Best Airport Jobs (And How To Get Them)

By Chris Kolmar - Dec. 14, 2020

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When you think of jobs at an airport, your mind may immediately jump to airline ticket agents, with their name tags, sharp uniforms, and cool, calm demeanors. You’re likely to think of these people right off the bat because they’re typically the first professionals you interact with when you enter an airport.

But the fact is that airports are big, complicated places. At any given time, there are a dizzying number of departments that are busily and harmoniously working in unison to allow for the smooth functioning of any major airport.

Just take a moment to consider the number of airport staff members you pass by or interact with during a typical trip through the airport. After you receive your ticket and check your bags at the airline ticket agent’s desk, you rush to the security gates, where a team of security professionals thoroughly inspects your luggage.

Once those security professionals have cleared you, you begin walking to your gate. At that point, you notice teams of cleaning and maintenance professionals attending to bathrooms, moving walkways, and other public spaces.

After glancing at your watch, you decide that you have enough time to spare a quick trip to a newsstand, where you buy a magazine and a sandwich from a smiling retail clerk. Finally, after arriving at your designated departure gate, you observe crews of airline employees bustling around the area, checking baggage, answering questions, and making announcements on the PA system.

In the span of just a few minutes at the airport, you’ve already brushed shoulders with more professionals than you would encounter during your typical stroll through the downtown area of a major city. An airport, in other words, is a thriving ecosystem in and of itself. In order to function properly, it relies on the diligent efforts of hundreds of employees, each of whom has unique skill sets.

Can you picture yourself being one of those vital airport employees? If so, then this article is for you. Below, we’ll outline twenty airport job openings across the country that are currently awaiting your application.

But before we get to that, let’s first take a quick look at the process of finding and applying for an airport job that will be right for you.

The Process of Applying for an Airport Job

Like the job search process in any industry, landing a role in an airport will require careful attention to a series of steps.

The first step is to research job opportunities in your area. This can be approached in a variety of ways. For example, you might consider paying a visit to an online job board or careers search website. You can also partner with a recruiter who will be able to pair you with job opportunities that are closely aligned with your background experience, skills, and career goals.

Job type you want
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Finally, if you already know the specific role that you’d like to apply for, you could even go straight to the website of an airline (or that of your local airport). There you’ll find out if there are currently any open job postings available for that position.

Once you have an idea of the specific types of available jobs, the next step will be to clean up your resume and cover letter. Both of these documents will play an essential role in your efforts to impress and land a job interview with a hiring manager or potential employer. And while you’re at it, you should also spend some time reviewing and updating your LinkedIn profile.

After your resume, cover letter, and online profiles have been polished, you’ll be all set to start applying for airport jobs in your area.

20 Airport Jobs Across the United States That Are Hiring Now

Are you someone who’s looking for a working environment where you can meet and interact with diverse people from all over the world? Are you looking for a job that can provide you with competitive benefits and advancement opportunities?

If you said “yes” to either of the questions above, then you may want to consider pursuing a job at an airport.

Here are twenty airport career opportunities in the United States that are currently open to applicants (as well as brief descriptions of the roles taken from the original job postings):

  1. Job title: Airport Cargo Agent, Los Angeles, CA.

    Key responsibilities/qualifications: “Loading, unloading and sorting aircraft cargo, scanning product loads for shipment, overseeing drop off and recovery of aircraft materials. The ideal candidate for this position should have excellent communication skills and an outstanding work ethic.

  2. Job title: Airline Customer Service Agent with American Airlines, San Francisco, CA.

    Key responsibilities/qualifications: “Provides assistance with passenger check-in and cargo acceptance. Promotes and sells air travel to the traveling public or freight forwarders.”

  3. Job title: Concierge team member, Airport Terminal Services, Inc. Seattle, WA.

    Key responsibilities/qualifications: “Ensure total client satisfaction, greet and assist clients’ curbside, at airport gates, or arrival halls and escort them to their desired next points within the airport. Knowledgeable about all airport amenities such as restaurant services, retail locations, and airline ticket counter and gate information. Develop and maintain professional rapport with regulating agencies and airlines within the airport. Exhibit utmost confidentiality with clients and client information.”

  4. Job title: Cabin Cleaner with United Ground Express, Denver, CO.

    Key responsibilities/qualifications: “Remove all trash from aircraft and clean and restock all lavatories, clean aircraft floor. Clean galley, all seats, seat back pockets, tray tables and replace soiled magazines. Fold blankets and store blankets and pillows in overhead compartments. Provision service items such as blankets, pillows, amenity kits and magazines in designated locations onboard the aircraft with accuracy that meets the client’s appearance and quality control standards.”

  5. Job title: Airport Ticket Sales Agent with Virgin America Airlines, Dallas, TX.

    Key responsibilities/qualifications: “Must be able to lift up to 70 lbs and have basic computer skills.”

