Life At Work

The day-to-day of managing employees and production comes with a wide variety of tasks and concerns, to say the least. From retaining customers to writing and enforcing employee policies, it can quickly get overwhelming.

That’s why we’ve put together a collection of guides designed to help you navigate the ins and outs of life at work.

In these guides, we’ll cover:

  • Ways to reward your employees and improve employee engagement.

  • Which forms you need to fill out to pay your employees and your taxes.

  • How to write and enforce employee policies.

  • Tips for scheduling your workers.

  • Strategies to improve customer retention.


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8 Ways to Bring Innovation Into Your Organization

Learn about workplace innovation, including the benefits of implementing innovative practices, tips for fostering a culture of innovation, and examples of successful workplace innovation initiatives.

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What Does A Chamber Of Commerce Do For Businesses

Summary. Chambers of Commerce are associations that represent and advocate for the interests of businesses in a particular locality or region. They promote economic growth, create jobs, and improve the business climate. Chambers of commerce provide benefits such as networking opportunities, advocacy for business-friendly policies and regulations, economic research and analysis, and education and training […]

How To Write Company Bylaws

Summary. To write company bylaws, you should first check your state requirements and consult a lawyer to ensure you know all the legal requirements. Your bylaws should include the structure of the board, procedures for meetings, and how amendments can be made. After they are written, bylaws should be passed and then adopted within your […]

Workplace Safety Tips

Summary. Workplace safety is an important part of an effective workplace. It helps prevent accidents that can hurt employees, damage equipment, and even result in fines or punitive action from regulatory agencies. Following workplace safety tips are a good way to help prevent workplace accidents and make sure that supervisors and employees follow proper safety […]

How Many Payroll Weeks In A Year?

Summary. The payroll year is a 52-week period (depending on payroll schedule) that companies use to calculate and report employee earnings and taxes and is usually aligned with the calendar year. Payroll weeks or pay periods are specific timeframes in which employers calculate and pay employees for their work, with common intervals including weekly, bi-weekly, […]

How To Write A Social Media Policy

Summary. To write a social media policy, employers should determine the parameters of the policy and what the purpose of it is for. Communicating and collaborating with the public relations and cyber security teams will help you come up with ways to keep the company brand intact and have insight into any security breaches. As […]

Life At Work Highlighted Articles

How To Write A Sales Introduction Email (With Template + Example)

Summary. To write a sales introduction email, start with a clear subject line and personalized greeting, then move into an engaging opening sentence. From there, start your introduction and sales pitch, remembering to highlight the value your product or service brings to your customer. Close with a call to action and your contact information. When […]

What Is Greenwashing?

Summary. Greenwashing is the practice of making a business, or its products look more environmentally friendly, sustainable, or natural than they actually are. Consumers are becoming more interested in products that are better for the planet and are willing to spend more money for that purpose. That means that all sorts of businesses are trying […]

What Is An Employee ID?

Summary. An employee ID is a code that identifies a particular employee. IDs are typically assigned during onboarding and are used to track the employee’s payroll and other sensitive information. Employees can also use them to access their employment information, as well as gain access to computers or other services owned by the company. Key […]

How Much Does A Billboard Cost?

Summary. Billboards cost anywhere from $250 to over $15,000 a month, depending on factors like location, size, and the design itself. Cost can also vary depending the type of billboard – such as whether it’s mobile, static, or digital. Billboards have been around as a way to advertise for a long time. They’re essentially giant […]

Pros And Cons Of Pets In The Office

Summary. Allowing pets in the office has several advantages, along with some disadvantages. Pets tend to improve morale, keep people calm and relaxed, and allow pet owners to spend more time at the office. However, they can be disruptive and messy, and not everyone is a pet person. Deciding whether or not to allow pets […]

Pronouns In The Workplace [Employer’s Guide]

Summary. Pronouns are words that are used in place of a noun. When talking about pronouns in the workplace, it’s a way to discuss and embrace gender and identity. Using the proper pronouns to refer to coworkers and clients is a way to show respect and promote inclusion. Encouraging employees to offer their own pronouns […]

How To Make A Workplace Flexible

Summary: Flexibility in the workplace can have several important benefits. Most employees rate higher satisfaction with their jobs if they’re flexible, as well as having higher productivity. Talent acquisition and retention are also positively affected by allowing flexible schedules. Having employees that are willing to be flexible as well can have a positive effect on […]

A Guide To The Critical Path Method

Summary: The Critical Path Method, or CPM, is a project management technique that’s used to determine the duration and resources necessary for successful completion more accurately. This method looks at the whole picture and then identifies the path that will define the project timeline. Read on to learn more. One of the most popular methods […]

What Is An EEOC Conciliation?

