The 10 Loudest States in the U.S. (And The Most Quiet)

By Amanda Postma
Jul. 21, 2022
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Loudest States Research Summary

  • The loudest state in the U.S. is New Jersey, with 1,207 people per square mile and 371 cars per square mile.

  • The most quiet state in the U.S. is Montana, with only 7 people per square mile and 3 cars per square mile.

  • Polls show that Cincinnati, Ohio is ranked the loudest city in the U.S., with 86% of hotel-goers mentioning how loud the city was in their reviews.

You know those neighbors who are always so loud.

Weekends, weekdays, it doesn’t matter. It seems like they’re always having a party.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about then you’re probably causing the issue. Or you just have really considerate neighbors. Either way, consider yourself lucky.

The rest of us are still trying to get some sleep.

For those of you who are in need of some rest, you might want to avoid living in these 10 states.

We looked into factors like how many people you could run into or how many cars you might see in a square mile. We also figured the average household size and how big houses averaged.

The 10 Loudest States

  1. New Jersey
  2. California
  3. Hawaii
  4. Florida
  5. Rhode Island
  6. Illinois
  7. Massachusetts
  8. New York
  9. Delaware
  10. Maryland

For those of you who love to turn your music up (and neighborly inhibitions down), you’ll fit right in these states. In fact, you might even get to set up a neighborhood block party. Because these states love being loud.

If you want to find out who else likes being loud, be sure to keep reading for our full list of loud (and quiet) states.

How We Determined The Loudest States

We ranked each state 1-to-50 in 4 categories:

  • Home size (Smaller homes are louder)
  • Household/family size (The more people living together, the more noise)
  • People per Sq. Mile (The more people, the noisier the state)
  • Cars per Sq. Mile (The more cars, the noisier the state) used there data for average home size. The smaller the home, the more cramped the living quarters. From there, we used Census data to find the average number of people living in homes in each state.

Our data on car registrations per state, came from Statista. From there, we found the number of cars registered per square mile, since some states like Wyoming have a high number of cars per resident but a lot of space to drive those cars without vrooming up the streets. Similarly, we used the most recent Census data to find each state’s population density.

1. New Jersey

new jersey class=

Average House Size: 1,740
People Per Square Mile: 1,207
Cars Per Square Mile: 371

New Jersey starts us out as the loudest state. Neighbors with the city that never sleeps, it seems that New York City doesn’t have anything on the state of New Jersey as a whole. That’s because in one square mile, you’ll run into 1,207 people and 371 cars. The number of people is what secures the state’s No.1 spot, but the state also has the second-most cars registered in a square mile. So really that number further backs up the data that New Jersey is really loud.

2. California

california class=

Average House Size: 1,625
People Per Square Mile: 251
Cars Per Square Mile: 97

Before going to California, you might want to buy a noise-canceling headset. At No. 2, the state has an average house size of 1,625 square feet. With an average of 3 people living in those close quarters, disagreements are bound to happen from time to time, which generally leads to yelling. In fact, the state has the third-highest average household size with its 2.96.

3. Hawaii

hawaii class=

Average House Size: 1,308
People Per Square Mile: 222.9
Cars Per Square Mile: 79

Although many may think Hawaii is quite literally paradise, it’s quite the opposite for those trying to get some sleep. With the lowest average house size of 1,308 square feet in the country and the second-highest average household size of 3.02 people, it’s no wonder the state is so loud.

4. Florida

florida class=

Average House Size: 1,694
People Per Square Mile: 375.9
Cars Per Square Mile: 148

While the soothing noise of the ocean may be calling to you, Florida is actually loud in other ways that aren’t so soothing. In fact, within a square mile, you’d find 375.9 people and 148 cars. If that wasn’t bad enough, that’s not even factoring the number of tourists that visit practically year-round. Oh, and don’t forget about the spring breakers. If you like your peace and quiet, you might have better success living elsewhere.

5. Rhode Island

rhode island class=

Average House Size: 1,688
People Per Square Mile: 1,010
Cars Per Square Mile: 395

Rhode Island is the fifth loudest state in the U.S. It’s really not surprising since there are 395 cars registered per square mile, which is the highest number of cars in the country. If that wasn’t loud and clear for you, then maybe the 1,010 people per square mile are loud enough.

