How Remote Work Can Benefit Your Organization [Infographic]


Editor’s Note: This post is by Paul Slezak, Cofounder and CEO of RecruitLoop – the World’s largest marketplace of expert Recruiters and Sourcers available on-demand.

Thanks to technology, an office job doesn’t actually require an office anymore. With laptops, smartphones and Wi-Fi, many professionals can be just as productive sitting in a coffee shop as behind a desk. As a result, telecommuting is no longer the rarity it was just 10 years ago.

Although being able to work at home has obvious benefits for employees, employers may not be aware of the advantages they’ll gain by allowing staff to work remotely. Granting employees permission to work outside of a traditional office environment and giving them greater flexibility means more than letting your people work in their pajamas.

For example, opening your company to remote workers means you’ll have a much larger talent pool to draw from when hiring. Without the restrictions of geography, you can hire the best candidate anywhere for an open position. Employing fewer staff on site also means you may save on overhead. Equipment, real estate and utility costs can also be kept at a more manageable level.

You’ll also have a higher degree of flexibility when it comes to serving your customers outside of standard business hours because your remote employees need not be confined to a strict 9-to-5 schedule in your time zone.

Of course, one of the biggest advantages this model can provide your business is a happier and more satisfied workforce. This leads to higher productivity, decreased turnover and less time off work.Allowing your staff to work remotely isn’t only good for them — it can be good for you, too. The accompanying infographic created by our friends at Unify Square offers several reasons telecommuting can return big dividends for employers as well as employees.