Summary. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is responsible for investigating claims of discrimination or sexual harassment. If you receive a letter of EEOC Conciliation, it means the department has found evidence and “reasonable cause” to support your claim. According to a recent report from Nasdaq, 55% of workers say they’ve experienced discrimination at their […]

What Is Employee Self-Service?

Summary. Employee self-service (ESS) is how employees can access human resources-related information and software digitally, such as the company’s intranet or web portal. Most modern HR management or information systems allow employees to complete certain tasks digitally. Technology has advanced the workplace in a multitude of ways, but one of the most helpful has been […]

How To Deal With Microaggressions In The Workplace

Summary. Microaggressions in the workplace are subtle behaviors or comments that marginalize individuals based on their identity. To address them, witnesses should speak up and address the behavior directly and respectfully while also offering support to the impacted individual. Individuals on the receiving end should assertively express their feelings and concerns and seek support from […]

Outsourcing Services: What Outsourcing Is And How To Do It

Summary. Outsourcing is a business strategy that involves contracting out certain services or tasks to third-party providers. Outsourcing enables companies to leverage the expertise and resources of external vendors, allowing them to focus on their core competencies and reduce operational costs. Some benefits of outsourcing business services include access to specialized expertise, improved efficiency, reduced […]

How To Organize Your Desk (9 Essential Tips)

Summary. To organize your desk, identify what your organizing goals are, get rid of unnecessary items, and give everything a place. You should also recognize your natural workflow and arrange your supplies to support that. Organizing your desk may not be at the top of your to-do list at work, but it’s an important part […]

Mansplaining In The Workplace

Summary. Mansplaining is a combination of the words “man” and “explaining” and refers to someone giving an unrequested and unsolicited explanation. Men are more likely to do this, which is why it is called mansplaining. They do this because they assume that a woman has no knowledge or qualifications on a topic. The term ‘mansplaining’ […]

What Is Volunteer Time Off (VTO)?

Summary: Volunteer time off is a type of paid time off. In this case, it means that employees will be paid to volunteer for a nonprofit organization. It encourages engagement in the community, bolsters a business’s brand, and shows that giving back to the community isn’t just rhetoric. While the idea of VTO is getting […]

Power Dynamics In The Workplace

Summary. Power dynamics in the workplace will determine the balance between two or more people and how they engage and interact. The power dynamic will determine the company culture, and it can help give employees a voice in the company. Types of power dynamics include designated power, reward power, and informational power. The power dynamics […]

How To Deal With Work Misconduct

Summary. Workplace misconduct happens because of improper or inappropriate behavior by an employee. To deal with employee misconduct, you should first investigate and document everything, consider the severity of the offense, and decide on the consequence for the employee. It’s important to ensure that your employees feel comfortable and safe in the workplace. Employee misconduct […]

How To Conduct Job Satisfaction Surveys

Summary. To conduct a job satisfaction survey, you first need to determine the topic the survey will cover and come up with questions for employees to answer. Next, you should clearly communicate the purpose of the survey to employees, and once it’s completed, you should analyze the data to come up with an action plan. […]

How To Manage Flexible Work Schedules

Summary. To manage a flexible work schedule, make sure to evaluate your current organizational objectives and practices, talk to all stakeholders, establish clear expectations, and stay in communication with your employees. As the world economy becomes increasingly globalized and as technology changes the definitions of what constitutes a workspace, more and more companies are ditching […]

How To Run Effective Meetings

Summary. To run an effective meeting, you need to determine your objectives, create an agenda, invite the appropriate people, prepare logistics, be punctual, involve your members, summarize key points, and conclude with action items. It is a business cliche to hate meetings. Employers and employees alike find them to usually be a waste of their […]

How To Handle Proprietary Information In The Workplace

Summary. Proprietary information in the workplace is often referred to as trade secrets. Your way of operating and your product or service is yours alone, and you need to protect your process so your business can remain a standout and a success. Learn more here. Protecting your company’s data, intellectual property, trade secrets, technology and […]

