Two Week’s Notice Letter For Retail (With Examples)

By Sky Ariella - Nov. 23, 2020

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Many retail employees may be under the impression that writing a formal resignation letter isn’t required in their industry, but they’re wrong. Writing a resignation letter is an essential step to leaving a job, even for part-time retail positions.

A letter of resignation leaves a positive impact on the relationship between you and your former employer, no matter what industry you’re working in.

What Is a Retail Resignation Letter?

A resignation letter is a direct, formal way to inform your employer that you’ll be leaving your job as a retail associate and when your last day will be. It’s a concise communication that bluntly lets them know you’re resigning, when, and any other details they’ll need to be aware of.

When you’re in future job interviews, they’ll probably want to get into contact with some of your past employers. A letter or email of resignation gives the employee an advantage in this situation. Providing your former employer with the proper information and notice during the resignation process maintains a good relationship and makes it more likely that they’ll pass on a positive recommendation to potential employers in the future.

What to Include in a Retail Resignation letter

While every resignation is unique to the retail employee’s situation and should be written as such, there are a few items that your letter should always include.

  1. Statement of resignation. A letter of resignation needs to be direct – you should state that you’re resigning from the very beginning. Many people, especially those who are quitting for the first time, will hesitate to be so head-on with their resignation. However, it’s the most beneficial way to handle the situation and communicate clearly for everyone involved.

  2. The specific date of your last day. One of the most important pieces of information to include in your resignation letter is a notice of when your last day will be. Your employer will need to prepare accordingly for hiring and training, so knowing how long your work services will be available is crucial for organizing.

    Try to give your retail employer the standard minimum of a two-week notice. If you need to leave before the two weeks cut off, make sure to mention when you will be leaving and possibly a short explanation for your immediate departure depending on how hastily you’re exiting.

  3. Appreciation for the opportunity to work there. While you never want to exaggerate your gratitude for a particular job, extending your appreciation for the opportunity to work there can be a nice gesture. People like to feel appreciated, and your former retail employer is no different.

    Even if you hated your boss or job, letting them know briefly about the positive impact that working in this retail position had on your life and career can leave them feeling good about you as an employee.

  4. Your contact information. It may seem strange to include your contact information in a letter of resignation, but it can be beneficial for the future. Once you’ve left your position, there’s always a possibility that your former employer needs to get into contact with you. Having your phone number and email on your letter of resignation makes it much more simple for them to get in touch if need be.

How to Write a Retail Resignation Letter

Writing a retail resignation letter isn’t nearly as intimidating or time-consuming as it may seem initially. Refer to the steps below for writing a professionally written formal resignation letter that will allow you to leave your retail position without burning any bridges.

  1. Implement proper formatting. Whether you decide to write a resignation by hand and deliver it personally or email your supervisor, your letter needs to be formatted correctly. For a modern retail position, writing an email will probably do the job.

    Formatting includes:

    • Fonts

    • Letter sizes

    • Addressing the receiver properly

    • Including the date

    Researching samples of resignation letters can help understand the format of how yours should look.

  2. Use a salutation. You should use an appropriate salutation in any form of written professional correspondence. In most cases, you’ll be familiar with the supervisor with whom you’re communicating. Even if you’re close friends, address them using Mr./Ms./Mrs. [their last name].

    Professional salutations can be “Dear,” “Hello,” or simply opening with their name.

  3. Statement of resignation. As soon as you begin your letter of resignation, you should impose your statement of resignation. Get to the point, and let your supervisor know your letter’s purpose is resignation from the very first sentence.

    Within your resignation statement, you should include your title, the company name, and your projected last day of employment with them. This is especially crucial for large retail corporations that will likely have many different locations and hundreds of employees. If you’re working for a larger retail corporation, include the location where you work.

  4. Professionally end and sign your letter. Once you’ve included all the information relevant to your resignation, you can close your letter with a formal sign-off and your signature. For an email, printing your full name is sufficient instead of a written signature.

    Appropriate letter closers include:

    • Sincerely

    • Best regards

    • Yours truly

    • Best wishes

Optional Steps

  1. Explain the reason for your resignation. While it’s never required of you to give detailed reasoning for why you’re leaving a company, it can help provide your former employer clarity. Having a clear understanding of why you’re leaving your position can be useful when you’re resigning without giving any notice.

    If you do decide to include an explanation for your resignation, make sure you keep it short and avoid divulging too much information. When you find yourself second-guessing the inclusion of particular details, it’s best just to leave them out.

  2. Demonstrate appreciation. Demonstrating your gratitude for being able to work at your past retail job can leave a good final impression on your employer. Appreciation can be anything from gratitude for taking the risk of hiring you to thanking a supervisor for helping you develop a particular skill.

    Do some serious reflection on what you’ve gained through your time working in this retail role and how you can express that in your letter of resignation.

  3. Extend your services to help with the transition. Filling a vacant role in a retail company can be a difficult task for employers. The hiring process can take a long time, and once they’ve found the perfect applicant, they still have to train them in their responsibilities.

    One way to effectively alleviate the stress of finding your replacement is by offering to help in this process. If you’ve given the employer a two weeks notice, you can offer to dedicate this time to assist in the replacement process, in addition to finishing your duties. Before you make any offers of assistance, be sure to assess your schedule and availability.

Example of Retail Resignation Letter

Example #1 – Retail Resignation Email with Two-Weeks Notice

Subject Line: Letter of Resignation for Bethany Barnes

Mark Adams
Retail Associate Manager
73 Lacey Dr.
San Antonio, TX, 29987

November 9, 2020

Dear Mr. Adams,

I am reaching out with this email to inform you of my formal resignation from my position as a retail associate at Coles Clothing located at 73 Lacey Drive. My resignation will be effective as of November 23, 2020.

I’ve recently graduated with my bachelor’s degree in business management and have been offered a position with a local start-up. As this is an incredible opportunity for my career growth, I’ve decided to accept the job.

During my last two weeks working as a retail associate, I’d be happy to help in any way I can. Please reach out if you need any assistance in training my replacement.

I’m extremely grateful for being given a position on the Coles retail team. During my three years with the company, I’ve learned so much about customer service and the clothing retail market. I wish the company and staff great things in the future.

Best Regards,

Bethany Barnes
28 Orion Dr.
San Antonio, TX, 28380

Example #2 – Retail Resignation Email for Immediate Departure

Subject Line: Immediate Resignation of Lily Jackson

Liam Stone
Assistant Store Manager
223 E Wells St.
New York, NY, 44830

November 9, 2020

Hello Mr. Stone,

Please accept this letter as notification of my resignation from my role as a cashier at Star Supermarkets Wells St. location. My last day will be November 13, 2020.

I understand that our original hiring agreement was to supply a minimum of two weeks’ notice before resignation. Unfortunately, my husband’s job has recently relocated him out of state, and we are forced to leave by the end of the week. I greatly apologize for this inconvenience.

I’d like to extend my appreciation to the management team and staff at Star Supermarkets for being so helpful and kind during my time working there. I know that the future is bright for this organization and its employees.

While I do need to depart my duties by the end of the week, I’d be more than willing to make myself available over video chat to help explain the position to the new hire. Don’t hesitate to reach out.

Thank you again for your understanding.


Lily Jackson

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