6. Illinois

illinois class=

Average House Size: 1,632
People Per Square Mile: 231
Cars Per Square Mile: 81

With 231.4 people per square mile, it’s not surprising that Illinois is the sixth loudest state. Add to it that 81 cars are registered per square mile and the average house is only 1,632 square feet and you have the recipe for a loud state.

7. Massachusetts

massachusetts class=

Average House Size: 1,744
People Per Square Mile: 866
Cars Per Square Mile: 278

Massachusetts may be seventh on this list, but it has a couple of stats that make it feel like a No. 3 state. Specifically, the 278 cars and 866 people per square mile. Both numbers are the third-highest in the U.S. Luckily, the average house size of 1,744 helps drown out the noise a bit. Nonetheless, we’re burying our heads under the pillow tonight.

8. New York

new york class=

Average House Size: 1,764
People Per Square Mile: 419
Cars Per Square Mile: 100

Finally, the home of the city that never sleeps makes an appearance. While New York City may never sleep, the rest of New York does get some sleep. Sure, 419 people per square mile is a little close for comfort, the average house size of 1,764 square feet helps a bit with the noise. But despite the bigger houses, there are still 100 cars registered per square mile. And if you’ve ever visited the state, it can seem like all 100 in that mile are honking their horns. So much for that peaceful walk to work.

9. Delaware

delaware class=

Average House Size: 1,800
People Per Square Mile: 484
Cars Per Square Mile: 222

Delaware is the ninth loudest state in the country. But with 484 people and 222 cars registered per square mile, it can sometimes feel like the loudest overall.

10. Maryland

maryland class=

Average House Size: 1,920
People Per Square Mile: 615
Cars Per Square Mile: 197

Wrapping up the loudest states is Maryland at No. 10. The state has the fifth-highest number of people per square mile with its 615 people. And the 197 cars per square mile comes in at sixth-most in the country. However, its large average house size of 1,920 square feet counteracts these noise-makers enough to land at the 10th loudest.

Summary of the Loudest States

Some people may embrace the loudness of a state, while others are definitely pro-quiet. Wherever you land on this spectrum, hopefully, this list will help you find your perfect place in the U.S. whether it’s loud or quiet.

Rank State Average House Size People Per Square Mile Cars Per Square Mile
1 New Jersey 1,740 1,207 371
2 California 1,625 251 96
2 Hawaii 1,308 222 79
4 Florida 1,694 375 147
5 Illinois 1,632 231 80
5 Rhode Island 1,688 1,010 394
7 Massachusetts 1,744 866 278
8 New York 1,764 419 99
9 Delaware 1,800 484 221
10 Maryland 1,920 614 196
10 Ohio 1,620 283 112
12 Connecticut 1,804 741 269
13 Pennsylvania 1,700 285 98
14 Michigan 1,530 174 53
15 Indiana 1,742 184 62
16 Virginia 1,896 211 82
17 Georgia 1,963 176 61
18 North Carolina 1,800 206 69
19 Louisiana 1,786 107 31
20 Arizona 1,763 60 21
21 Kentucky 1,750 111 43
21 South Carolina 1,846 162 60
23 Missouri 1,650 88 30
24 New Hampshire 1,768 148 56
25 Alabama 1,800 95 42
25 Texas 2,031 104 31
27 Tennessee 1,848 160 55
28 Wisconsin 1,669 106 38
29 Nevada 1,712 26 9
30 Oklahoma 1,746 57 18
31 Washington 1,903 107 44
32 Iowa 1,550 55 22
33 West Virginia 1,714 76 23
34 Mississippi 1,879 63 17
35 Arkansas 1,792 57 17
35 Minnesota 1,828 69 24
37 Utah 2,305 36 11
38 Alaska 1,789 1 0.03
38 Maine 1,663 43 12
38 Oregon 1,780 42 15
41 Kansas 1,782 35 11
42 Nebraska 1,714 24 8
43 New Mexico 1,838 17 5
44 Idaho 1,932 20 7
45 Colorado 2,126 52 17
45 Vermont 1,815 67 23
47 North Dakota 1,788 11 3
48 South Dakota 1,984 11 4
49 Wyoming 2,052 6 2
50 Montana 2,040 7 3

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