What Each State Should Be Embarrassed For Googling

By Kathy Morris
Sep. 17, 2020

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Life is full of embarrassing or uncomfortable questions you’d rather not ask.

Sometimes, there just isn’t a socially appropriate to ask, “Why is my poop green?” or “Hey, anyone know of any upcoming Nickleback concerts?”

So we turn to Google for advice and to confide in about our questionable hobbies. And boy, are some of those searches cringe-worthy.

We analyzed the data and it turns out, some states have a little bit more to be embarrassed about than others.

Most Fun Findings

  • “How is baby made?”, Oh Indiana, if you have to ask…
  • A lot of people in Tennessee and Florida are nervous their house is haunted, maybe New Jersey can help with their weegee boards?
  • Alaskans are online shopping for dog carriers for their pooch, while Texans are worried their dogs may not love them at all.
  • Speaking of pets, folks in Ohio are most likely to google, “Does my cat love me?”
  • I’m not saying Arkansas has the most ear bugs or Nebraska has the smelliest feet, but they are googling it the most
  • Yes, Mississippi, the Earth IS round
  • Utah either REALLY likes the movie Baby Geniuses or has lot of people there who think they are raising little Einsteins.
  • Not to food shame, but mayonnaise recipes (Hawaii) and casseroles (Wyoming) aren’t the most sophisticated of foods.
  • Geography is hard- Just ask all the people googling “Where is Canada?” and “Where is Africa?”
  • Kansas is the biggest googler of Pumpkin Spice Latte, meaning they may also be the biggest fans of Ugg boots and yoga pants.
  • TVs are turned to reality shows in Rhode Island (Love Island) and South Carolina (Live PD)


Using Google Trends, we determined the most embarrassing thing each state googles more than any other. Google searches are a great way to learn more about people, because people Google pretty transparently, with no self-conscious thoughts. Although judging from the data, maybe they should feel a little self-conscious.

We look at searches ranging from August 2019 to August 2020, giving us a full year of cringey internet searches.

We searched hundreds of terms ranging from awkward medical questions, reality shows and unpopular movies, conspiracy theories, unfashionable clothing, and other mortifying queries.

Don’t Stop Googling

Embarrassing is subjective. After all, you might be a proud flat Earther or know you rock your shoulder pads. There are also degrees of embarrasment, some might feel a awkward if everyone knew their depth of affection for the movie Baby Geniuses, while someone searching for a cure for their smelly feet (or just plain feet pictures…) might be a tad more embarrassed.

Regardless, at the end of the day, it’s better to ask an awkward question and learn something knew, or get the solution you need. After all, you know what’s worse than googling “how is baby made”, not knowing how babies are made!

So blast that Nickleback, learn that your dog loves you unconditionally, and keep googling. You just learn something new.

You can see a table of our full findings, alphabetically listed below.

Embarrassing Google Search

State Search
Alabama Shoulder Pads
Alaska Dog Carrier
Arizona Feet Photos
Arkansas Ear Bug
California How to quit a job you just started
Colorado Mumble Rap
Connecticut Sussex Royal Instagram
Delaware Are aliens real
Florida How to get rid of ghost
Georgia Where is africa
Hawaii Mayonnaise recipe
Idaho How to vape
Illinois What do we breathe out
Indiana How is baby made
Iowa How to get fired
Kansas Pumpkin spice latte
Kentucky How to become a vampire
Louisiana Why do I sweat so much
Maine Disc Golf
Maryland Love is blind
Massachusetts Will Smith Rap
Michigan What am i good at
Minnesota Hacky sack
Mississippi Is the earth round
Missouri How to fake sick
New Hampshire What does hampshire mean
New Jersey Weegee board
New Mexico Justin Bieber Nudes
New York Velour tracksuits
North Carolina Nicholas Sparks
Montana Nick Nolte
Nebraska Smelly Feet
Nevada Guy Fieri
North Dakota Ok boomer meaning
Ohio Does my cat love me
Oklahoma Bigfoot evidence
Oregon Live Laugh Love
Pennsylvania Nickleback concert
Rhode Island Love Island
South Carolina Live pd
South Dakota Dr. Phil
Tennessee Is my house haunted
Texas Does my dog love me
Utah Baby Geniuses
Vermont Where is Canada
Virginia Royal Family
Washington bigfoot hunters
West Virginia why is my poop green
Wisconsin why do people lie
Wyoming casserole recipes

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