  6. Job title: Airline Ramp Agent with Piedmont Airlines, Inc. Kansas City, MO.

    Key responsibilities/qualifications: “Successful completion of training course. At least 18 years of age. High school diploma or GED. Valid driver’s license.”

  7. Job title: Full-time Warehouse Cargo Agent, Chicago, IL.

    Key responsibilities/qualifications: “Will be responsible for tie down, break down of cargo pallets/containers, incoming/outgoing shipments and movement of cargo for Staffing/Employment Agencies company.”

  8. Job title: Gate Agent with Prospect Airport Services, Inc. Chicago, IL.

    Key responsibilities/qualifications: “Assists passengers and checks flight tickets at entrance gate or station when boarding or disembarking an airplane. Verifies names on passenger manifest. Directs passengers to air-terminal facilities. Opens the gate or allows passengers to board the airplane.”

  9. Job title: Airport Duty Manager, Cincinnati, OH.

    Key responsibilities/qualifications: “Responsible for maintaining full situational awareness of all facets of airport operations to ensure the safe, efficient, and secure operation of the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Intl. Airport. This incudes implementing incident management processes to ensure effective management of small, medium and large scale incidents.”

  10. Job title: Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Airport Security Officer, Cleveland, OH.

    Key responsibilities/qualifications: “Airport Security Officers provide security and protection of air travelers, airports and aircraft in a courteous and professional manner.”

  11. Job title: Airport Operations Officer with JetBlue Airways, Boston, MA.

    Key responsibilities/qualifications: “Tagging, lifting, and handling customer luggage. Preparing aircraft for flight. Operating and maintaining airport equipment.”

  12. Job title: FedEx Airport Ramp Agent, New York City, NY.

    Key responsibilities/qualifications: “Load and unload aircraft. Drive tractor-trailers to deliver loads. Perform airport ramp functions. Conform to airport regulations.”

  13. Job title: Cabin Service Agent, New York, NY.

    Key responsibilities/qualifications: “The Cabin Service Agent is responsible for ensuring the aircraft and passenger area is thoroughly cleaned and restocked with food, beverage, magazines, pillows and other supplies within assigned time limits to enable an on-time departure of aircraft. Cabin Service Agents may also serve as Liquor Agents responsible for ensuring liquor bottles are sorted and stocked in the aircraft; Warehouse Agents are responsible for maintaining the cabin service supply room, ensuring that the supplies are updated and are prepared for loading; Lavatory Agents are responsible for the unloading of aircraft lavatory waste.”

  14. Job title: Customer Service Agent (part-time) for American Airlines, Richmond, VA.

    Key responsibilities/qualifications: “Promotes and sells air travel to the traveling public or freight forwarders. Provides assistance with passenger check-in and cargo acceptance. Interprets government rules and requirements for domestic and international travel or cargo shipments. Meets and dispatches aircraft within established times. Provides assistance to distressed passengers and customers.”

  15. Job title: Airport Security Officer, Atlanta, GA.

    Key responsibilities/qualifications: “Screening cargo. Performing aircraft monitoring. Patrolling the airport.”

  16. Job title: Aircraft Fueler, New Orleans, LA.

    Key responsibilities/qualifications: “Have a valid driver’s license with a clean driving record within the last 3 years (no DUIs, suspension, more than 2 moving violations serious charges), be able to pass a drug test, background check and fingerprinting, be available to work all shifts, weekends and holidays.”

  17. Job title: Line Service Technician, Charleston, SC.

    Key responsibilities/qualifications: “Performs a variety of duties related to providing requested services to general aviation aircraft, crews, and passengers. Safely and accurately conducting flight line operations in accordance with established policies and procedures. Reporting to work as scheduled. Maintaining a safe and secure ramp. Preventive maintenance. Provide lavatory and water service as requested.”

  18. Job title: Airport Agent (cross-functional), Key West, FL.

    Key responsibilities/qualifications: “Guide and direct incoming and outgoing aircraft on the taxiway to ensure that they are entering or leaving their gate safely and on-time. Load unload sort and appropriately transfer passenger baggage cargo/freight and company materials. Some of these items can weigh up to 75 lbs. Drive ground equipment such as tugs to help the plane push in/out of the gate belt loaders to help load baggage and bag carts to deliver baggage to the claim area or the connecting flight. Collaborate with the internal team to ensure a safe and on-time departure. May clean the interior of the aircraft and service aircraft lavatories.”

  19. Job title: Air Traffic Control Operator (Army National Guard), Lexington, KY.

    Key responsibilities/qualifications: “Control airborne and ground traffic. Assist in the installation/relocation of tactical air traffic control facilities. Process flight plan data and maintain logs, records, files, and tape recordings of voice communications.”

  20. Job title: Driver with Enterprise Holdings, Louisville, KY.

    Key responsibilities/qualifications: “The Driver delivers vehicles and in some instances, customers, employees or vendors safely and timely to the appropriate destination(s) while giving helpful, courteous and professional customer service.”

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