25 Of The Most Interesting Jobs Out There

By Chris Kolmar
Jul. 26, 2022

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There are lots of things that can make a job interesting. Whether it’s the unique experiences that come with it, the opportunities to exercise creative freedom, or simply collecting stories that wow other people, we all want jobs that are at least somewhat interesting.

In this article, we talk about 25 of the most interesting job titles that you can hold.

Key Takeaways:

  • Not all interesting jobs will take entry level, some of these jobs require different qualifications and skill sets.

  • Some people may find different jobs interesting as the term interesting differs from person to person.

25 of the Most Interesting Jobs Out There

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25 Most Interesting Jobs

  1. Tarot/Astrology Consultant
    Average Yearly Salary: N/A

    In a tarot or astrology consultancy practice, you use unconventional, spiritual (some might say “new age”) tools to give your clients personal insight into themselves. Consultants make money by offering advice and guidance backed up by their unique tarot or astrology readings.

    People in this business line may also incorporate reiki, Ayurveda, or other spiritual healing practices. The title “healer” as a broad and general term encompassing these many different practices has taken off in recent years and shows no signs of slowing down.

  2. Master Distiller/Brewmaster/Winemaker
    Average Yearly Salary: $56,000

    Master distiller, brewmaster, and winemakers are all titles describing someone who oversees alcohol production in various forms. Master distillers work with liqueurs and spirits, brewmasters work with beer, and winemakers, you guessed it, work with wine.

    Holding any of these titles, though, requires more than just a healthy love of alcohol. You’ll need to be an expert in every single step of the process of making these drinks, from sourcing the materials to ensuring quality to packaging.

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  3. Personal Shopper
    Average Yearly Salary: $49,000

    Personal shoppers have great style, not only for themselves but for other people. As a personal shopper, you’ll be responsible for finding and purchasing the best pieces for your client’s wardrobe, according to their budget and desired look.

    Personal shoppers can easily discern what clothes and accessories would flatter someone, and they can adapt these skills to different unique personal preferences. They also have great listening and communication skills as they need to understand their clients’ needs.

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  4. Art Therapist
    Average Yearly Salary: $36,000

    Art therapists are licensed therapists who use art-making as part of their therapeutic process. This could be painting, sculpture, craft-making, or any other creative activity. Creating can be truly transformative for those dealing with mental health issues, which makes this a very rewarding career as well.

    Art therapists become board certified by engaging in clinical rotations during their schooling and dedicating a certain number of hours weekly to artistic practice. Music therapists work similarly to art therapists for those more inclined to music, only using sound as their foundation rather than visual art.

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  5. Acupuncturist
    Average Yearly Salary: $52,000

    Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine treatment involving the use of sterile needles shallowly inserted into specific parts of the body (acupuncture points). While the idea may scare some, it can be a healing practice that balances out the body’s many systems.

    An acupuncturist must be good at assessing their client’s health histories and accurately addressing their concerns. Different states have different requirements and regulations for becoming an acupuncturist, so be sure to read up before you bust out the needles.

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  6. Funeral Service Manager
    Average Yearly Salary: $98,833

    Funeral service managers are in charge of managing and helping families plan funeral services, memorials, and burials, and they are also in charge of running funeral homes day-to-day. People in this profession use their expertise to assist groups of people during incredibly difficult times, so they must have great communication and interpersonal skills.

    Funeral service managers are also partially responsible for handling the paperwork and other necessary tasks that come with an individual’s death. For these reasons, anyone holding this job will want to have good organizational skills.

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  7. Ethical Hacker
    Average Yearly Salary: $82,000

    Ethical computer hacking is a fun job because you get to play pretend as a nefarious hacker attempting to break into an organization’s computer systems and networks. In this job, you’ll attempt to gain access to an organization’s sensitive systems or information to see any holes in their cybersecurity defense.

    To hold this job, you’re of course going to want to be great with computers. You’ll also want to have great creative thinking skills, as you’re looking for out-of-the-box ways to maliciously access or infect company materials to stay two steps ahead of actual hackers.

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  8. Midwife/Doula
    Average Yearly Salary: N/A

    Doulas or midwives are people who assist women during their pregnancy, birthing, and post-partum process. They aren’t medical practitioners, so they don’t offer medical treatment, but they help women with tasks, including making a birth plan, picking healthcare providers, and adjusting post-birth.