How To Make A Performance Improvement Plan For An Employee

Summary. Some employees have great potential, but they’re not quite hitting performance expectations. A performance improvement plan can help them get the boost they need to hit their goals and be one of your top performers. Read on to learn more. A Performance Improvement Plan is a way to help an underperforming employee catch up […]

What Is A Change Agent? (With Examples)

Summary. A change agent is an individual who promotes and enables change within a group or organization. They can play many roles, including but not limited to recognizing the need for the change, implementing the change, and ensuring employees are on board with the change. Change is scary, whether it’s happening in a business or […]

How To Write A Press Release (With Template)

Summary: A press release is a communication with journalists, stakeholders, customers, and the public. As press releases have been around for a long time, there’s a standard format that they should follow. They serve as a tool for both public relations and marketing. Press releases go back to the man who is considered the father […]

What Is Business Sustainability? (And Why You Should Embrace It)

Summary: Sustainably is the practice of making sure that a process can be ongoing. In the case of business, this means that organizations make sure that the materials they use to run their business can be renewed, that they have a good relationship with the community, and that their model makes enough revenue to turn […]

The 4 Ps Of The Marketing Mix

Summary. A marketing mix is a broad and comprehensive marketing plan that looks at multiple areas within the sales cycle. Most marketing mixes focus on the four Ps; product, price, placement, and promotion. If you’re in the service industry, adding three more Ps may give you a more well-rounded approach and lead your company to […]

How To Write A Referral Email (With Examples)

Summary. To write a referral email, you should first start with a strong subject line that will catch the recipient’s attention. You should state your reasoning for your email and emphasize your mutual contact within the first couple sentences of the email. Include your contact information at the end of the email. A referral email […]

What Is An Acknowledgment Receipt? (With Template And Examples)

Summary. An acknowledgment receipt is a document used to confirm that an item has been received under specified conditions. This is usually found when employees receive official documents such as an employee handbook or when customers are sent important goods by a company. When employees or clients are given important documents or valuable items, it […]

How To Create A Compensation Plan

Summary. To create a compensation plan, start by researching your competitors to see how they’re compensating their employees. Then you’ll need to establish your company’s compensation philosophy and create a plan for your employees’ salaries, raises, bonuses, and benefits. Compensating your employees fairly can be more complicated than it sounds – you have to balance […]

How To Manage Stress At Work

Summary. To manage work stress, you should identify the things that specifically stress you out and consider healthy ways to combat them. This can include establishing and maintaining certain boundaries or practicing self-care in the form of physical exercise, breathing techniques, and routines. Key Takeaways: Workplace stress is defined as the harmful physical, and emotional […]

How to Write A Press Release

Summary. To write a good press release, you should first ask yourself if your announcement is newsworthy and provides value to your industry. If the answer is yes, be sure to answer the five W’s — the who, what, where, when, and why, within the context of your press release. Key Takeaways: The purpose of […]

How To Create A Vacation Policy For Your Employees

Summary. A vacation policy covers how time off is handled in the workplace. It also covers how employees are expected to request time off. Depending on the policy, it can be more regimented, splitting the time into vacation days and sick days. Other businesses will have a more flexible policy, just letting employees take time […]

How To Make A Remote Work Policy

There was a major transition to remote work during the pandemic, and many workers are reluctant to go back. That means that it’s up to employers to come up with a policy that works for both employees and employers. A remote work policy sets out rules and guidelines for remote work, allowing remote workers to […]

How To Outsource Human Resources

Outsourcing your human resources (HR) functions means that you hire a separate company to perform these services for your business. These would include hiring, onboarding, compliance with labor laws, as well as pay and benefits. Small businesses are typically the ones who will outsource HR, as hiring an HR department is a much bigger percentage […]

Diversity vs Inclusion: What’s The Difference?

Diversity and inclusion are often put together as a single entity. While it’s true that they often go hand in hand, and each one benefits from the other, they aren’t the same thing. The concept behind each one is different. Diversity is how many different kinds of people are in an organization. Does it have […]

What Is Strategic Planning? | Definition, Purpose, And How to Create

Summary. Strategic planning is an important part of running a business. During this process, leaders will set organization-wide, long-term goals that will further its mission and vision and guide all other short-term goals. The term “strategic planning” may sound like a managerial buzzword, but it’s actually a very valuable and necessary business practice. In this […]

How To Manage Up (And What Does It Mean?)

