The 10 Hottest Job Markets In Arkansas For 2020

by Kathy Morris
Best Places For Jobs - 10 months ago

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Anticipating a job hunt in 2020?

If so, you might be nervous about the state of your local job market or curious how it stacks up to rival cities. Cities in the same state can have dramatically different job markets. Job hunting in one part of the state can be a piece of cake, while in another city it can be a herculean task to just land an interview.

Here at Zippia, we love math (and jobs!), so we delved into the data to determine where in 2020 it was easiest to find a job in Arkansas.

Here are the ten hottest job markets in Arkansas.

There you have it, folks- the ten cities where it was easiest to get a job in Arkansas. Keep reading for a more detailed breakdown of how we reached these results. Your city not in the top 10? Keep scrolling to see where it landed on the full list.

How we determined the best job markets in Arkansas

We used the most recent Census American Community Survey to pull data for the main Arkansas metro areas. We only looked at cities with a working civilian population above 5,000.

While unemployment rate can tell you a lot about the local job market, it is simply one metric and job markets are complex entities. We opted to take a more in-depth look at the best job market in Arkansas.

Each metro-area was ranked 1-to-31 in four categories:

  • Unemployment Rate
  • Change In Unemployment Rate
  • Household Income Change
  • Current Average Household Income

The lower the score in each category the better. For example, the Centerton area had the lowest unemployment rate at 2.2%, earning it the #1 spot for unemployment rate. The four ranked categories were then averaged together to produce our final list. The final list ranks the 31 metro areas from 1-to-31. Once again, the lower the score, the stronger the job market.

1. Centerton

Centerton, AR

Unemployment Rate: 2.18%
Average Income: $82,872

2. Maumelle

Maumelle, AR

Unemployment Rate: 4.26%
Average Income: $105,102

3. Bryant

Bryant, AR

Unemployment Rate: 3.02%
Average Income: $78,819

4. Bella Vista

Bella Vista, AR

Source: Public domain

Unemployment Rate: 3.17%
Average Income: $82,816

5. Conway

Conway, AR

Unemployment Rate: 3.96%
Average Income: $68,429

6. Rogers

Rogers, AR

Unemployment Rate: 2.67%
Average Income: $90,709

7. Bentonville

Bentonville, AR

Unemployment Rate: 2.54%
Average Income: $107,938

8. Benton

Benton, AR

Source: Public domain

Unemployment Rate: 3.54%
Average Income: $73,213

9. Sherwood

Sherwood, AR

Unemployment Rate: 3.81%
Average Income: $72,554

10. El Dorado

El Dorado, AR

Unemployment Rate: 8.94%
Average Income: $58,811


You might be reading this and thinking, ‘Hey, I live in Centerton and have been unemployed for months- this can’t be right!’ That’s entirely possible.

While Centerton and the surrounding metro area have the hottest job market in Arkansas, personal finances can be, well, personal. Education, work experience, and occupation all play a big role in securing a job. However, overall, job seekers in Centerton will have an easier time than those in cities near the bottom of the list.

Detailed List Of The Hottest Job Markets In Arkansas

Rank Place Unemployment Rate Average Income
1 Centerton 2.18% $82,872
2 Maumelle 4.26% $105,102
3 Bryant 3.02% $78,819
4 Bella Vista 3.17% $82,816
5 Conway 3.96% $68,429
6 Rogers 2.67% $90,709
7 Bentonville 2.54% $107,938
8 Benton 3.54% $73,213
9 Sherwood 3.81% $72,554
10 El Dorado 8.94% $58,811
11 Springdale 4.7% $66,755
12 Van Buren 6.78% $63,602
13 Cabot 3.64% $69,340
14 Little Rock 4.35% $80,455
15 Marion 7.59% $79,222
16 Fort Smith 4.97% $60,366
17 Siloam Springs 4.07% $58,060
18 Paragould 5.68% $58,682
19 Mountain Home 2.36% $53,803
20 Texarkana 8.97% $57,502
21 Fayetteville 4.26% $69,740
22 Jacksonville 6.36% $56,271
23 Searcy 5.73% $60,606
24 Harrison 4.69% $49,413
25 Jonesboro 5.95% $66,635
26 Hot Springs 9.0% $49,705
27 West Memphis 10.93% $44,706
28 North Little Rock 7.44% $60,591
29 Russellville 7.93% $51,821
30 Blytheville 10.19% $47,654
31 Pine Bluff 13.01% $45,578
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