9 Temp Jobs That Pay Well (With Salaries And Examples)

By Amanda Covaleski
Sep. 16, 2022
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Many people have heard of temp work and have a general idea of what it means, but it’s easy to miss the positions’ nuances and pass over a valuable employment resource. While the short-term aspect of temp positions may scare some people off, it can actually be an incredible career-building experience.

The best part about temp positions is that there are endless opportunities out there. With temp positions available across industries, in different roles, and all seniority levels, there’s always something you can find to match your skill set.

No matter what your relationship to or knowledge of temporary work is, we’re going to give you the scoop on how you can score a great job.

We’ll walk you through what temp jobs are out there and how you can go about finding them, so read on to find your perfect employment opportunity.

Key Takeaways:

  • The top three temp jobs are retail sales associate, administrative assistant, and call center associate.

  • Most of the jobs require excellent communication skills and customer service skills to succeed.

  • When looking for temp jobs, you should try checking temp agencies, job boards, or your professional network to find the right job for you.

9 Temp Jobs That Pay Well (With Salaries And Examples)

Temp Jobs That Pay Well

There are all kinds of temp jobs out there for every type of skill set and background. Here we’ll give you some of the most common entry-level temp work that you can find to help get you started on your search.

These are some great early-career or entry-level positions that you can take on as you’re getting started in the workforce or with temporary jobs. There are plenty of more advanced and senior temp positions out there if you have more experience and a more specific skill set.

  1. Order fulfillment specialist
    Average Annual Salary: $31,000

    Also known as pickers or packers, order fulfillment positions are plentiful this year, with everyone buying more from online stores. In these roles, you’ll work in a warehouse to pack online orders.

    There are many different types of roles you can have in order fulfillment, and often companies will have a variety of job openings within one warehouse so you can find the job that’s right for you.

    This is also great for those with less experience since the wide variety of jobs provides opportunities for entry-level and senior employees.

    Sometimes companies hire seasonally as their demand increases or decreases, so it’s a great place to look for short-term and long-term temp work.

    Skills needed:

    • Attention to detail

    • Communication skills

    • Time management

    • Hand-eye coordination

    • Decision making

    • Active listening skills

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  2. Retail sales associate cashier
    Average Annual Salary: $31,000

    Companies also need help filling their retail stores, so there are plenty of retail associate temp jobs available. Depending on the season and how the store is doing, there are opportunities to get a seasonal job or extend your time for a long term temp position.

    Retail associates are typically responsible for helping customers, handling transactions, and restocking shelves. Typically these positions are filled by people looking for entry-level work, but there are also sometimes management opportunities in retail.

    Skills needed:

    • Customer service skills

    • Excellent communication

    • Basic math skills and the ability to use a cash register

    • Problem solving skills

    • Patience

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  3. Computer systems analysts
    Average Annual Salary: $76,000

    If you’re great with computers and computer systems, you could find temporary work to help a company refine, build, or analyze its network.

    There are opportunities to support the company during a busy time, or you could work on an important project. If you choose to work during the duration of a project, you can find a job to support the project with your expertise or find a position as a more senior project manager to oversee all of the related work.

    You can expect to make some good money in these temp jobs with a median salary of around $43/hour.

    Skills needed:

    • Problem solving skills

    • Critical thinking skills

    • Analytical thinking

    • Communication

    • Creativity

    • Technical expertise and knowledge of hardware, software, and programming.

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  4. Administrative assistant
    Average Annual Salary: $33,000

    New needs pop up at companies every day, and temporary administrative assistants can help fill any number of gaps at some of the top companies.

    Sometimes they’re needed to take on the work of an employee who is on leave, or the company might need extra support during a hectic time of year.

    The great thing about working as an administrative assistant is that you’ll be at the heart of their operations and get to know everyone while wearing a variety of hats.

    There are also many different roles and skills needed for different admin assistant positions, so you’ll always be able to find a position that matches your resume and your interests.

