Which States Hate Mondays The Most?

By Amanda Postma - Jan. 18, 2021

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Like Garfield, a lot of people hate Mondays. It’s for good reason, too.

Monday’s just flat out suck the majority of the time. It’s a reminder that the weekend is over and that you have to suffer through another five days until you’re able to enjoy the next one.

Everything that has gone wrong in the history of ever probably happened on a Monday. While we know that’s not true, there is some science behind the suckiness that is Monday.

In fact, studies show that most people don’t have a reason to smile until 11:16 a.m. on Mondays. From drinking too much coffee to actually calling in sick, these states have the worst case of Mondays.

Mondays Suck

  • Idaho hates Mondays more than anyone. Idahoans hate Mondays so much that they call in sick more than any other state.
  • North Dakota spends its Mondays more tired than usual while looking up new jobs more than any other state.
  • Oregonians suck down the coffee pot to survive their Mondays.
  • The coffee consumption in Oklahoma on Mondays is half what it is in Oregon.
  • We can assume that Vermont hates Mondays, but we also know the state hates it less than every other state. That’s probably why employees there aren’t tired or calling in sick.
  • Montana hates Mondays the second-most overall and it’s because of the amount of coffee workers pump into their bodies from being so tired.
  • Wyoming is the oddball amongst its neighbors, hating Mondays a little less than them. Even though Wyoming gets a little joy out of Mondays, the day is spent searching for new jobs. So maybe the state hates Mondays more than it lets on.
  • Mondays in Washington consist of drinking coffee. That’s the only way anyone there makes it through to Tuesday.
  • How We Determined This

    We analyzed google search trends to in four areas to determine the most Monday hating states:

    • Jobs
    • Coffee
    • Why am I so tired
    • Call in sick

    Since searches for these types of terms tend to jump on Mondays, we determined these as the most “Monday” problems. From there, we averaged them together to find the crankiest, I-don’t-want-to-go-to-work, why-is-it-Monday-already states.

    Sadly, we were unable to use google trends to find where most people were taking lunchtime naps in their car or staring blankly at their computer screens in desolation.

    We assume there is somewhat of a correlation between people chugging coffee, trying to call in sick, and looking for new jobs, but can’t guarantee it.

    We looked at a full 12 months of search volume, giving each state ample opportunities to reveal its inner Garfield.

    When Tuesday Can’t Come Soon Enough

    When you find yourself wishing for Tuesday, you have a bad case of the Mondays. And turns out, it’s pretty common.

    Maybe it’s a sign that you need a new job or that you should take a personal day. Or perhaps you need to change your weekend sleep routine to match your weekday routine so you’re not so tired on Monday.

    Whatever the reason your Monday sucks, we hope Tuesday is much better.

    States That Hate Mondays the Most

    Rank State
    1 Idaho
    2 Montana
    3 Utah
    4 Oregon
    5 Minnesota
    6 Washington
    7 Colorado
    8 New Mexico
    9 Oklahoma
    10 Nebraska
    11 Hawaii
    12 Arkansas
    13 North Dakota
    14 Nevada
    15 Wisconsin
    16 Missouri
    17 Arizona
    18 Mississippi
    19 Kansas
    20 Louisiana
    21 West Virginia
    22 Tennessee
    23 Iowa
    24 South Dakota
    25 North Carolina
    26 Alabama
    27 Michigan
    28 Texas
    29 South Carolina
    30 California
    31 Virginia
    32 Indiana
    33 Ohio
    34 Pennsylvania
    35 Kentucky
    36 Delaware
    37 Illinois
    38 Georgia
    39 New Hampshire
    40 Florida
    41 Rhode Island
    42 New York
    43 Massachusetts
    44 Maryland
    45 Connecticut
    46 Wyoming
    47 Maine
    48 Alaska
    49 New Jersey
    50 Vermont

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    Amanda Postma

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