The Worst States For Single Men Looking For A Date (And The Best)

By Kathy Morris
Aug. 2, 2022
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Worst States For Single Men Research Summary

  • The worst state for single men in the U.S. is Hawaii, where there are 100.1 men for every 100 women and 35% live with their parents.

  • The best state for single men in the U.S. is Hawaii, where there are 96 men for every 100 women and only 30.56% live with their parents.

  • 61% of single men are looking for dates, compared to only 38% of single women.

  • 62% of those who have never been married are looking to date, compared to only 43% who’ve been divorced and 25% who’ve been widowed.

Looking for love in all the wrong places?

Turns out that might be more than just a saying. We analyzed all 50 states to find where single men have the best chance of finding love (or just a Valentine’s day date). The results? It might not be your fault you haven’t had a date in months.

It’s all about location, location, location.

The Worst States For Single Men To Get A Date

  1. Hawaii
  2. New Jersey
  3. Utah
  4. Montana
  5. Kansas
  6. Virginia
  7. New Hampshire
  8. Wisconsin
  9. Maryland
  10. Florida

Your state not in the top 10? Scroll down to see how single men are faring in your state’s dating scene. Otherwise, keep reading to see why these states are the worst for single men trying to find a date.

How We Determined The Worst States For Single Guys To Find A Date

We evaluated each state in 4 areas:

  • Percent Of Residents Married

  • Ratio Of Men To Women

  • Percent Living With Their Parents

  • Affordability

Our date on marriage rates for each states came from the 2018 Census American Community survey. The lower the marriage rate, the more singles and the better chance a single guy has of convincing one of them to date him. While marriage might signify lots of formerly single men found happily ever after, that doesn’t do much good to guys currently struggling to even find a date.

Our ratio of men-to-women also came from the ACS- the number of women for every 100 men. Typically, women out number men. Once again, the more women to men, the better for a single guy trying to snag a date. We also received out data on the percent of young adults living with their parents from the ACS. While dating isn’t impossible while you live with mom and dad, it’s definitely a lot harder.

Finally, we ranked each state on affordability. While getting a date is well and good, being able to afford a date helps obtain a second date. For affordability, we compared cost of living to average wage from the BLS. The more money left over after scrapping by, the more money to spend on grooming products to attract a mate and on dates a little more inciting than Netflix and chill.

1. Hawaii

Marriage Rating: 50.7%
Men-to-Women: 100.1
Living with parents: 35%

Hawaii may be paradise, but single guys in Hawaii have a hard time finding someone to share it with. There are a roughly even number of men and women, so guys have a lot more competition than in other states. Combine that with high prices, and single guys in Hawaii might not want to make any dinner reservations for Valentine’s day unless it’s for one.

2. New Jersey

rhode island
Marriage Rating: 53%
Men-to-Women: 95.4
Living with parents: 46%

New Jersey is the 2nd worst state for a single guy trying to score a date. High prices mean paying for dates hits them hard in the wallet, but that isn’t the hardest part of dating for single men in New Jersey. New Jersey has the highest rates of adults living with their parents– which isn’t exactly a great pickup line. This DOES make New Jersey the #1 state for brunch with mom and dad, because when their unsuspecting date wakes up a New Jersey guy’s parents are probably making breakfast.

3. Utah

Marriage Rating: 57.2
Men-to-Women: 101.5
Living with parents: 27.83%

Why is Utah so hard to get a date in? Everyone is already married! For Utah guys who don’t get married young, they may find themselves with slim pickings. Throw in a gender balance that favors single women finding a date and it’s easy to see why single Utah men have a hard time finding a date.

4. Montana

Marriage Rating: 53.1
Men-to-Women: 101.4
Living with parents: 22.06%

Montana may be known as the “The Last Best Place” but it’s not so great for single men. Single Montana men trying to get a date have some hurdles to overcome- high marriage rates and an unfavorable ratio of men-to-women.

5. Kansas

Marriage Rating: 53.7
Men-to-Women: 99.2
Living with parents: 24.10%

Kansas is the 5th hardest state to be a single guy looking for a date. If a Kansas guy sees a woman he’d like to date, he better check for a wedding ring first. Marriage rates are high in Kansas.

