United States Of Cheese: Each State’s Favorite Cheese

By Amanda Postma - May. 26, 2021

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At the risk of sounding cheesy, we’ve determined that there are, in fact, only two types of people in the U.S.: those who think cheese is gouda and those who are feta up with cheese.

No matter where you string yourself on the love/hate scale, we know for a fact that every state has a preference when it comes to eating cheese. In fact, in honor of International Cheese Day, we made Cheese consumption a science.

You might be surprised by the cheeses that some states think are ~grate.~ The most shocking perhaps is the states that love Cheez Whiz and Velveeta.

Most Interesting Finds

  • Queso Blanco is enjoyed by 8 different states, which is more than the other cheeses can say.
  • We’re not even sure Cheez Whiz is actually real cheese, but only one state thinks it’s great. Surprisingly enough it’s not Pennsylvania, although we know they must go through a lot of the stuff for their cheesesteaks. But actually, Delaware enjoys the goopy cheese.
  • Cheddar and Blue Cheese didn’t even make it as favorites.
  • Soft cheeses were the favorite for 24 states, while semi-hard cheeses only appease 5 states.
  • In addition to Cheez Whiz, Gouda and Cottage Cheese was only the favorites of one state. Chunky cheese does take some time to get used to.
  • Cream cheese was the second-most favored cheese, making its way into the hearts of 6 states.

    Using Google Trends, we determined what cheese has its states’ heart. We examined just under 20 popular kinds of cheese – including some dubious contenders such as “string” and “Velveeta” (Are those even cheese?). From there, we determined what cheese is searched disproportionately, a high amount.

    For example, while Pennsylvania eats all the delicious cheese the rest of the country does, the search interest for grated Parmesan is higher than almost any other state. This makes Parmesan cheese the disproportionate favorite of Pennsylvanians.

    In the event of two (or more) kinds of cheese tying for a state, the cheese with the highest search volume was chosen.

    More Cheese, Please

    Cheese is one of those foods you can almost pair with anything. It’s the perfect ingredient to tie in an omelet. It makes for a great snack by itself. It pairs perfectly with almost any pasta dish.

    Seriously, the list of ways to enjoy cheese goes on endlessly. We can’t think of a dish that wouldn’t be improved by a sprinkle of cheese (or the entire block).

    If you’re fondue cheese, then you’re going to enjoy the table below.

    Each State’s Favorite Cheese

    State Favorite Cheese
    Alabama Cream Cheese
    Alaska Gouda
    Arizona Cotija
    Arkansas Queso Blanco
    California Brie
    Colorado Cotija
    Connecticut American Cheese
    Delaware Cheez Whiz
    Florida Queso Blanco
    Georgia Queso Blanco
    Hawaii Cotija
    Idaho Pepperjack
    Illinois Queso Blanco
    Indiana Queso Blanco
    Iowa Velveeta
    Kansas Velveeta
    Kentucky Velveeta
    Louisiana Pepperjack
    Maine American Cheese
    Maryland Queso Blanco
    Massachusetts Feta
    Michigan Swiss Cheese
    Minnesota Swiss Cheese
    Mississippi Cream Cheese
    Missouri Monterey Jack
    Montana Cream Cheese
    Nebraska Velveeta
    Nevada Monterey Jack
    New Hampshire Brie
    New Jersey Mozzarella
    New Mexico Cream Cheese
    New York Mozzarella
    North Carolina Queso Blanco
    North Dakota Colby
    Ohio Swiss Cheese
    Oklahoma Queso Blanco
    Oregon Cotija
    Pennsylvania Parmesan
    Rhode Island American Cheese
    South Carolina Cream Cheese
    South Dakota String Cheese
    Tennessee Cream Cheese
    Texas Parmesan
    Utah String Cheese
    Vermont Feta
    Virginia Brie
    Washington Brie
    West Virginia Colby
    Wisconsin Swiss Cheese
    Wyoming Cottage Cheese

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