    Skills needed:

    • Written and verbal communication

    • Attention to detail

    • time management

    • Organization

    • Customer service

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  5. Management consultant
    Average Annual Salary: $95,000

    If you have a background in consulting, acting as a temporary management consultant for a company is a great way to use your skills. Sometimes companies will look for consultants to help them find inefficiencies in their workflow or organization.

    There are opportunities to come in and find where a company can improve its processes, or you could find a temporary position that requires you to analyze the company, then suggest changes and oversee the whole process.

    Skills needed:

    • The ability to work well under pressure

    • Flexibility

    • Problem solving skills

    • Good teamwork skills

    • Communication skills

    • analytical thinking

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  6. Call center associate
    Average Annual Salary: $29,000

    Looking for a flexible job that you can do from the comfort of your own home? Working as a call center associate, also known as a customer support agent, is an excellent opportunity to help customers while working in your house.

    You don’t need much training to succeed as a call center associate, just great people skills, a willingness to help customers, and openness to learn about the company.

    Even if you apply as a temp worker, call center jobs tend to have the possibility to extend to a long-term or even full-time contract, so it’s a great opportunity if you’re interested in finding something that extends into the future.

    Skills needed:

    • Excellent communication skills

    • Problem solving skills

    • Organizational skills

    • The ability to work well under pressure

    • Customer service skills

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  7. Tax professional
    Average Annual Salary: $37,000

    If you’re great with finances, you can find lots of opportunities to help accountants, financial advisors, and auditors during the busy tax season.

    Typically accounting firms look for extra support to help them fill out clients’ tax reports, run financial analyses for companies, and do other work that their staff can’t handle alone during busy times.

    It’s a great way to get some work in the financial sector without committing to a full-time, year-round position. For these temp jobs, you probably need some more advanced education (like a degree in accounting, finance, or a similar field) and work experience in the industry.

    However, they tend to be a bit more lucrative than some other jobs on this list, with a median paycheck around $35/hour.

    Skills needed:

    • Verbal and written communication

    • Understanding of tax law and the preparation process

    • Attention to detail

    • Accurate math and accounting skills

    • Customer service skills

    • Organization skills

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  8. Data entry clerk
    Average Annual Salary: $28,000

    No matter your skill set, you can find work as a data entry clerk in almost any industry. There are many temporary entry-level positions out there to help you get your foot in the door, plus opportunities to advance as you build your skills.

    Usually, all you need are good comprehension skills, great typing skills, and an ability to learn on the job.

    Skills needed:

    • Attention to detail

    • Written and verbal communication skills

    • The ability to work with minimal supervision

    • The ability to multitask

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  9. Nurse
    Average Annual Salary: $59,000

    Sometimes hospitals or other care facilities get overwhelmed with patients and need some extra help from nurses and nurses aides. If you have a license in nursing, you’ll be able to find work as a temporary helper to support whatever care the facility provides to its patients.

    The great part about these temp jobs is that you can work a few of them and get experience across areas to help build up your resume or determine a career path, as long as you have the necessary credentials. While these temp positions require more education and training, it can pay off for temp nurses with a median salary at $35/hour.

    Skills needed:

    • Conflict resolution

    • Problem solving skills

    • Excellent communication

    • The ability to work well under pressure

    • The ability to work with others

    • Critical thinking

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Where to Look for Temp Jobs

With the vast selection of temp work available, it can be hard to know where to start. Luckily, with everything going online, you have more options than ever to find that perfect temp job.

Here are the two main ways you can find temporary work:

  • Job boards. The best place to start is on job boards. Most job search sites have filters that you can use when looking for jobs that allow you to look for temporary positions.

    Using these sites can get you a huge range of jobs that you’ll have to sort through, which has its pros and cons. You’ll get lots of results and find a few positions that can be a good fit, but it might take some digging to find them.

    Looking at specialized job boards for temporary work can yield better results, but don’t discount the more prominent job boards (like ours) either.

    Don’t forget to look at professional job boards that focus on specific fields or industries since they might have more technical positions if your skill set is more niche.

  • Professional networking. Don’t forget about professional networking sites when you’re doing your temp job search. They can be great resources if you’re connected to the right people.