6. Virginia

Marriage Rating: 51.6
Men-to-Women: 96.9
Living with parents: 32.06%

Virginia is not for lovers. Virginian men might be outnumbered by Virginian women, but that isn’t enough to overcome high prices. Single Virginian men better be creative, because after necessities there isn’t a lot left over for dates. Maybe they can go dutch?

7. New Hampshire

new hampshire
Marriage Rating: 52.4
Men-to-Women: 97.4
Living with parents: 34.65%

There isn’t any one outstanding reason single New Hampshire men struggle to find a date. It’s more lackluster scores in every category. Of course, the high percentage of adults living with their parents probably isn’t helping anyone (adult children or single parents) score a date.

8. Wisconsin

Marriage Rating: 51.7%
Men-to-Women: 98.9
Living with parents: 27.03%

From the outside, Wisconsin seems like a lovely state to split a cheese tray and beer with a date. But single guys in the cheese state know snagging a date in Wisconsin can be tricky.

9. Maryland

Marriage Rating: 50.8%
Men-to-Women: 94.2
Living with parents: 38.36%

Single Maryland may stay single. The biggest stumbling block? High prices keep Maryland men broke and working long hours just to pay for the basics. Never mind dinners for two.

10. Florida

Marriage Rating: 48.4%
Men-to-Women: 95.5
Living with parents: 38.43%

Florida may be the sunshine state, but getting a date in Florida is tricky for even the suavest of single Floridian gents. While there are a lot of single Floridians, a lot of them call their roommates “mom” and “dad.” Of course, since paying the bills doesn’t leave Floridians with a lot of extra cash, it’s no surprise so many of them are living with their parents- even if it does hurt them in the love department.

Summary On The Worst States For Single Guys To Get A Date

There you have it, the dates where it’s hardest for a single guy to get a date. However, while it may be harder in these states than others for single guys to find a date, they shouldn’t give up hope. Harder isn’t impossible, after all. Of course, if they’ve really given up hope, they can always move to a state where single men have the easiest time snagging date.

The best states for a single guy looking for a date?

  1. Ohio
  2. Rhode Island
  3. South Carolina
  4. Vermont
  5. Maine
  6. Missouri
  7. Mississippi
  8. Kentucky
  9. North Dakota
  10. Michigan

Check out the full data below:

Rank State Marriage Rate (%) # Of Men To 100 Women Adults Living With Parents
1 Hawaii 50 100 35.02%
2 New Jersey 53 95 46.42%
3 Utah 57 101 27.83%
4 Montana 53 101 22.06%
5 Kansas 53 99 24.1%
6 Virginia 51 96 32.06%
7 New Hampshire 52 97 34.65%
8 Wisconsin 51 98 27.03%
9 Maryland 50 94 38.36%
10 Florida 48 95 38.43%
11 Arizona 48 98 31.57%
12 Delaware 50 93 37.18%
13 Illinois 50 96 35.83%
14 Wyoming 53 102 20.69%
15 Idaho 55 101 24.88%
16 South Dakota 53 101 19.03%
17 West Virginia 50 98 32.28%
18 Texas 50 98 33.15%
19 Minnesota 52 99 26.44%
20 New York 48 94 39.87%
21 Arkansas 51 96 27.0%
22 California 48 98 38.26%
23 Oregon 51 98 25.37%
24 Nebraska 54 99 21.72%
25 Pennsylvania 50 96 35.99%
26 Indiana 50 97 29.91%
27 Nevada 46 100 30.89%
28 Washington 52 100 26.13%
29 Massachusetts 48 94 36.25%
30 Colorado 51 101 24.36%
31 Iowa 52 98 21.7%
32 North Carolina 51 94 30.45%
33 Oklahoma 51 97 25.81%
34 New Mexico 46 98 34.34%
35 Tennessee 51 95 30.48%
36 Louisiana 46 95 33.65%
36 Alabama 50 94 34.29%
38 Alaska 50 108 29.26%
39 Georgia 49 94 34.0%
40 Connecticut 49 95 41.15%
41 Michigan 49 97 34.01%
42 North Dakota 50 106 14.46%
43 Kentucky 51 96 28.89%
44 Mississippi 47 94 36.06%
45 Missouri 51 96 28.27%
46 Maine 51 96 29.69%
47 Vermont 49 96 27.65%
47 South Carolina 49 94 32.63%
49 Rhode Island 44 95 36.97%
50 Ohio 49 96 30.56%

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