10 Marketing Lessons From Apple [Infographic]

by Paul Slezak
Case Study, Employer branding, Infographic, Online Marketer - 3 years ago

Editor’s Note: This post is by Paul Slezak, Cofounder and CEO of RecruitLoop – the World’s largest marketplace of expert Recruiters and Sourcers available on-demand.

Steve Jobs not only helped invent the Apple computer but he also launched the mega corporation that Apple Inc is today.

From the time of its incorporation, Apple quickly dominated and grew in popularity compared to other PC competitors that showed up on the scene not long after their invention.

The group at Apple Inc really know their stuff when marketing their products and services to you. You don’t get to be one of the largest technology companies worldwide by simple chance and luck.

When it comes to your business, whether big or small, following their lead and using similar marketing strategies may result in high success. These tactics have a proven track record of succeeding, so it only makes sense to apply them to your own strategy.

There are many steps you have to take to ensure that everything you put out there in the world of marketing and advertising actually pays off. The brand message is important, highlighting the value of the product and selling yourself effectively will determine how much you sell.

This awesome infographic created by our friends at The Website Group details 10 marketing techniques that Apple uses that you should think about too.

Courtesy of: The Website Group