The Best College In Each State For Getting A Job 2022

By Kathy Morris
Jul. 21, 2022

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Best College For Getting A Job In Each State 2021 Map

Best College in Each State Research Summary

  • The college with the highest employment rate in the U.S. is Quinnipiac University in Connecticut, at 96.10%.

  • The best state college with the lowest employment rate is University of Alaska Anchorage, in Alaska, at 83.35%.

  • Those who earn a college degree are nearly 25% more likely to become employed (86% average employment rate compared to 69% for High School graduates).

  • Only 6 out of 10 Americans agree that college is worth the time and effort.

While college is a time of personal and professional growth, for many students it is also an expensive investment in their future.

Students attend college with the expectation of securing gainful employment and launching a successful career. However, not all schools are equal in job placement success.

Some colleges are vastly more supportive of their students’ post-graduation concerns than others. Whether it comes from excellent career centers, strong academic offerings, stellar reputations, or networking opportunities, certain colleges just flat-out do a better job of helping students launch their careers than other colleges.

To help bring attention to these exceptional schools, we at Zippia put together our annual ranking of the best college in each state for getting a job in 2021.

The Best Colleges for Getting a Job

  1. Quinnipiac University – Connecticut
  2. Augustana University – South Dakota
  3. Ohio Northern University – Ohio
  4. Stonehill College – Massachusetts
  5. Lebanon Valley College – Pennsylvania
  6. Marquette University – Wisconsin
  7. Illinois Wesleyan University – Illinois
  8. Providence College – Rhode Island
  9. Saint Anselm College – New Hampshire
  10. Saint Johns University – Minnesota

These 10 colleges do an exceptional job of preparing their students for the workforce upon graduation. Unsurprisingly, these colleges have ranked exceptionally well in the past, showing a continuous pattern of student support. Keep reading to see their outstanding job placement rates- and what sets them apart from other institutions.

How We Determined This Data

Using the Department of Education College Scorecard data, we searched for the college in each state with the highest listed job placement numbers ten years after graduation.

We then sorted every college in the country from the highest employment levels to the lowest. Any college that did not have this data or suppressed it was excluded from the running. We opted to focus on the best colleges to graduate with your bachelor’s degree. To do this we only looked at colleges that predominantly offer four-year degrees, excluding some excellent two-year colleges.

We then selected the college with the highest rate of employment in each state, rounding to the second decimal point for readability.

1. Quinnipiac University

State: Connecticut
City: Hamden
Placement Rate: 96.10%

For the second year in a row, Quinnipiac University has topped our list as the best college for getting a job. The private university has the highest job placement rate at 96.1%. With those kinds of odds, you’re liable to join the Bobcats on your road to employment. The school’s motto? Bobcat Strong. And with that kind of rate, we couldn’t agree more.

2. Augustana University

State: South Dakota
City: Sioux Falls
Placement Rate: 96.05%

The Vikings at Augustana University come in at No. 2 on the list. If Quinnipiac doesn’t work out, this really isn’t a bad backup to have. The schools’ job placement rate is so close to being No. 1, there’s practically no difference between the two schools. If you choose Augustana, you may fall under the schools’ 96.05% for job placement. That’s a pretty solid percentage.

3. Ohio Northern University

State: Ohio
City: Ada
Placement Rate: 95.86%

If you like playing UNO, you may like this school. Ohio Northern University, ONU (literally UNO spelled backward), tops the list at No. 3 with a job placement rate of 95.86%. Not only do you have a great chance of finding a job after graduation, but with the school’s top-notch financial aid program you also won’t find yourself in too much debt. Say hello to not being in debt for most of your life with ONU.

4. Stonehill College

State: Massachusetts
City: Easton
Placement Rate: 95.83%

The private Roman Catholic, liberal arts college of Easton, Massachusetts, makes the top 10 list with a job placement rate of 95.83%. Only .03% behind third place, Stonehill College is a great home for your future. The school boasts a 12:1 student-to-faculty ratio and offers more than 100 programs in the liberal arts, sciences and business.

5. Lebanon Valley College

State: Pennsylvania
City: Annville
Placement Rate: 95.63%

Lebanon Valley College in Annville, Pennsylvania, is next on our list. With a 95.63% job placement rate, it’s easy to see why so many students end up there. The college sets students up to achieve more and go further, and by the looks of that rate, the college definitely takes that very seriously.

