Survey: What Each State Finds Most Annoying In A Coworker

By Kathy Morris - Mar. 22, 2021

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Most of us have that coworker.

They clutter up your inbox with unneeded emails and always have “one more question” in a meeting that didn’t need to happen in the first place. Sometimes they just don’t show up to work at all.

An annoying coworker (or coworkers) can be the difference between a fulfilling job and one that has you revising your resume.

We surveyed over 1,200 American workers to find what coworker behaviors exasperate workers the most– and what is annoying each state in particular.

Keep reading to see the most annoying workplace behaviors and how many workers have left a job because they just can’t stand their coworkers.

Quick Facts

Other Interesting Findings

  • After coworkers’ loudness, workers are most annoyed by office gossip and laziness.
  • Over half of workers (56%) have complained to a manager or HR about an annoying coworker.
  • 92% of workers have at least one coworker that annoys them.
  • The most common amount of annoying coworkers is 2-to-5.
  • Most states (an impressive 33!) find coworkers’ loud volume most exasperating.
  • Four states (Maine, Nevada, Nebraska, and Hawaii) are sick of picking up the slack and find laziness to be the most annoying behavior.
  • New Hampshire was the only state to find know-it-all behaviors to be the most aggravating.

Most Annoying Coworker Behaviors

You can see above loudness, office gossip, and laziness are the three most aggravating workplace behaviors.

Yet, annoyance enters almost every facet of existence. From what you wear to what you prepare for lunch, there is a reasonable chance someone in the office finds it bothersome. If you’re not too loud (86% find annoying), you might be too quiet (which frustrates 7%).

While offices may not be willing to outlaw microwaved fish, HR can help establish policies involving meeting procedures and shared workloads in the event of absenteeism they may smooth coworker relationships.

Curious about the 3% who selected “other”? So, were we, luckily our survey respondents were happy to enlighten us.

Other Common Annoying Behaviors

  • Rude/disrespectful
  • Smoking
  • Lies
  • Social media
  • Talking about their children
  • Personal calls at the workplace
  • Unresponsive

We left off some uncommon (but odd) answers such as promiscuity, not good with technology, and using too much business jargon.

How Many Annoying Coworkers Do You Have?

92% of workers have one or more annoying coworkers. The most common amount of annoying coworkers is 2-to-5. However, a particularly unlucky 5% have 10 or more annoying coworkers.

When you need more than two hands to count the number of coworkers you can’t stand, it may be time to find a new job.

METHODOLOGY, a career resource website, conducted a study of 1,210 workers across the US to better understand negative coworker interactions in the workplace.

Each respondent was asked an identical series of questions involving their feelings on coworkers’ behaviors. Vermont was excluded due to sample size.

The survey was conducted in February and March 2021, using Amazon’s M. Turk survey platform.

Soundproof Headphones Anyone?

While many behaviors annoyed some of our respondents, an overwhelming 86% are frustrated by their coworkers’ loud volume.

There is a real cost to these frustrations; 29% of workers have left a job due to coworker annoyances. Companies can save money and improve employee satisfaction through soundproofing and creating an environment with separate work areas for independent work and collaboration.

One step further, companies can join the flexible work revolution. By allowing employees to choose to work remotely or work from the office, you can allow them to control the volume of their workspace and choose the right habitat for the task they have at hand.

It might just help with employee retention and improve productivity.

Just think of how much time workers will save when they don’t have to blast their headphones to tune out their coworker small talk or incessant humming.

What Each State Says Is The Most Annoying Behavior In A Coworker

State Most Annoying Behavior
Alabama Too Loud
Alaska Too Loud
Arizona Too Loud
Arkansas Too Loud
California Too Loud
Colorado Too Loud
Connecticut Too Loud
Delaware Gossip
Florida Too Loud
Georgia Too Loud
Hawaii Laziness
Idaho Frequent Absences
Illinois Too Loud
Indiana Too Loud
Iowa Negative/pessimist
Kansas Too Loud
Kentucky Bad at their job
Louisiana Tardiness
Maine Laziness
Maryland Too Loud
Massachusetts Too Loud
Michigan Too Loud
Minnesota Bad at their job
Mississippi Too Loud
Missouri Too Loud
Montana Tardiness
Nebraska Laziness
Nevada Laziness
New Hampshire Know it all/other smug behavior
New Jersey Too Loud
New Mexico Too Loud
New York Too Loud
North Carolina Too Loud
North Dakota Negative/pessimist
Ohio Too Loud
Oklahoma Tardiness
Oregon Too Loud
Pennsylvania Too Loud
Rhode Island Tardiness
South Carolina Too Loud
South Dakota Too Loud
Tennessee Too Loud
Texas Too Loud
Utah Too Loud
Virginia Too Loud
Washington Gossip
West Virginia Too Loud
Wisconsin Too Loud
Wyoming Too Loud

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