The Snobbiest States In The United States

By Kathy Morris
Apr. 16, 2021

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What a snob!

Ever met someone and had that reaction? Maybe it’s the way they hold their glass of wine, instructing you on how to properly appreciate the aroma. Or the smug way they inform you that actually, the artist Edward Munch’s name doesn’t rhyme with bunch.

It could also be the way they manage to insert their illustrative ivy league education into every conversation. Whatever it is, when you see it you know.

Since we like to rank things here, we set out to find where in the US snobbiness reigns prime— and where snobbery will make you stand out like a sore thumb.

Snobbiest States

  1. Massachusetts
  2. Vermont
  3. Connecticut
  4. New York
  5. New Hampshire
  6. Rhode Island
  7. California
  8. Oregon
  9. Maine
  10. Virginia

Looks like the northeast may have a smug problem. Keep reading to see where all 50 states landed and what makes these 10 states so snobby.

How We Determined This

We ranked each state in four areas

  • Percent of population with a bachelor’s degree
  • Percent of degree earners with a degree in arts and humanities
  • Number of Ivy League colleges
  • Gallons of wine consumed yearly

First, we examined education using data from the ACS. We opted to find the overall percent of the population in each state with a college degree. From there, we decided to also look at a percent of
Sorry wine drinkers, but wine is a bit of a smug beverage, so we were forced to include the percent of people with degrees in the humanities and the arts.

While there are a lot of great things with college degrees and the arts, they also do increase the rate of snobbiness, scientifically.

We then decided to incorporate the number of ivy league colleges in each state. Once again, an Ivy League education is great, but there is a understandable smug factor.

From there, we looked into the snobbiest beverage …wine (although, only narrowly beating out craft beer.)

To determine how much wine each state consumes, we took the gallons of table wine drank in each state according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. From there, we converted gallons into bottles, since that is the more standard purchase of wine. Roughly 1 gallon = 5 bottles of wine.

However, since some states are home to a lot of people and others a lot less, we then took into account the number of bottles consumed per capita. Of course, this number includes some non-drinkers and children (which are hopefully are non-drinkers…). Which means some in the state are drinking more and others drinking less.

1. Massachusetts

massachusetts class=

Adults With College Diploma: 42.9
Degree holders w/ Arts or Humanities Degree: 24%
Wine Bottles Per Person:21

How do you tell someone went to Harvard? You don’t, but trust me, they’ll tell you. In addition to being home to a prestigiously smug university, Massachusetts is ridiculously more educated than the rest of the country and has a strong appreciation for wine. Sounds like a perfect breeding ground for snobbiness and artisanal cheese stands.

2. Vermont

vermont class=

Adults With College Diploma: 37.3
Degree holders w/ Arts or Humanities Degree: 29%
Wine Bottles Per Person:26

In 2nd place is a still pretty snobby Vermont. 29% of Vermonters have a humanities or arts degree, more than anywhere else in the country. Throw in some very full wine glasses, and it’s easy to see what earned this ranking.

3. Connecticut

connecticut class=

Adults With College Diploma: 38.9
Degree holders w/ Arts or Humanities Degree: 24%
Wine Bottles Per Person:19.5

Connecticut is the third snobbiest state. Don’t believe me? Just head to New Haven and visit Yale. Or you could talk to the disproportionately high number of grads with a degree in literature, that’d be an Odyssey.

4. New York

new york class=

Adults With College Diploma: 35.9
Degree holders w/ Arts or Humanities Degree: 27%
Wine Bottles Per Person:16.8

New York New York…what a snobby place! Home to Broadway, many art galleries, and premier institutions, there is a lot to be confident about. Maybe too confident.

5. New Hampshire

new hampshire class=

Adults With College Diploma: 36.5
Degree holders w/ Arts or Humanities Degree: 23%
Wine Bottles Per Person:28

In 5th place is New Hampshire. New Hampshire consumes a staggering 36.5 bottles of wine for every man, woman, and child each year. While some of those might be 2 buck Chuck, some of them are oozing with winey smugness.

