The Best Cities To Get A Job In 2022

By Amanda Postma
Jan. 8, 2021

Find a Job You Really Want In

Securing a new job can be a tough feat. From getting your resume just right to writing the best cover letter, it’s stressful to say the least.

We want to make the job searching process a bit easier. So we found the best cities for finding a job in 2021. Now all you need to do is send off your application.

We examined a number of factors, including median salaries and home prices, as well as unemployment rates to determine the best cities.

These 10 cities will give you the best shot at a job opportunity without making you go broke in the process.

  1. Blue Springs, Missouri
  2. The Colony, Texas
  3. Westerville, Ohio
  4. Fishers, Indiana
  5. Brighton, New York
  6. Plymouth, Minnesota
  7. Olathe, Kansas
  8. Ankeny, Iowa
  9. Hoover, Alabama
  10. Warwick, Rhode Island

Sometimes it may seem like the best jobs are only located in the big cities. And when you break down the salaries offered and the cost of living in those big cities, it just may not be reasonable.

That’s what makes these cities the best. Not only do you have a great shot at being offered a job, but you won’t break the bank by living here.

Keep reading for the full list of cities we recommend for 2021.

How We Determined This

The best job market is more than just low unemployment– it means an area with high-paying jobs, growing opportunities, and reasonable cost of living so that high paycheck is buying more than a cardboard box.

To determine the best place to get a job in each state was examined:

  • Median individual salary
  • Increase in median salary year-to-year
  • Unemployment rate
  • Median home price

All of our data came from the most recent 5-year Census ACS. The only exception being the “increase in salary year over year,” in which case we compared the median salary from the most recent report with the second most recent report. The higher the more recent wage comparatively, the better.

While the unemployment rates do not reflect fluctuations in unemployment from the pandemic, they do give a picture of the overall economic health of the region. Only census-designated places with a working population of over 20,000 were looked at in our study.

Each factor was equally ranked. After ranking, we then selected the city in each state with the best opportunities.

1. Blue Springs, Missouri

There’s more to this Midwestern city than just the Little Blue River.

Source: Wikipedia

Average Wage: $40,392
Salary Increase: 7.3%
Unemployment Rate: 3.0%
Average Home Price: $166,000

Just a bit outside of Kansas City, Blue Springs has a lot to offer in terms of your career. The average home price of $166,000 is the lowest on our top 10 list.

While you’re earning an average of $40,392, you’ll be enjoying the fact that the city’s unemployment rate is only 3%. The chances of you getting (and keeping) a job here just gets better and better.

2. The Colony, Texas

Some will tell you this city is Texas’ best kept secret.

Average Wage: $48,433
Salary Increase: 6.5%
Unemployment Rate: 2.5%
Average Home Price: $231,700

Any city that has the word “The” in it is worth checking out. It just so happens that The Colony in Texas is one of the best cities for securing a job this year.

Unlike most secrets, this city is worth sharing with everyone. From its low 2.5% unemployment rate to the average salary of $48,433, The Colony offers nothing but the best for its residents.

3. Westerville, Ohio

For a city that claims to have it all, you should definitely give Westerville a chance.

Average Wage: $47,248
Salary Increase: 7.2%
Unemployment Rate: 3.0%
Average Home Price: $237,300

Westerville truly has it all. After a 7.2% average salary increase, most people who live here earn $47,248 annually. With that kind of salary, you’ll be paying off the average home price of $237,300 in no time at all.

Plus, the city prides itself on being a leader in job creation. So if you ever get bored, there will always be more jobs out there.

4. Fishers, Indiana

On top of being a great place for your career, this city offers plenty of attractions to keep you busy year-round.

Source: |CC BY 2.5

Average Wage: $58,796
Salary Increase: 6.3%
Unemployment Rate: 2.6%
Average Home Price: $264,200

From an interactive history park to a train station, many parts of Fishers, Indiana, has been modernized while some parts still have that “old town” feel.

On top of keeping you busy, the city makes sure you are paid well so that you’re able to enjoy living there. That’s why the average wage is $58,796.

5. Brighton, New York

Where your future couldn’t look any more bright.

Average Wage: $45,124
Salary Increase: 6.8%
Unemployment Rate: 3.7%
Average Home Price: $184,600

The future looks bright in Brighton, New York. The average salary increased a whopping 6.8% to make it $45,124 now, and we don’t see why it wouldn’t continue to increase in the future.

That’s not the only reason Brighton is a great place to live and grow your career. The average home doesn’t take long to pay off as the majority of homes sell for around $184,600.

6. Plymouth, Minnesota

This thriving community offers rolling hills and a great quality of life.

Average Wage: $57,960
Salary Increase: 7.7%
Unemployment Rate: 2.5%
Average Home Price: $351,700

The rolling hills of Plymouth, Minnesota, are hiding a great secret from the rest of the U.S. It is one of the best places to get a job.

With the average salary being $57,960 and unemployment only at 2.5%, you’ll be able to find a job in no time and make it big here.

7. Olathe, Kansas

From war memorabilia to 19th-century heritage, Olathe offers so much more than just being a great place for a career.

Average Wage: $43,614
Salary Increase: 6.7%
Unemployment Rate: 2.8%
Average Home Price: $238,100

Olathe, Kansas, offers a rich history for residents to learn about, but there’s nothing historic about the career opportunities there.

The average wage bumped up 6.7% to $43,614 recently. On top of that, the unemployment rate is 2.8%. It’s time to say hello to the city of Olathe. Your future awaits.

