The Rudest States In The United States

By Kathy Morris - May. 26, 2021

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How do you measure rudeness?

Sure, you know it when you see it (or worse experience it.) But can rudeness be broken down to the numbers? If so, where do you start?

In swear words? In bad tips and worse attitudes? Or maybe it’s the melody of honking that results from a rude driver’s disregard for basic traffic laws.

We set out to make rudeness a science and delved into the data to find the rudest states. Keep reading to see the rudest states, where bad driving and bad attitudes are abundant.

The Rudest States

  1. Rhode Island
  2. Massachusetts
  3. Virginia
  4. New York
  5. California
  6. Washington
  7. New Jersey
  8. Utah
  9. Illinois
  10. Ohio

These 10 states are pretty rude. From tail-gating to cursing out customer service reps, these states could use an attitude check.

How We Determined This

To determined which states are the rudest, we looked at 4 areas:

  • Percent of rude drivers
  • Average tip
  • Amount of cursing to customer service agents
  • How rude the rest of the country finds the state

First we looked at the percentage of rude drivers (defined as drivers with failure to yield violations, failure to stop violations, improper backing, passing where prohibited, tailgating, street racing, and hit-and-runs on their record) according to Insurify. Here that honking? They think you’re a buffoon.

We then turned to the average tip in each state according to Square. Tipping is an unenforced social custom, failure to meet it is pretty rude.

From there, we looked at LivePerson’s ranking of the states where users are most likely to use profanity to poor, helpless customer service reps.

Finally, we turned to a YouGov survey of 75,000 Americans to find what percent of respondents thought each state’s residents were “more rude” than most other Americans. After all, if everyone thinks you’re a jerk, you just might be.

Keep reading to see a ranked list of all 50 states, and where your state lands on the list.

1. Rhode Island

rhode island class=

Average Tip: 15.3%
Percent Of Rude Drivers: 3.1

Rhode Islanders are pretty rude (sorry, but the data doesn’t lie.) Not only are Rhode Islanders mediocre tippers prone to jerk-y driving, they are also pretty rude to customer service reps. Not convinced? Just ask the 42% of people who say people in Rhode Island are ruder than most states. Ouch.

2. Massachusetts

massachusetts class=

Average Tip: 15.0%
Percent Of Rude Drivers: 3.1

In 2nd place is Massachusetts. The average tip in expensive to live Massachusetts is only 15%. Yikes. I bet they ask for extra lemons too and split meals, too.

3. Virginia

virginia class=

Average Tip: 16.0%
Percent Of Rude Drivers: 5.0

What makes Virginians so rude? Their driving! 5% of Virginian drivers have driving infractions for rude behavior like tailgating or illegal passing. That amounts to 1-in-20.

4. New York

new york class=

Average Tip: 15.6%
Percent Of Rude Drivers: 4.5

New York, New York, what a rude place! 4.5 percent of New York drivers have no road manners. Maybe that’s why 30% of people say New Yorkers are ruder than most other states.

5. California

california class=

Average Tip: 15.2%
Percent Of Rude Drivers: 3.1

Sunny California could use an attitude adjustment. Not only are they scrimping on the tips, but apparently the rest of the country thinks they are super rude.

6. Washington

washington class=

Average Tip: 16.3%
Percent Of Rude Drivers: 3.1

In 6th place is Washington. 3.1% of Washington folks don’t think basic road rules apply to them.

7. New Jersey

new jersey class=

Average Tip: 15.5%
Percent Of Rude Drivers: 3.6

New Jersey residents are counting cents when it comes to tips. However, manners cost nothing and according to 34% of survey respondents New Jersey residents don’t have those either.

8. Utah

utah class=

Average Tip: 16.6%
Percent Of Rude Drivers: 3.6

Utah is known for being pretty clean-cut and nice mannered. However, if you ask customer service representatives they might tell you something a little different. This is because Utah residents have potty mouths. In fact, they use swear words on the line more than all but 4 other states. That’s not nice.

9. Illinois

illinois class=

Average Tip: 16.4%
Percent Of Rude Drivers: 3.1

22% of people think Illinois residents are ruder than average.

10. Ohio

ohio class=

Average Tip: 16.7%
Percent Of Rude Drivers: 4.3

In 10th place is Ohio. Ohioans might be the best tippers in the top 10- But that is hardly an excuse for their honk-worthy bad manners on the road.

All 50 states, Ranked from Most Rude To Least

Rank State Average Tip Percent Of Rude Drivers
1 Rhode Island 15.3% 3
2 Massachusetts 15.0% 3
3 Virginia 16.0% 5
4 New York 15.6% 4
5 California 15.2% 3
6 Washington 16.3% 3
7 New Jersey 15.5% 3
8 Utah 16.6% 3
9 Illinois 16.4% 3
10 Ohio 16.7% 4
11 Connecticut 15.9% 2
12 Maryland 15.9% 2
13 Wyoming 16.8% 4
14 Oregon 16.4% 3
15 South Dakota 16.1% 3
15 Wisconsin 16.5% 3
17 Pennsylvania 16.7% 2
18 Florida 16.4% 2
18 Georgia 16.4% 4
18 Iowa 17.0% 4
21 Michigan 16.8% 2
21 Tennessee 15.9% 2
23 Alaska 17.1% 3
24 Colorado 16.6% 3
25 Idaho 17.4% 4
26 Nevada 16.6% 1
27 Kansas 16.8% 3
28 Indiana 17.1% 2
29 Hawaii 14.8% 3
30 Missouri 16.6% 2
30 New Mexico 16.9% 1
30 North Dakota 16.8% 3
33 Montana 16.4% 2
34 Oklahoma 16.8% 2
35 Texas 16.6% 2
36 Arizona 17.3% 2
37 New Hampshire 16.7% 2
38 West Virginia 17.3% 1
39 Nebraska 16.7% 3
40 Alabama 16.6% 2
40 Delaware 17.2% 4
40 Maine 16.0% 1
43 Louisiana 16.6% 2
44 Minnesota 16.0% 2
45 South Carolina 16.7% 2
46 Kentucky 17.0% 1
47 Vermont 16.0% 1
48 North Carolina 16.7% 1
49 Arkansas 16.9% 2
50 Mississippi 17.0% 1

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