    Doulas are known to provide an extra level of comfort and care beyond what a doctor or other healthcare professional can provide. They may help their clients with chores, managing the materials necessary for the birthing process, or keeping physically comfortable before and after birth.

  9. Video Game Tester
    Average Yearly Salary: $56,894

    If you’re someone who spends the whole day playing video games, you have probably heard about (and aspired to) this career. As a video game tester, you ensure that games are free from any glitches or errors that a player may encounter during gameplay by meticulously testing them.

    While it may sound like life to some, to do the job well, you can’t just play the game as you normally would. You have to take your time testing out every element of the game and taking detailed notes to help developers improve their product.

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  10. Fragrance Chemist
    Average Yearly Salary: N/A

    If you think you have a good nose for things (and excellent science skills), you may have a future career as a fragrance chemist. Fragrance chemists have vast background knowledge of chemistry, typically holding PhDs or master’s degrees, and they are specifically knowledgeable about the chemistry behind smells.

    As a fragrance chemist, you’ll test and develop scents for perfumes, cosmetics, and toiletry items. It would help if you were highly experienced in wiring with various chemical compounds, but you’ll also need to have a great taste to develop appealing scents.

  11. Event Planner
    Average Yearly Salary: $44,000

    Event planners are the life of the party. By this, we mean that an event planner is responsible for planning and managing all aspects of a party or event. This includes organizing the event, managing the catering and staffing, making sure it’s decorated well, and much more.

    Event planners often work in conjunction with others (e.g., professional decorators, DJs) to ensure that their client’s vision for the event shines through. Because of this, event planners need to have excellent communication skills and the ability to juggle multiple priorities. Organization skills are also a must.

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  12. Park Ranger
    Average Yearly Salary: $43,000

    Park rangers, essentially, get paid to care for and be knowledgeable about their little slice of the great outdoors. Park rangers work at national parks enforcing the rules, ensuring safety, and educating visitors about the location. This career is ideal for nature lovers.

    As a park ranger, you get to do your part to participate in conservation, ecological protection, and education efforts. You may also track wildlife or other natural features to ensure that hikers are safely coexisting with their surroundings.

    Find Park Ranger jobs near me

  13. Magician
    Average Yearly Salary: $61,892

    A magician is a type of professional entertainer who makes a living pulling off illusions of all kinds. They may do sleight of hand stunts, card tricks, or grand, “impossible” feats. While it can be difficult to break into this business, it’s a perfect career path for anyone who loves the spotlight but wants to retain a little mystery.

    You can make money performing street magic, booking private parties, or (once you’ve made a name for yourself) doing full sets at performance venues.

    Find Magician jobs near me

  14. Chocolatier
    Average Yearly Salary: $32,727

    Chocolatiers are artisans who specialize in making chocolate candy and other confections. They have seasoned knowledge and expertise in chocolate-making, and they’re responsible for making great quality (and great tasting) chocolate.

    Chocolate lovers drool over this job for the simple fact that it requires daily consumption of chocolate. For taste-testing and ensuring quality in batches, chocolatiers end up downing a lot of cocoa in the course of their duties.

    Find Chocolatier jobs near me

  15. Zoo keeper
    Average Yearly Salary: $31,016

    As a zookeeper, you’ll be providing care to animals of all kinds, including many exotic animals that most people will never get to contact up close. This is an excellent job for animal lovers who are a bit adventurous.

    Zookeepers are the primary caregivers of many different animals, and for these reasons, the job can require a bit of endurance. You’ll need to be available to provide round-the-clock care to these animals, including holidays and weekends.

    Find Zoo keeper jobs near me

  16. Interior Designer
    Average Yearly Salary: $54,000

    Interior designers use their skills to help people create pleasing and well-decorated environments in their home, office, or business. They use spaces as blank canvases and decorate with furniture, artwork, plants, fixtures, and other trappings to create the perfect aesthetic and mood.

    Interior designers meet with clients to determine their budget and the overall look they are trying to achieve. Then, they purchase and arrange all of the elements for their client. To succeed in this job, you need to have great communication skills and knowledge of architecture and design.

