What Type of Leader Are You? [Infographic]

by Paul Slezak
Building Culture, Infographic, Leading People - 3 years ago

Have you ever asked yourself why anyone would want to be led by you?

Now think about who you would consider to be a great leader. Who has made a difference in your life? Who has taught you things? Who has mentored you? Who has influenced your beliefs and values? Who showed faith when maybe others didn’t? Who has inspired you through their actions?

I will never forget when one of my previous managers for whom I had (and continue to have to this day) the utmost respect sat me down one day and explained to me the difference between a boss and leader. He stressed the following:

  • A boss places blame. A leader takes accountability.
  • A boss gives answers. A leader seeks solutions.
  • A boss directs. A leader coaches.
  • A boss criticizes. A leader encourages.
  • A boss is all about “me”. A leader is all about “we”.
  • A boss demands results. A leader inspires performance.

Having been a people leader myself for many years now, I have always believed in the importance of clear communication; speaking from the heart and where appropriate showing vulnerability; creating an environment of trust while at all times demonstrating a positive mental attitude.

I have always considered Sir Richard Branson to be a great leader. He once said, “If you can learn to recognise and motivate your staff, they will be inspired to return your faith in them with high efficiency and productivity. Shape your enterprise around your people and propel them to excellence …

Do you want to be a boss? Or do you want to be a leader?

Whatever your management style, the important thing is to know what your strengths are and which skills you need to develop.

Our friends at Headway Capital recently created this awesome infographic to help you identify what type of leader you are, with tips to refine your technique.