Summary. Managing is when employees work towards building a productive relationship with their supervisors. The result is a mutually beneficial accomplishment of professional goals. Employees can play a big role in the success of their supervisors. They don’t need to be mindless drones who blindly follow orders. Instead, they can use their skills to help […]

What Is A Human Resource Strategy? (And How To Make One)

Summary. A human resource strategy is how a company approaches its human resource policies so that they are in sync with organizational objectives. Creating one requires an understanding of these overall objectives, as well as the needs of the human resource department. For a company to achieve success, it needs the best employees possible. How […]

Open Door Policy In The Workplace

Summary. Open door policies foster communication, trust, and openness, with the goal of leading towards more collaboration, idea sharing, and fewer conflicts. While the name comes from the idea that the manager’s door is always open, that doesn’t have to literally be the case. There are also hybrid styles between open door and closed door […]

What Is A Gatekeeper In Business?

Summary. A gatekeeper’s role is to control access to a particular service, product, or important person. That means that someone in the role of an executive assistant or secretary often ends up largely functioning as a gatekeeper. Those aren’t the only professions that involve gatekeeping as an important aspect. Gatekeepers serve an important purpose in […]

What Constitutes A Hostile Work Environment?

Summary. A hostile work environment is any workplace that makes an employee dread coming in. Of course, it isn’t that simple – it has to be created by the behavior of the other workers or supervisors. And even in that case, it only becomes one if the behavior is pervasive and consistent. If your business […]

Moonlighting Policy: An Employer Guide

Summary. Many employees moonlight, which means working a part-time job in addition to their regular job. While this can be beneficial for both employers and employees, it can also hinder employees’ performance in their work for your organization or create a conflict of interest. To avoid these downsides, it’s important to write a clear moonlighting […]

How Does Bereavement Leave Work And How To Make A Bereavement Policy

Each person deals with loss and grief differently. It can entirely disrupt your life. Most people will need some time off work for funeral planning, dealing with estates, and healing. Offering leave tailored to that purpose can help with the process that keeps the office running smoothly while they take the time they need. Key […]

An Employer Guide To Remuneration

The main reason that an individual will decide to work for a particular employer is remuneration. The better the compensation for their work, the more tempting the offer is and the more likely it is that they’ll stay with the company. That means that deciding what to offer your employees for remuneration is an extremely […]

How To Make And Manage A Sabbatical Leave Policy For A Business

Summary. A sabbatical leave policy looks at all aspects of an extended absence for an employee to help the company function without them. It outlines the steps required for an employee to take a sabbatical and also looks at the timing of sabbaticals and how the team will function during the absence. If you’ve decided […]

Preparing Equipment And Making An Equipment Policy

Summary. Ensuring the safety of your employees and protecting your company equipment is of top-level importance in any company. Preparing equipment for safe use and creating equipment policies are key steps in this process. Learn what two types of equipment policies you might need and how to create them. One equipment policy will relate to […]

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Employee Write-Up Forms (With Examples)

An employee write-up form is used by the human resources department that highlights an employee's behavior or performance that is not up to par.

How To Write A Dress Code Policy (With Examples)

Summary. To write a dress code policy, you should determine the type of dress code that you would like to follow such as business casual or formal business attire. Make sure to include the guideline such as specifics on what is appropriate and what is not. You may include any accommodations for any employee who […]

OTE: On-Target Earnings Defined (With Examples)

On-target earnings (OTE) is a metric that predicts how much an employee will earn in a year if they meet all of their performance targets.