8. Ankeny, Iowa

There’s more to this coal-mining town than meets the eye.

Average Wage: $44,802
Salary Increase: 6.0%
Unemployment Rate: 3.0%
Average Home Price: $220,100

A deep history of coal-mining covers this town well. But that’s not the reason Ankeny comes in at No. 8 for being a great city to secure a job.

It’s easy to live here on an average $44,802 salary with the average home only costing $220,100. Plus, you won’t need much else with the town’s 3% unemployment rate.

9. Hoover, Alabama

Home to the biggest shopping center in the Southeast, there’s a lot of reasons that Hoover is the best.

Average Wage: $48,480
Salary Increase: 8.2%
Unemployment Rate: 3.3%
Average Home Price: $291,000

Hoover, Alabama, may be known for its large shopping center, but it garnered our attention for another reason.

After an 8.2% salary increase, the average person earns $48,480 in Hoover. This is enough to live comfortably here as the average home costs only $291,000. Time to set your sights on Hoover.

10. Warwick, Rhode Island

This “Center of it All” city has a little bit of everything for everyone.

Source: |Public domain

Average Wage: $44,394
Salary Increase: 6.8%
Unemployment Rate: 3.7%
Average Home Price: $225,300

Warwick has a lot to offer. From the ocean to its colonial history, there’s a little bit to be enjoyed by everyone here. But that’s not what caught our eye.

If you’re looking for a job, Warwick is the place to be with its 3.7% unemployment rate. Plus, with an average wage of $44,394, things will be looking up.

The Cities That Have it All

It’s true the 10 cities above offer a little bit of everything in terms of career and personal life. From interesting history to really low unemployment rates, it’s time you look at these cities for career opportunities.

Now, these aren’t the only cities in the U.S. you should consider. In fact, the table below outlines the best city in each state.

Best City in Each State

State City Average Wage Salary Increase Unemployment Rate Home Price
Missouri Blue Springs $40,392 7.3% 3% $166,000
Texas The Colony $48,433 6.5% 2.50% $231,700
Ohio Westerville $47,248 7.2% 3% $237,300
Indiana Fishers $58,796 6.3% 2.60% $264,200
New York Brighton $45,124 6.8% 3.70% $184,600
Minnesota Plymouth $57,960 7.7% 2.50% $351,700
Kansas Olathe $43,614 6.7% 2.80% $238,100
Iowa Ankeny $44,802 6.0% 3% $220,100
Alabama Hoover $48,480 8.2% 3.30% $291,000
Rhode Island Warwick $44,394 6.8% 3.70% $225,300
Illinois Bartlett $52,272 5.6% 3% $279,200
North Dakota Bismarck $41,503 5.6% 2.30% $245,300
North Carolina Apex $57,073 5.6% 3% $327,800
California Livermore $59,209 10.8% 3.10% $744,200
South Dakota Sioux Falls $35,296 5.7% 3% $189,800
Maine Portland $36,778 8.0% 2.80% $289,000
Nebraska Omaha $35,014 7.4% 4.30% $159,700
Georgia Brookhaven $54,242 6.5% 2.60% $484,400
Wisconsin Oshkosh $28,005 7.0% 3.40% $125,000
Utah Bountiful $35,946 8.3% 1.90% $316,300
South Carolina Charleston $40,593 8.6% 3.40% $330,600
Arkansas Rogers $33,530 5.0% 2.40% $178,000
Montana Billings $34,221 7.1% 3.30% $221,100
Michigan St. Clair Shores $39,285 7.6% 5.70% $135,800
Florida Coral Gables $50,681 10.7% 3.20% $846,100
Maryland Waldorf $53,841 4.8% 3.60% $279,100
Colorado Broomfield $51,014 5.9% 3.20% $413,500
Washington Redmond $79,890 6.7% 3.50% $703,000
New Jersey Hoboken $87,120 5.5% 3% $720,700
Oregon Lake Oswego $60,206 7.7% 3.90% $637,200
Massachusetts Westfield $47,883 4.0% 2.80% $254,800
Tennessee Hendersonville $39,308 5.7% 3.50% $266,100
Idaho Twin Falls $27,451 6.0% 3% $162,000
Arizona Chandler $44,473 5.1% 3.70% $300,800
Oklahoma Edmond $39,136 5.0% 3.60% $240,600
Connecticut West Hartford $56,455 4.6% 3.80% $334,300
Virginia Alexandria $60,388 4.6% 3% $572,900
West Virginia Charleston $31,347 7% 5.2% $145,800
Mississippi Southaven $36,914 4.3% 4.60% $153,200
Kentucky Owensboro $29,579 7.6% 5.40% $113,400
Pennsylvania Altoona $27,973 6.0% 4.90% $88,500
Louisiana Metairie $37,811 4.2% 3.70% $236,900
New Hampshire Concord $37,812 4.1% 4% $230,200
New Mexico Roswell $46,169 6.8% 3.60% $374,700
Hawaii Pearl City $41,656 3.8% 2.80% $667,000
Wyoming Cheyenne $38,301 4.4% 5.40% $214,300
Nevada Enterprise $41,729 3.1% 4.40% $315,300
Alaska Anchorage $42,300 2.5% 5.70% $314,800
Delaware Wilmington $32,127 1.9% 8.40% $168,000
Vermont Burlington $28,673 6.6% 6.60% $134,100

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