The Weirdest, Most Out There Town Name In Each State

By Amanda Postma
Jul. 23, 2020

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If you’ve ever been on a road trip, you’ll probably recall seeing some pretty funny town names.

It’s even possible you live in a town that has a weird name.

While there’s no clear cut way of how these towns get their names, they are normally named after a person, an administrative activity, a historical occurrence, or even a geographical feature.

We scraped the internet to find the weirdest town names in each state. Keep reading to look through the entire list.

Summary of the Weirdest Town Names

We picked out some of our favorite town names from the list. The ones we didn’t write about were just too weird to even comprehend. Seriously, though. Where’s the thought behind Fearnowville, Hopeulikit, Sopchoppy, and Cheesequake?

  • Boring, Oregon: The Boring town name isn’t necessarily a selling point for anyone trying to visit so you have to wonder what prompts someone to name a town that. What’s more, there are 3 other states in the U.S. with a “Boring” town. Bland, Virginia; Dull, Ohio; and Okay, Oklahoma aren’t that great for tourism either.
  • Waterproof, Louisiana: I think it’s safe to say that a town named Waterproof in a state on the coast is probably not actually waterproof.
  • Booger Hole, West Virginia: What’s up with town names revolving around boogers? There’s also a town in Arkansas named Booger Hollow.
  • Handsome Eddy, New York: The state with objectionably the greatest city in the world (cue Hamilton song) is also home to a town called Handsome Eddy. Who’s Eddy and what makes him handsome?
  • Ninety Six, South Carolina: Apparently a number can be a town name; you just have to spell it out. And this isn’t the only town with a number for a name. Number Eight, Missouri just isn’t good enough to be Number One.

Weird is the Name of the Game

It’s not uncommon to find some weird town names during a long road trip. Usually, the names provide some comedic relief, which is especially important for longer drives.

Plus, these town names can prove useful during the ABC game where you find the entire alphabet using road signs and billboards, especially if you pass through Zzyzx, California.

Yes, that is a real town, and yes, it includes the last three letters of the alphabet which are generally the hardest to find during the game. Maybe these towns are named for a reason.

Despite the reason you stumble across these names, I think we can all agree that they’re weird. Be sure to check out the full list of weird town names below.

State City
Alabama Frog Eye
Alaska Eek
Arizona Catfish Paradise
Arkansas Booger Hollow
California Mormon Bar
Colorado Fearnowville
Connecticut Terramuggus
Delaware Flea Hill
Florida Sopchoppy
Georgia Hopeulikit
Hawaii Volcano
Idaho Beer Bottle Crossing
Illinois Chicken Bristle
Indiana Bean Blossom
Iowa What Cheer
Kansas Skiddy
Kentucky Paint Lick
Louisiana Waterproof
Maine Bald Head
Maryland Accident
Massachusetts Satan’s Kingdom
Michigan Free Soil
Minnesota Castle Danger
Mississippi Possumneck
Missouri Number Eight
Montana Big Sag
Nebraska Worms
Nevada Jackpot
New Hampshire Dummer
New Jersey Cheesequake
New Mexico Elephant Butte
New York Handsome Eddy
North Carolina Whynot
North Dakota Zap
Ohio Dull
Oklahoma Okay
Oregon Boring
Pennsylvania Frackville
Rhode Island Woonsocket
South Carolina Ninety Six
South Dakota Plenty Bears
Tennessee Bean Station
Texas Ding Dong
Utah Nibley
Vermont Mosquitoville
Virginia Bland
Washington Big Bottom
West Virginia Booger Hole
Wisconsin Egg Harbor
Wyoming Chugwater

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