Guide To Workers’ Compensation Insurance For Small Business

Workers’ compensation insurance covers the medical bills for workplace injuries. It’s mandated in almost the entirety of the United States for business with employees, meaning that it’s likely that your small business will need it. It has other benefits as well, such as preventing small businesses from going bankrupt due to a workplace injury and […]

How To Write An Employee Handbook For A Small Business

While writing an employee handbook isn’t at the top of most small business owners’ lists, it’s an important step. Employee handbooks can be used to help new employees assimilate, answer questions, and deal with disputes. It can also protect the company from potential legal problems in the future, so long as it lays out the […]

EIN And Tax Requirements For Small Businesses

Running a business means that there will be more complex taxes than if you work for one. This involves taxes that businesses pay on behalf of their employees, as well as various taxes related to running a business. Different goods and services can require other types of taxes, and different states have different requirements. Key […]

How To Create A Code Of Ethics And Conduct For Your Business (With Examples)

Summary. The two different types of code of ethics are a business code of ethics and a personal code of ethics. To create a code of ethics and conduct a business should define the company’s priorities and principles for employees to follow. Codes of ethics can be compliance based, value based, or personal code of […]

How to Avoid Being Accused of Nepotism

How to Avoid Being Accused of Nepotism

When employing family and friends, the secret is to treat them just as you would any other candidate in the recruitment process.

5 Signs Your Recruiter Sucks

We have a lot of struggles as hiring managers, and evaluating resources is pretty high on the "difficult" list. Specifically, it's tough to figure out how well your recruiter is performing until you make a hire. To make it a bit easier for you, we've put together 5 really clear signs that your recruiter, well, sucks.

5 Personal Goal Setting Tips For Business Owners

Now is as good a time as any to set some intentions on how you are going to feel fulfilled at work as a business owner. Instead of making resolutions that we all know in our personal sphere we never keep for more than a few days or weeks, let your work intentions be something […]

7 Safeguarding Procedures for HR Managers

Do you find safeguarding procedures intimidating? Perhaps you’re uncertain of the full scale of safeguarding legislation? Safeguarding issues can certainly be complex, and newcomers to HR management are often intimidated by the need to satisfy both company policy and the requirements of the law. Thankfully, there are surprisingly few legal provisions that you need to […]

5 Ways to Create a Perfect Workplace to Boost Employee Productivity

The average person spends 8.8 hours daily at work. Here's a list of tips on how to organise the perfect workplace to boost employee productivity.

10 Tips For Anyone Wanting to Create an Engaging Infographic

10 Tips For Anyone Wanting to Create an Engaging Infographic

Infographics need to be engaging and easy to understand. These ten tips will help you develop an effective infographic.

13 Reasons Why Communication is Critical for an Effective Workplace

There are many things that go into fostering a positive workplace environment. But one of the most essential things to an office which is both efficient and pleasant is communication. Effective communication can lead to better team work between employees and happier staff. Here are 13 reasons why communication is so essential. Key Takeaways: Effective […]

Four Alternatives to the Team All-Hands

Four Alternatives to the Team All-Hands

All-hands meetings (or ‘town halls’) are part and parcel of Silicon Valley. You would be hard-pressed to find a tech company where this regular meeting isn’t ingrained in the process. It’s a well-accepted way to build and reinforce company culture, increase employee engagement, and achieve alignment with company goals and expectations. However, these meetings can […]

5 Hints From Cognitive Psychology That Will Draw Attention to Your Content

It’s often a challenge to be creative, but when it comes to your content, it’s been shown that creativity is critical in innovating your business and developing new strategies. In this post, our guest author explains how cognitive psychology is directly linked to grabbing your audience’s attention and differentiating you from your competitors.

Zappos – Hiring for Culture and the Bizarre Things They Do

Zappos – Hiring for Culture and the Bizarre Things They Do

The unusual interview techniques Zappos uses to hire employees for culture fit increases employee engagement and retention.

40 Important Questions to Ask Before Working With A New Client

Here are 40 questions that will help you determine whether or not you even want to be working with a new client.

5 Ways to Improve Workplace Diversity

There are many different tactics to improve workplace diversity. The majority involve shifting the attitude of the executives as well as the employees.

How to Manage Unprofessional Employee Behavior Online

They are an HR manager’s worst nightmare: employees who call attention to themselves and the company through inappropriate behaviour online. Guest author Declan Moloney shares a few of the most common problems that occur and how best to handle them.

How to Unleash the Power of Strategic Partnerships

How to Unleash the Power of Strategic Partnerships

It’s no secret. One of the most powerful competitive advantages a business can ever muster is by forming strategic partnerships allowing it to secure a better stronghold in the market, or to even break into a new market, which may otherwise be impenetrable.

