It’s Spooky Season: Horror Movies by State

By Amanda Postma - Oct. 27, 2020

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It’s true that horror movies can be enjoyed (if that’s your kind of thing) all-year-round, but they really shine during Halloween.

And with Halloween coming around the corner, we’re sure you’ve been diving into all of your favorite horror movies. Maybe even a few of those horror movies have inspired your Halloween costume.

From the classics like “Scream” to the lesser-knowns like “Carnival of Souls,” we set out to find which horror movies were filmed, or, at least, takes place, in each state.

We looked up movies that were either set in or filmed in each state. Then we looked into which of those movies were based on real events or inspired by actual accounts of spooky happenings.

So if you need some inspiration as to what to watch on Halloween, take a look at which horror movie is stretched into your state’s legacy.

Quick Facts


  • The Fourth Kind: While The Fourth Kind technically wasn’t filmed in Alaska, the movie is based on disappearances that took place in Alaska. Some say the disappearances were the result of alien abductions. This isn’t the only horror movie that is based on real events.
  • The Town that Dreaded Sundown: This is another movie that is based on real events. Known in the state as “The Phantom Killer”, a serial killer preyed on young couples during the night throughout 1946. The fact that the killer was never caught makes this thriller even more, well, thrilling.
  • Scream: While you may know of Scream for the classic horror movie that it is, did you know it was based on a killer named the “Gainesville Ripper?” The killer terrorized the small area in Florida killing several students in just a few days.
  • Psycho: Psycho, a classic, was actually filmed in Arizona, much like the film starts out in. Even if you’ve never heard of the movie, we’re sure you’re familiar with the shower scene where the murderer stabs the woman while she’s taking a shower. Anyone who is anyone has kept a close eye on the shower curtain while taking a shower out of fear of ending up like Marion Crane.
  • The Silence of the Lambs: Another classic horror movie, The Silence of the Lambs was another movie inspired by a real-life murderer. In fact, it was the same killer who inspired Psycho. Cue the chills.

Bone-Chilling Movies

Horror movies are scary enough without the added bonus of being based on real-life events. Now that you know where some of these movies were filmed, and where the setting of the other movies took place, you know where to avoid if you want to live to see another day. We’re only mostly kidding.

Horror Movies by State

State Horror Movie Filming Location/Set
Alabama Get Out Filmed in
Alaska The Fourth Kind Takes place in
Arizona Psycho Filmed in
Arkansas The Town That Dreaded Sundown Filmed in
California Scream Filmed in
Colorado The Shining Filmed in
Connecticut The Haunting in Connecticut Filmed in
Delaware Survival of the Dead Takes place in
Florida Jeepers Creepers Filmed in
Georgia Deliverance Filmed in
Hawaii A Perfect Getaway Filmed in
Idaho Idaho Transfer Filmed in
Illinois Halloween Takes place in
Indiana An American Crime Takes place in
Iowa The Crazies Filmed in
Kansas Critters Filmed in
Kentucky Return of the Living Dead Takes place in
Louisiana Interview with the Vampire Filmed in
Maine It Filmed in
Maryland The Blair Witch Project Filmed in
Massachusetts Shutter Island Filmed in
Michigan Mr. Jingles Filmed in
Minnesota Jennifer’s Body Filmed in
Mississippi The Beast Within Filmed in
Missouri You’re Next Filmed in
Montana Alien Abducttion: Incident in Lake County Takes place in
Nebraska Children of the Corn Takes place in
Nevada Tremors Takes place in
New Hampshire Yellow Brick Road Filmed in
New Jersey Friday the 13th Filmed in
New Mexico The Hills Have Eyes Takes place in
New York Rosemary’s Baby Filmed in
North Carolina The Conjuring Filmed in
North Dakota Leprechaun Takes place in
Ohio Nightmare of Elm Street Takes place in
Oklahoma Terror at Tenkiller Filmed in
Oregon The Fog Takes place in
Pennsylvania Night of the Living Dead Filmed in
Rhode Island Exeter Filmed in
South Carolina The New Daughter Filmed in
South Dakota Imprint Filmed in
Tennessee The Evil Dead Filmed in
Texas The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Filmed in
Utah Skinwalker Ranch Filmed in
Vermont Wolf Filmed in
Virginia Mama Filmed in
Washington The Ring Filmed in
West Virginia The Silence of the Lambs Filmed in
Wisconsin The Giant Spider Invasion Filmed in
Wyoming Close Encounters of the Third Kind Filmed in

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