What Each State Will Ring In The New Year Drinking

By Kathy Morris - Dec. 15, 2020

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To put it mildly, 2020 has been a really long year.

With a global pandemic changing the way we live, work, and interact with others, it’s been one for the history books.

No doubt, many are looking forward on New Year’s Eve, to having a firm drink and hoping for a better year coming up.

In the interest of science, we analyzed Google data to find out what folks in each state will be drinking as the clock strikes midnight.

The results? Champagne is still a classic, but some people are going downright tropical.

Most Interesting Findings

  • No surprise, champagne is the most popular choice, with 21 states popping bottles the most on New Year’s Eve
  • Connecticut is busy drinking prosecco instead, which is different somehow?
  • 5 states think life is a beach and are drinking daquiris
  • Tropical drinks in the middle of winter are surprisingly popular
  • Louisiana is celebrating with Sazerac, a New Orleans version of Whiskey
  • Other cocktails loved by multiple states? Amaretto Sour, Vodka Cranberry, Lemon Drops, Rum and Cokes, and the Paloma
  • Wyoming will be downing the White Russian, the dude approves


Using Google Trends, we determined what beverage each state will be ringing in the New Year’s with.

We examined over 30 popular drinks- including champagne, classic cocktails, and fruity concoctions. From there, we determined each state’s most “uniquely searched cocktails” from the list, which means what drink each state searched for more than anywhere else in the U.S from the list of drinks.

In the event of two (or more) drinks tying for a state, the drink with the highest, overall search volume was chosen.

Since we wanted to find out what folks were knocking back at New Year’s, we looked at a 4-day period around New Year’s 2019.

Cheers! This Is Going To Be Your Year

While 21 states are cheering in the new year’s with a traditional champagne, others are going for less… typical choices.

Daiquiris and Margaritas bring to mind beaches, and not ball drops. But hey, you know what?

It’s been a rough year, so take a moment to give yourself a pat on the shoulder for surviving it. And if you want to mix up a Margarita instead of Champagne to celebrate, go right ahead.

It’s your new year, so you do you.

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Each State’s Favorite Drink

State Drink
Alabama Frozen Daiquiri
Alaska Screwdriver
Arizona Champagne
Arkansas Lemon drop
California Champagne
Colorado Champagne
Connecticut Prosecco
Delaware Sparkler
District of Columbia Rum and Coke
Florida Champagne
Georgia Champagne
Hawaii Rum and Coke
Idaho Paloma
Illinois Champagne
Indiana Frozen Daiquiri
Iowa Vodka Cranberry
Kansas Champagne
Kentucky Amaretto Sour
Louisiana Sazerac
Maine Strawberry Daiquiri
Maryland Champagne
Massachusetts Champagne
Michigan Champagne
Minnesota Champagne
Mississippi Strawberry Daiquiri
Missouri Amaretto Sour
Montana Tequila Sunrise
Nebraska Vodka Cranberry
Nevada Champagne
New Hampshire Margarita
New Jersey Champagne
New Mexico Amaretto Sour
New York Champagne
North Carolina Champagne
North Dakota Lemon drop
Ohio Gin Fizz
Oklahoma Vodka Cranberry
Oregon Paloma
Pennsylvania Champagne
Rhode Island Strawberry Daiquiri
South Carolina Champagne
South Dakota Kamikaze
Tennessee Champagne
Texas Champagne
Utah Mimosa
Vermont Whiskey sour
Virginia Champagne
Washington Champagne
West Virginia Amaretto Sour
Wisconsin Mulled Wine
Wyoming White Russian

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