11 Ways to Spot a Psychopath at Work

There is increasing evidence that the proportion of individuals with psychopathic traits could be higher in the business world, perhaps as high as one in 10 senior executives. Organisations tend to be attracted to high-energy, intelligent, fast-moving people who ooze charm and charisma and seem to be able to persuade and influence others. But not every successful, high-energy, intelligent, charming and persuasive person is a psychopath. So what should you look for if you want to spot the psychopath in your workplace?

Why, When and How Should You Suspend an Employee?

Why, When and How Should You Suspend an Employee?

Making the right hires is essential for any business. But what happens when a hire goes wrong? Or what if one of your employees commits an act of gross misconduct? The worst mistake you can make is to take too long to say goodbye.

How Many Hours Can An Employee Work Without A Break?

An employee can work between 4-6 consecutive hours without a break in most states in the U.S. Most states require a 30-minute break for meals during an 8-hour shift, but regulations vary from state to state. In today’s work environments, employee breaks are more important than ever. Though it may seem counterintuitive, employee breaks have […]

How To Understand Your Team

Hundred Acre Wood can be anywhere - the family home, the local village, the workplace. Christopher, Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, Owl, Eeyore, Kanga, Rabbit and Roo are in every office everywhere, and when you get to know them you can more effectively motivate and manage them.

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10 Fun-filled Activities to Help Boost Team Morale

Implement some of the following fun-filled suggestions into your staff gatherings to make teamwork and cooperation amongst coworkers an enjoyable prospect.

15 Ways to Spot Leadership Potential in Your Employees

Leaders have to be cut from a very special cloth, and not everybody will be leadership material. It can be hard to identify those with the special skills early enough to help them flourish, but if you can spot those who have the potential to be great leaders then your business could reap the rewards […]

Company Mission Statement Examples (And How To Write)

Every major company in the United States has a mission statement. It’s used as a way to communicate with the public, personnel, customers, and potential employees. A mission statement is often short, giving a condensed insight into the company’s purpose, culture, and focus. Such statements can vary in length from just a handful of words […]

The Pros and Cons of Having Robots in the Workplace

Technology is playing a pivotal role in helping humans work more effectively. Here are some of the pros and cons of having robots in the workplace.

Advice To Be Successful From Business Leaders

Take the advice of some of the most successful business business leaders to achieve success and satisfaction not only in your career, but also in your life.

5 Ways to Put Values Into Action and Action Into Values

There are many ways in which organisations can express their values and it is important for managers to ensure that the values are actively flowing throughout all aspects of the business on a day-to-day basis.

11 Tips to Help You Become a Successful HR Manager

11 Tips to Help You Become a Successful HR Manager

It takes a lot to be a truly professional HR Manager. Here are 10 things to consider.

The Top 10 Workplace Etiquette Rules Everyone Should Follow

Adhering to a strong set of etiquette rules will ensure that your company maintains a strong reputation externally while also minimizing potential internal conflict. Here are the top 6 workplace etiquette rules that everyone should follow.

5 Reasons Why a Clean Workplace is Good for Business

A clean workplace signifies a level of professionalism and tells potential customers that you care about your brand as well as your employees.

HR Business Plan: What Is It And What Are Its Steps?

It is essential to have an effective Human Resources (HR) business plan in place. Use these five steps to help you secure the success of your business.

10 Ways to Help Your Team Achieve Better Results

As a leader, your success is not only judged by your results, but it is measured by the productivity and performance of your team members. Managers who support their team members are often seeing better results from their teams. Leading a team of any size can be difficult but it can be rewarding when done […]

What Is Market Mapping and How Do You Do It?

Do you know exactly what role you’ll hire next? Do you even know if you can afford the role? Getting an understanding of how your (often larger) competitors structure their companies will give you a vision for your own future. Market Mapping is outlining the employment set up of the current market – particularly your competitors.

15 Ways To Keep Motivated For Anyone Working Alone

For anyone working alone from a home office, sometimes it's hard to stay motivated. Here are 10 ways to beat the isolation.

Eight Reasons Why You Should Network

Networking and investing your time in building and developing long-term relationships may not necessarily translate into immediate profits but it will certainly provide many other additional benefits to you and your business.

What Is Total Quality Management and How To Use It

In this post, guest blogger Norberts Erts takes a close look at Total Quality Management, the components it covers, the impact HR has on the propagation of a quality conscious culture, plus a few quick steps around implementation.


