Each State’s Most Interesting Job-Related Google Search (Warning: Some are kind of weird…)

By Kathy Morris
Mar. 1, 2021

Find a Job You Really Want In

Life is full of embarrassing or uncomfortable questions you’d rather not ask.

Especially when it comes to your job. After all, no one wants to ask their boss how they can get fired, or coworkers for good excuses to fake sick.

At least not anyone who wants to keep their job.

So we turn to Google for advice and to confide our job related woes.

We analyzed the data to find each state’s most interesting job related googles search. It turns out, some states certainly have more interesting job searches than others.

Most Interesting Findings

  • “How to get fired?”, oh, Connecticut
  • Easy jobs are what they’re looking for in Kentucky.
  • Some states turn to google for some behavior their bosses wouldn’t be so happy about, like drinking at work (Illinois) and sleeping on the job (Pennsylvania).
  • Apparently corporate goth is a thing in Texas.
  • Texans are also most likely to search “how to become a cowboy“, which does seem more Texas than corporate goth.
  • I’m not saying Rhode Islanders are sporting the most office beards, but they are most likely to be searching for No Shave November.
  • New Yorkers hate their bosses enough to type “hate my boss” into Google a lot.
  • Some states want to work with certain substances the most. Oklahoma wants marijuana jobs, North Carolina wants mushroom jobs, West Virginia wants moonshine, and Wisconsin wants cheese jobs. Because of course they do.
  • Can you get paid to watch Netflix? Asking for my friends in Maryland.
  • Delaware wants to win the lottery, so they can quit their day jobs entirely.


Using Google Trends, we determined the most interesting job-related search each state googles more than any other. Google searches are a great way to learn more about people, because people Google pretty transparently, with no self-conscious thoughts.

Which, judging from some of these searches, it’s for the best they’re saved for the internet and not shared aloud. Some of these searches definitely aren’t HR friendly!

We examined over a 1,000 unique job searches, looking at everything from desired companies, career advice, and small, innocuous details such as office temperature.

We looked at a full year of internet searches, giving us plenty of opportunity to get insight into each state’s most interesting (and sometimes downright weird) google searches.

We searched over a thousand search terms ranging from types of jobs/careers, job advice, and other job related searches.

New Hampshire was excluded, not because we hate New Hampshire. However, after over 1,000 search terms, we were yet to find a single job term New Hampshire googled more than all other states. Take that for what it’s worth.

DON’T STOP Googling

Look, I get it, it can be embarrassing to be uninformed about your career or not know the right thing to do.

However, you know what’s worse than finding a good excuse to fake sick from work? Calling in with a bad excuse! Similarly, doing research on how much you should be earning might make you feel pretty glum if you’re underpaid. Yet, this knowledge might propel you to ask for more money or find a higher paying job.

So keep searching– and find all the answers you need find the right jobs for you and handle all stages of your career. Better yet, cut out the middleman and just read Zippia’s blog.

Each State’s Most Interesting Job-Related Google Search

State Search Term
Alabama business clothes
Alaska Multi-level marketing
Arizona what should i do with my life
Arkansas walmart jobs
California how to become an escort
Colorado quarter life crisis
Connecticut how to get fired
Delaware how to win the lottery
Florida jobs that don’t drug test
Georgia you about to lose your job
Hawaii bad job
Idaho work memes
Illinois drinking at work
Indiana side hustles from home
Iowa good excuses
Kansas what do you do for fun
Kentucky easy jobs
Louisiana cajun jobs
Maine odd jobs
Maryland get paid to watch netflix
Massachusetts statistician
Michigan memes for work
Minnesota weird jobs
Mississippi work from home jobs
Missouri cardinals jobs
Montana canada jobs
Nebraska fun jobs
Nevada desk jobs
New Jersey how to become a billionaire
New Mexico pistachio farm
New York hate my boss
North Carolina mushroom jobs
North Dakota interview questions and answers
Ohio gender neutral clothes
Oklahoma marijuana jobs
Oregon how to call in sick
Pennsylvania sleeping at work
Rhode Island no shave november
South Carolina what makes you unique
South Dakota nurse jobs
Tennessee hot topic careers
Texas corporate goth
Utah how to quit a job
Vermont outdoor jobs
Virginia least stressful jobs
Washington starbucks jobs
West Virginia moonshiner
Wisconsin cheese jobs
Wyoming driving jobs

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Kathy Morris

Kathy is the head of content at Zippia with a knack for engaging audiences. Prior to joining Zippia, Kathy worked at Gateway Blend growing audiences across diverse brands. She graduated from Troy University with a degree in Social Science Education.

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