6. Rhode Island

rhode island class=

Adults With College Diploma: 33.3
Degree holders w/ Arts or Humanities Degree: 25%
Wine Bottles Per Person:18.9

Rhode Island may be the smallest state but it’s also the 6th smuggest.

6. California

california class=

Adults With College Diploma: 33.3
Degree holders w/ Arts or Humanities Degree: 26%
Wine Bottles Per Person:19.7

California has a smog problem, but judging from this ranking it also has a smug problem. California is a well-educated state with a high number of humanities graduates. Oh, and did we mention the 19.7 gallons of wine they drink yearly?

8. Oregon

oregon class=

Adults With College Diploma: 32.9
Degree holders w/ Arts or Humanities Degree: 26%
Wine Bottles Per Person:18.8

Oregon, home to Portland and home to some snobs. 32% of all Oregoners have a college degree. Of those who have a degree, 26% hold theirs in the arts or humanities.

9. Maine

maine class=

Adults With College Diploma: 34.9
Degree holders w/ Arts or Humanities Degree: 27%
Wine Bottles Per Person:14.7

What’s the Maine thing that makes Maine so snobby? The fact the 27% of all degree holders have a humanities or arts degree. Bet they all know how to pronounce Matisse.

10. Virginia

virginia class=

Adults With College Diploma: 38.2
Degree holders w/ Arts or Humanities Degree: 24%
Wine Bottles Per Person:15.9

Virginia is the only southern state to break the top 10 for snobbiest states. However, while Virginia may be in the south, it is educated far more in-line with Northeastern states.

It’s okay to be proud, but don’t be a snob!

The line between pride and snobbiness can be thin.

However, if you find yourself saying, “Actually”, “It’s prounounced,” and “You’ve probably never heard of it but…”, you may be a snob.

So maybe take a step back and rephrase. Of course, if you don’t feel a little smug about your career, it may be time to find a new job that makes you feel a bit more puffed-up. Or at least buy more bottles of wine a bit nicer than Two Buck Chuck.

Snobbiest States

Rank State Adults With College Diploma Degree Holders W/ Arts Or Humanities Degree Wine Bottles Per Person
1 Massachusetts 42 24% 21
2 Vermont 37 29% 26
3 Connecticut 38 24% 19
4 New York 35 27% 16
5 New Hampshire 36 23% 28
5 Rhode Island 33 25% 18
7 California 33 26% 19
8 Oregon 32 26% 18
9 Maine 34 27% 14
10 Virginia 38 24% 15
11 Washington 35 24% 16
12 New Jersey 38 21% 18
13 Maryland 39 23% 12
14 Illinois 34 23% 14
15 Hawaii 32 22% 18
15 Minnesota 35 23% 14
17 Alaska 29 23% 16
18 North Carolina 30 23% 14
19 Idaho 26 22% 37
20 Utah 33 24% 6
21 Colorado 25 23% 16
22 Delaware 31 20% 23
23 Florida 31 20% 17
23 Montana 31 21% 16
23 Pennsylvania 30 22% 10
26 Nevada 24 22% 19
27 Wisconsin 29 21% 12
28 Missouri 28 22% 12
29 New Mexico 27 23% 10
30 Arizona 28 21% 12
31 Michigan 28 21% 13
32 Kansas 32 22% 4
32 Louisiana 23 23% 10
34 Tennessee 26 23% 10
35 Georgia 30 21% 7
36 Texas 29 20% 10
37 Nebraska 31 20% 6
37 North Dakota 29 19% 10
39 Kentucky 23 23% 6
39 Ohio 27 21% 9
41 Indiana 25 22% 9
41 South Carolina 27 21% 8
43 Iowa 28 21% 7
44 Wyoming 26 20% 10
45 South Dakota 28 19% 7
46 Alabama 24 20% 8
47 Arkansas 22 20% 7
48 Oklahoma 25 20% 6
49 Mississippi 21 20% 5
50 West Virginia 20 19% 3

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