8 Ways to Bring Innovation Into Your Organization

Learn about workplace innovation, including the benefits of implementing innovative practices, tips for fostering a culture of innovation, and examples of successful workplace innovation initiatives.

13 Signs You’ve Made a Bad Hire (And What To Do After)

Not every new recruit turns out to be the match you’d hoped for. Keep an eye out for these 12 signs that you’ve made a bad hire.

Effective Ways to Reward Your Employees

Everyone deserves to feel valued by their employer. Here are seven different ways to reward your employees to boost their productivity and job satisfaction.

10 Warning Signs Your Employees Will Quit (and How to Prevent It)

Could you spot the warning signs that a team member is close to leaving you high and dry? Spotting such behaviour early means you can step in with measures to resolve the situation and, hopefully, retain a promising employee.

What Is Back Pay? [HR Definition]

Back pay is the amount of money from salary or other benefits that an employer owes an employee. For instance, if an employee is terminated but hasn’t received their last paycheck months later, that can be termed back pay. Or if someone was contracted to do work and they did it but were only paid […]

What Is Incentive Pay (And How To Implement It)

Incentive pay is usually tied to performance or achieving pre-defined objectives and is a way for employees to make additional income or get a bonus. It’s designed to provide motivation or incentive for employees to work harder, which is why it’s called incentive pay. It can be a great way to boost morale and sales, […]

Job Abandonment: What It Is And How To Handle It

Although absenteeism is a normal part of running a business, there are times when employees decide they no longer want to work at a company and therefore do not report to work as scheduled. When an employee misses consecutive days without notice and is unable to be reached, this is called job abandonment. Job abandonment […]

What Is Customer Retention? (Definition, Importance, And Strategies)

In almost any organization, your customers are the most important thing you should focus on. Generally, all activities and strategies center around gaining and retaining customers in order to have a sustainable business. Retaining customers is a key part of any business strategy as it results in a greater ROI and costs significantly less. Key […]

Diversity In The Workplace (Benefits + How To Improve)

Diversity includes the qualities and characteristics that make individuals unique from one another. These things might include characteristics like gender identity, race, and sexuality, but can also include things like religion, education, age, and culture. A diverse workplace is a place of business composed of employees from different backgrounds. Focusing on hiring a diverse workforce […]

Business Process Management (Definition + Steps To BPM)

Business process management (BPM) is a structured and organized way to manage the process of doing things in a company. It’s become a very hot-button topic as companies look to expand profits and cut back on expenses. In theory, a company’s BPM is continually changing to adapt to any shifts along the way and bring […]

Management Abbreviations

Business involves a lot of wordy terms and titles, so it’s no wonder that people around the world have turned to abbreviations and acronyms to simplify their communication. In this article, you’ll learn what management abbreviations are, 64 of the most common ones and their meanings, and why and how you should use them. Key […]

Absenteeism In The Workplace

Employee absenteeism can be a significant problem for any workplace, especially when there’s a team dynamic and each person relies on others. The Department of Labor defines absenteeism in the workforce as people who are not at work. Some situations of absenteeism can be planned for and are, in fact, part of the accepted ebb […]

Disciplinary Action In The Workplace

Hiring people can be an expensive and lengthy process. Most companies want to keep employees once they’ve found them, but sometimes problems arise. If an employee is behaving in a way that goes against company policies and procedures, it might be time for disciplinary action. Key Takeaways: Workplace Disciplinary Action policies are designed to protect […]

Insubordination In The Workplace

Conflict in the workplace can be unpleasant, and insubordination is one of the worst offenders. This concept refers to any employee who intentionally disrespects or disobeys their managers or leadership teams or company rules and regulations. Insubordination can lead to disrespect and affect a manager’s ability to manage their team. However, insubordination can sometimes feel […]

Federal Holidays 2023 – Calendar Dates

Providing paid holidays is an essential part of a good employee benefits package, but it can be difficult to determine which holidays you should provide as paid days off. To help start to narrow them down, many companies start with a list of federal holidays. In this article, we’ll talk about what and when the […]

How To Write An Attendance Policy [Template]