    Look to add any HR recruiters you know or follow companies that you’d like to work for. Sometimes they will post about open jobs instead of creating a full job post on a job board when filling temp positions.

    Professional networks are a great place for HR managers and hiring teams to do temporary recruitment.

  • Temp agency. Another option when you’re looking for temp work is to use a temp agency. Like a staffing agency, these agencies work as a middleman between you and a company to fill short term positions.

    Agencies consider the companies to be their clients, so the service is free to you in most cases. There are a few pros to using an agency, mainly that you have a better idea of what positions are out there and all of the work available is temporary.

    It’s a great way to consistently find temp jobs if you’re looking to move around a bit. You’ll also be considered an employee of the agency when you get hired by a company instead of being a contractor or an employee of that company.

    That set up can have its pros and cons, so make sure you understand the agency’s policies before you sign on since they can have different fine print.

Temp Jobs FAQ

  1. Is it easy to get a temp job?

    Yes, it is easy to get a temp job in some cases. There are several entry-level temp jobs you can apply for. Being entry-level, you’ll need little to no experience to get hired.

    Of course, the ease of entry also depends on the job itself. Some of the easiest to get into with no experience or relevant education are:

    Order Fulfillment Specialist: Also known as packers, all you need to do to fulfill this role is pack online orders. That means you’ll need no relevant experience or education to get started, and your training will likely be quick and straightforward.

    Retail Sales Associate Cashier: Retail associates are typically responsible for helping customers, handling transactions, and restocking shelves. Most temp jobs in this field also require no relevant experience, so you can easily be hired if you have the right soft skills.

    Call Center Associate: Call center associates take calls from customers and resolve issues. One of the biggest perks of this entry-level job is that you can regularly work from home.

  2. Is a temp job worth it?

    Yes, a temp job is usually worth it. When you sign up for and work a temp job, you’re gaining valuable experience you can use down the line. That’s important because you can find a temp job for almost any field, meaning that the temporary work will make it easier for you to pursue your goals.

    Further, if you like the job, you may have the opportunity to pursue a part-time or full-time job at the same company. You just have to keep your eye out for openings.

    On the other hand, even if you hate the job, you’ll have the benefit of it being temporary. So even in that scenario, you’ll get tons of valuable experience for only a minimum amount of pain.

  3. Can you make a living as a temp?

    Yes, you can make a living as a temp worker in the United States. In fact, there are over 16 million temp workers in the U.S.

    One of the best ways to succeed when relying on temporary work is to always be prepared and look for new opportunities. For instance, if you’re currently working as a Retail Sales Associate, and you know your contract will expire in 3 months, start applying for new jobs a month or so before that expiration.

    Further, if you like your current job, don’t hesitate to reach out to your boss about starting a part-time or full-time position. Odds are, if you’re a great worker, you might just be able to turn your temp job into something more.

    Overall though, the key to making a living off temporary work is to keep track of everything. When you know the exact income you need to live comfortably and are prepared for when your job expires, you can take the necessary action to succeed.

  4. Can a temp job become permanent?

    Yes, certain temp jobs can become permanent. Of course, this depends on the job.

    For instance, if you take a temporary job as a cashier, your chances of landing a permanent job will be contingent upon two main factors:

    First, if the business remains busy even after the period of temporary work, they’re more likely to keep their temp workers. On the other hand, if a business hired temp workers for a holiday rush, but there are far fewer customers once January starts, they’re more likely to let their temp workers go.

    Another factor is your quality as a worker. If you’re a highly-skilled worker and have brought a lot to the table, you’re more likely to be offered a permanent job.

  5. Do temps get paid?

    Yes, temps get paid. Any major company will be accountable to the law when it comes to this, but if you’re working for a smaller employer, you just need to hold them accountable. After all, as a worker, you are protected by state and federal law.

    Overall though, as a temporary worker, you can either be paid hourly/bi-weekly like any other employee, or you can be paid at the end of the contract. Either way, you should be paid the same as your permanent counterparts.

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