    Find Interior Designer jobs near me

  17. Homicide Detective
    Average Yearly Salary: $46,679

    Homicide detectives have a very serious and important role in law enforcement. They investigate homicide cases, examine crime scenes, and interview witnesses to catch criminals and bring about justice. While this job isn’t easy, the enduring public interest in “true crime” stories proves that it is certainly interesting.

    Homicide detectives have different requirements for their job title than regular police officers. The salary of homicide detectives also varies greatly based on location and other factors.

    Find Homicide Detective jobs near me

  18. Pilot
    Average Yearly Salary: $77,000

    Pilots get the chance to make money while traveling the world, which makes the job a unique and interesting one. Pilots are skilled and trained navigators who are responsible for safely operating aircraft. Depending on your level of experience, this can also be quite a lucrative job.

    While flying through the sky is certainly a dream for many, the job does have its downsides. You’ll be away from home very often, and you’ll have some sleepless nights, whether from piloting a plane or from the general stress of the job. Still, free travel and high wages can make it all worthwhile.

    Find Pilot jobs near me

  19. Animator
    Average Yearly Salary: $65,000

    The work of animators can be found everywhere. Whether it’s in movies, TV shows, advertisements, video games, or other multimedia products, the animation is a widespread form of art and communication. Because of this, the world of professional animation is vast, with room for all sorts of ideas.

    Whether you’re independently freelancing or working for a major studio, animators have a job that is both creative and full of potential lanes of career advancement. Once you’ve made a name for yourself, you can make some serious money too.

    Find Animator jobs near me

  20. Astronaut
    Average Yearly Salary: $61,889

    Okay, so the world’s not exactly booming with open astronaut positions everywhere, but if you can manage to land this gig, it’s perhaps one of the most interesting jobs possible. After extreme training (and with loads of credentials), astronauts get the incredible opportunity to leave Earth and see the wider universe.

    Leaving Earth, however, can be an intense experience for many reasons. There’s always a risk of malfunction with serious consequences. Even if everything goes according to plan, there is still a significant adjustment period for astronauts who have returned to Earth.

    Find Astronaut jobs near me

  21. Stunt Performer
    Average Yearly Salary: N/A

    Stunt performers are skilled athletes and performers who pull off (potentially dangerous) feats for movies and TV shows. Stunt performers have a fast-paced, exciting job along with regular chances to meet famous actors and filmmakers.

    When stunt performers are needed on a set, they are paid daily flat fees, rather than hourly. Stunt performers must resemble the actor they’re replacing in the scene, so there is a demand for a diverse range of stunt performers.

  22. Fashion Designer
    Average Yearly Salary: $52,000

    Fashion designers layout conceptual designs for clothing and make garments. The industry is fast-paced and high-pressure, and fashion designers are responsible for meeting deadlines and being quick on their feet in urgent situations (fixing garments before they’re shown on the runway, for instance).

    This industry embraces serious creativity and innovation, and it can be quite an interesting job for the artistic opportunities it allows.

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  23. Headhunter
    Average Yearly Salary: $60,912

    Headhunter may sound like a gruesome title at first, but people who work in this position help companies find highly-skilled candidates for top-level positions. To work in this position, you’ll need to be very connected in your industry and have great networking skills.

    Headhunters first work with organizations to understand their needs and the roles they are trying to fill. Then, they utilize their networking skills to find candidates who are perfect for their roles. Headhunters are excellent communicators and usually have human resources training.

    Find Headhunter jobs near me

  24. Marine Biologist
    Average Yearly Salary: $61,804

    The dream of all ocean lovers and marine biology careers have you working closely with aquatic animals for research and conservation purposes. You’ll likely spend a lot of time out at sea, and you’ll get to meet some extraordinary creatures.

    Marine biologists, especially ones who get to take on investigative projects, typically have advanced schooling.

    Find Marine Biologist jobs near me

  25. Food Critic
    Average Yearly Salary: N/A

    Food critics are journalists who review food, drinks, and restaurant establishments. This job lets you make money while sampling some of the finest and most popular cuisines, whether locally or around the world.

    Of course, to hold this job, you must have a talent for writing and extensive knowledge of food. This job may also require you to conduct interviews, so communication skills are also a must.

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