It happens to everyone. You wake up late, you hit traffic, or an emergency pops up, and suddenly, you’re late for work. Being late for work is okay occasionally; however, attendance is incredibly important to maintain your professionalism and responsibilities to your team. That’s why attendance policies are so important. When it comes to employee […]

Cell Phone Policy At Work [Template]

Today, cell phones are an important part of everyday life. Your employees most likely carry their cell phones with them into the office and likely keep them nearby throughout the day. Although cell phones can be used as an asset if used correctly, they can also cause distractions and issues when used excessively. One way […]

5 Ways Jewellery Can Help You Negotiate in the Workplace

Do you want to be seen as a peer or as a superior? What is the best visual way to highlight your professional aptitude and convey the right message? Let’s dive deeper into the exploration of how to harness the powerful language of jewellery.

HR Tips: Preparing for the Legalization of Marijuana

According to research, 71% of employers in the USA aren’t able to handle cannabis legalization in the workplace yet. In this guest post, Mary Walton addresses the legalization of cannabis and provides some great tips for employers and HR professionals.

How Remote Work Can Benefit Your Organization [Infographic]

Allowing your staff to work remotely can return big dividends for employers as well as employees. Our friends at Unify Square have created an awesome infographic offering several reasons why. Check it out!

Unbelievable Company Policies and Procedures From Around The World [Infographic]

The team at Way We Do have come across some cringe-inducing examples of company policies and procedures from around the world, that are at best thoughtless and at worst, well, you can see for yourself.

Hiring Refugees for a Diverse Workplace Culture

Diversity in the workplace contributes to more satisfying teamwork, better productivity, and increasingly informed decision making.

5 Ways to Support a LGBT Inclusive Workplace

It’s the 21st century. Should we even talk about LGBT inclusive workplaces? All people are equal and all people deserve to work in an environment that supports their choices. Apparently, this still is an issue. The latest National LGBT Survey, carried out by the UK government, showed disturbing results. Harassment, discrimination, and bullying still affect […]

11 Techniques to Successfully Manage Workplace Disagreements

Managing a team is seldom a popularity contest. As a matter of fact, it is more like a series of stressful events accompanied by a large number of decisions to make in a short time frame. One of the roles that team managers have to take is mediation in case of a work disagreement between […]

Take the Initiative to Make Your Business More Transparent

But learning how to leverage this quality can pay off in spades for your business. ‘Need-to-know’ is impeding how you grow The status quo of ‘need to know’ is part and parcel of the corporate world, referring to sharing information only when it’s critical to complete your job. A junior employee doesn’t ‘need to know’ […]

9 Ways to Create More Agile Teams

Forming a group of productive employees is one of the most desired goals in any company, but also an elusive objective for the vast majority of businesses. According to the research, as much as 70% of American workers do not feel they are engaged at work. It’s not easy to find, hire, and nurture an […]

9 Ways to Motivate Your Remote Team [Infographic]

More and more businesses are switching on to the benefits of working with freelancers – and when those freelancers are treated right, the results can be astonishing for all involved. For those companies that can make it work, it really is the modern way to run a team. Unfortunately, some businesses that could benefit from […]

Why Banning Your Staff From Social Media at Work is Ridiculous

Banning your staff from checking social media at work is crazy. Here are 4 massively untapped opportunities that you need to consider ASAP.

8 Ways to Avoid a Stressful Workplace Investigation

Nick Hedges and Katriina Tahka share their tips and advice on how to get your workplace investigations right every time.

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12 Reasons Why You Should Let Your Employees Play Games [Infographic]

How can you relieve stress and boost employee morale in the workplace? Letting your employees play games may just be the answer!

10 Tips for Resolving Workplace Conflict and Increasing Productivity

When it comes to workplace conflict, it’s up to the boss to resolve it and bring the office morale and productivity back up to par.

Personal liability in the workplace: Should you be afraid?

I don’t want to be a scaremonger, but did you know that directors can be held personally liable for breaches of the Fair Work Act 2009? Perhaps more worryingly, the personal liability provisions are so broad you need not even be a director to trigger them. Staff could also be personally liable for contraventions, as could […]

Curbing absenteeism in the workplace

I couldn’t even begin to count how many times during all my years as a recruiter that clients would ask me if I had a solution to their ongoing battle with absenteeism. I can remember one such occasion up in Hong Kong when a client asked if I knew the secret to reducing absenteeism in […]