Each State’s Biggest Pet Peeve

By Amanda Postma - Jan. 22, 2021

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There are things that other people do that are just bothersome or downright annoying.

It could be anything from burping out loud to biting their nails. And sometimes, it has nothing to do with another person doing anything. Like slow internet.

All of these annoying things can leave you upset, frustrated, and even angry. So let’s call them what they are. Pet peeves. Everyone has a pet peeve of some sort.

So we looked into it and discovered every state’s pet peeve.

Interesting Finds

  • Surprisingly enough, traffic was only the pet peeve of one state: Delaware. Maybe everyone else has just accepted traffic as a part of life.
  • It seems the majority of states are annoyed with slow internet; 15 to be exact. We couldn’t agree more.
  • 11 states agree that burping is their biggest pet peeve. It’s gotta come out somewhere!
  • The least common pet peeves are nail-biting, traffic, pessimism, laziness, and passive-aggressive behavior.
  • Kids can be annoying sometimes. That’s why 7 states list badly behaved kids as their biggest pet peeve.
  • All of Nevada’s neighbors agree that slow internet is annoying. But Nevada thinks there’s nothing more annoying than PDA. Pucker up!
  • Arkansas, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia are the most environmentally-conscious when it comes to their pet peeve of littering.
  • Wyoming may be tolerant of burping, bragging, slow internet, and laziness, unlike its neighbors. But one thing the state can’t stand is passive-aggressiveness.
  • How We Determined This

    To find each state’s pet peeves, we once again turned to google trends. After all, what better way to find what grinds people’s gears than what they’re searching for help with?

    Our list of pet peeves came from our article on pet peeves. From there, we determined what base search terms and topics would be driven from the pet peeve.

    For example, the topic of snoring would include a broad array of search activities, such as “how to stop snoring partner” and “snoring solutions.”

    We looked at a year of search data, giving each state time to truly be exasperated by the little (or big) annoyances in life.

    Summary of Each State’s Biggest Pet Peeve

    Pet peeves are just one of life’s annoying treasures that sometimes you just have to take it stride.

    Whether your mouse suddenly turns into a seemingly endless spinning circle or your neighbor litters, everyone has a pet peeve.

    And now we know exactly which pet peeve each state is annoyed about.

    Each State’s Biggest Pet Peeve

    State Pet Peeve
    Alabama Burping
    Alaska Nail biting
    Arizona Slow Internet
    Arkansas Litter
    California Slow Internet
    Colorado Slow Internet
    Connecticut Bragging
    Delaware Traffic
    District of Columbia Table manners
    Florida Badly Behaved Kids
    Georgia Badly Behaved Kids
    Hawaii Public display of affection
    Idaho Slow Internet
    Illinois Badly Behaved Kids
    Indiana Slow Internet
    Iowa Slow Internet
    Kansas Burping
    Kentucky Litter
    Louisiana Bragging
    Maine Slow Internet
    Maryland Pessimism
    Massachusetts Burping
    Michigan Badly Behaved Kids
    Minnesota Slow Internet
    Mississippi Bragging
    Missouri Slow Internet
    Montana Bragging
    Nebraska Laziness
    Nevada Public display of affection
    New Hampshire Public display of affection
    New Jersey Burping
    New Mexico Slow Internet
    New York Burping
    North Carolina Badly Behaved Kids
    North Dakota Bragging
    Ohio Burping
    Oklahoma Burping
    Oregon Slow Internet
    Pennsylvania Litter
    Rhode Island Burping
    South Carolina Burping
    South Dakota Burping
    Tennessee Burping
    Texas Badly Behaved Kids
    Utah Slow Internet
    Vermont Slow Internet
    Virginia Badly Behaved Kids
    Washington Slow Internet
    West Virginia Litter
    Wisconsin Slow Internet
    Wyoming Passive-aggressive behavior

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