6. Marquette University

Source: Wikimedia

State: Wisconsin
City: Milwaukee
Placement Rate: 95.55%

Settled in at No. 6, Marquette University inspired students to “Be the Difference.” It’s that motto that drives the schools’ 95.55% job placement rate. The college promises that upon graduation you will be ready to change the world.

7. Illinois Wesleyan University

State: Illinois
City: Bloomington
Placement Rate: 95.45%

Curiosity killed the cat. Unless you’re a student at Illinois Wesleyan University, in which case your curiosity is not only welcomed but also embraced. Maybe that’s the reason the school has such a successful job placement rate. At 95.45% you’re sure to find a job upon graduation.

8. Providence College

State: Rhode Island
City: Providence
Placement Rate:95.28%

Providence College fills the No. 8 spot on the list of best colleges to getting a job. Students who attend here have a 95.28% chance of finding a job after graduation. That’s a pretty solid chance.

9. Saint Anselm College

State: New Hampshire
City: Manchester
Placement Rate:95.21%

Coming in at No. 9 is Saint Anselm College. The school is known for its delicious homemade food that every student enjoys, but did you also know that it has a really high job placement rate? At 95.21%, it shouldn’t take you too long to find a job after graduation.

10. Saint Johns University

Source:St. Johns

State: Wikimedia Commons
City: Collegeville
Placement Rate: 95.16%

The 150-year-old traditions at Saint Johns University are all super important to students and faculty alike. But perhaps the most important thing to the school is the 95.16% job placement rate that it boasts.

These Colleges Excel At Preparing Students For The Workforce

In a time when many college students struggle to launch their careers, it is important to recognize colleges that set students up for success.

The 10 colleges above have the best job placement rate overall and in their state. Below we took it a step further and highlight the best college for getting a job in each state. After all, in state tuition can be a major benefit to starting your post-college life with low debt; Making these colleges a particularly desirous choice for many students in their home state looking to save money without cutting quality.

State College Employment Rate
Alabama Auburn University 91.39%
Alaska University of Alaska Anchorage 83.35%
Arizona Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Prescott 92.13%
Arkansas University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences 93.06%
California Samuel Merritt University 94.46%
Colorado Colorado School of Mines 91.91%
Connecticut Quinnipiac University 96.10%
Delaware University of Delaware 93.82%
Florida Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Daytona Beach 92.13%
Georgia Spelman College 92.69%
Hawaii Hawaii Pacific University 89.08%
Idaho The College of Idaho 90.04%
Illinois Illinois Wesleyan University 95.45%
Indiana Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology 94.65%
Iowa University of Dubuque 94.72%
Kansas Baker University 93.10%
Kentucky Georgetown College 92.22%
Louisiana Xavier University of Louisiana 93.46%
Maine University of New England 93.65%
Maryland Loyola University Maryland 94.19%
Massachusetts Stonehill College 95.83%
Michigan Kettering University 94.13%
Minnesota Saint Johns University 95.16%
Mississippi University of Mississippi 91.42%
Missouri Culver-Stockton College 94.39%
Montana Carroll College 91.56%
Nebraska University of Nebraska Medical Center 94.96%
Nevada University of Nevada-Reno 88.75%
New Hampshire Saint Anselm College 95.21%
New Jersey The College of New Jersey 94.26%
New Mexico New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology 87.12%
New York Siena College 95.13%
North Carolina Elon University 94.54%
North Dakota University of North Dakota 94.18%
Ohio Ohio Northern University 95.86%
Oklahoma Oklahoma Wesleyan University 88.91%
Oregon Linfield University-McMinnville Campus 92.58%
Pennsylvania Lebanon Valley College 95.63%
Rhode Island Providence College 95.28%
South Carolina Citadel Military College of South Carolina 94.29%
South Dakota Augustana University 96.05%
Tennessee Rhodes College 92.78%
Texas Trinity University 93.52%
Utah Westminster College 88.38%
Vermont Castleton University 94.66%
Virginia James Madison University 94.35%
Washington Gonzaga University 91.73%
West Virginia West Virginia Wesleyan College 91.28%
Wisconsin Marquette University 95.55%
Wyoming University of Wyoming 88.61%

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