Talent Attraction Strategies

By Heather Page - Sep. 15, 2015
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When first I joined the RecruitLoop team a year ago, I was such a newbie to the recruiting world that Paul actually had to explain to me what ‘contingency’ meant.

Though I’ve learned a lot since then (especially during our weekly Recruiter Q&As!), there’s always room to grow.

Naturally, when Paul told me that he was recently on sourcing visionary Jim Stroud’s podcast “All About Recruiting”, I was pretty excited.

The topic was “Recruiting Innovation“, so I knew it would be full of great stories and even better advice. To spread the knowledge and to share what I learned, I’ve summarized 5 innovative talent attraction strategies that I picked up from Jim and Paul on “All About Recruiting”:

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1. Do things that don’t cost much

You don’t necessarily need an expensive advertising budget to find and attract great candidates.

In fact, it’s probably wise to think about how your existing communication pathways can double as avenues for sourcing. This may require some creative thinking (and perhaps even some consultation with your marketing department), but it’s an easy sell to your internal hiring team, because there’s no added financial risk to what might seem like a new, scary idea!

2. Share details of your vacancies with your customers

This falls in line with the above advice. Advertising your job vacancies to your existing customers is low-cost, and it’s also great way to attract passive candidates. Think about it – your existing customers are already well aware of and engaged with your brand. Why not let them know you’re hiring?

In 2011 Ikea did this in Australia by placing a job ad flyer in all of their boxes for delivery. They were opening a new flagship store in Sydney and needed staff … fast. Imagine how many thousands of people sitting on their floor at home (allen key in hand!) would have seen the details of those opportunities?

The results?

  • $0 media spend
  • $0 postage cost
  • 4,285 quality applications
  • 280 successfully placed candidates.

Not bad, hey?

Paul once tried to convince a bank in Australia do something similar. They were looking for 250 customer service / call centre reps. He suggested they advertise the opportunities on their clients’ monthly credit card statements. Unfortunately the bank’s HR team weren’t overly creative, but you’ve got to agree that it was a pretty darn clever idea.

3. Sourcing doesn’t require magic technology – just be creative and in-your-face!

This was covered with points 1 and 2 above, but Paul and Jim came back to this idea again and again; more so than fancy technological solutions, creativity and genuine relationship building will guarantee that you find and keep the candidates that others won’t find.

4. Hiring strategies build your brand!

Social media company Hootsuite hosted a series of live broadcasts that gave a virtual tour of all their office locations while also advertising available jobs. Not only was this a great way to connect with passive candidates, it also helped candidates connect with and understand Hootsuite as a workspace. This transparency about the Hootsuite experience bolstered their brand while sourcing candidates at the same time. Talk about creativity!

5. Recruiting is relationship building!

Jim and Paul were really banging the table on this topic. There’s no way to be a great recruiter without building long term relationships with your candidates. Don’t just find them a good job and push it to them.

Get to know your candidates!

What do they want to be when they grow up? What do they care about? How you can help them reach their personal career goals? By being the ‘recruiter who cares’, you build a relationship of trust with them that means you’ll be referred to other candidates and your phone calls will actually be returned!

Of course, I still recommend that you listen to the podcast if you can. I may have summarized the key points, but I’m no replacement for the enthusiastic story telling of our own Paul Slezak and sourcing guru Jim Stroud.

Bonus tip: Use Jobgram to turn job descriptions into infographics!

Client Success Manager & Advocate Marketer @ RecruitLoop. Loves handmade cards, exploring the world, learning new things, and riding a bike. For insights on travel & remote work follow me @heatherkpage


Heather Page

Client Success Manager & Advocate Marketer @ RecruitLoop. Loves handmade cards, exploring the world, learning new things, and riding a bike. For insights on travel & remote work follow me @heatherkpage

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