6 Latest Recruitment Trends to Implement in 2019

By Aditya S - Jun. 19, 2019
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Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Aditya S. His opinions are his own.

There is no denying that technology is changing the way we see the world. It has created a whole new world and is expanding into new markets every day. The use of technology is increasing day by day and professionals of different sectors are utilizing various techniques to advance and progress in their ways. The advent of technology is also helping recruiters and HR agencies.

Technology has changed the way HR managers and recruiter directors do their tasks and jobs. The whole recruitment industry has changed, and the old-school techniques that were used by the recruiters have also changed with the coming of the Internet and the technologies.

Every year, there are some new recruitment tactics which come into play. In this article, we will discuss some of the modern recruiting trends which are worth implementing. Finding and hiring ideal candidates is a tough as well as expensive job. The recruiting landscape is changing every single day, and if you’re looking for the best employees, it is crucial to have an appropriate recruiting approach. Increase your recruiting efficiency and revising and making changes in your existing plan.

Following are some of the trends that will help in improving your recruiting process:

1. Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment marketing is growing and is emerging as one of the top trends in 2019. It is a combination of strategies and tactics used by an organization to attract and engage the job seekers. The main aim of having a recruitment strategy is to attract the top candidates to fill the open position by making it more appealing for the candidates. Follow the latest trends in the market and create an effective strategy.

2. Go mobile

Last year, Google announced that it is moving more sites to the mobile-first indexing process. The company said it has already begun the process of and will be rolling more sites to mobile-first indexing. The change was amended to enhance the researcher’s experience. In this age of the digital world, a lot of candidates are searching for jobs using their mobile phones.

According to a study, about 45% of candidates use their phones at least once a day for job hunting. The study also reveals that 16% of job seekers submit their application through their mobile phones. However, many recruiters have still not adapted to this change. To make the selection process more efficient and effective, you should chat and interact with them on a mobile device. Make this a part of your recruiting strategy and speed up your recruiting process.

3. Adopt inbound recruiting

There are two recruiting strategies majorly used in recruiting talent acquisition: Inbound and outbound. In outbound strategy, the recruiter searches for and contacts candidates whereas inbound strategy is more about creating and building relationships with the candidates over a long time. In the inbound recruiting process, the recruiter or the company uses different digital marketing strategies to engage the group of passive and active job seekers. Switch from outbound and engage and attract more candidates.

4. Say goodbye to paper resumes

A lot of candidates and job seekers are using mobile technologies to apply to various job applications, and we suggest you do the same. Start focusing on evaluating the soft skills of the candidate. Apart from the paper resume, the companies should start evaluating the digital portfolios of the candidate.

Social media and video submissions will create an accurate and more powerful first impression. You’d be easily able to recognize and evaluate if they are suitable candidates or not.

The whole society is going digital; the video interviews and resumes are becoming more mainstream. So, as a job seeker, you should start building your digital portfolio and create an innovative video resume.

5. The growing use of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence is replacing a lot of tasks, but it is true that it will not replace all jobs. AI is impacting a lot of industries, and one of them is the job market. AI is becoming a must-have in the recruiter’s toolbox, and the recruiters should start working with the assistance of AI.

In 2018, we saw the use of AI in recruitment whereas in 2019, the trend is increasing and it is time you should also implement it. Artificial Intelligence software such as HireVue and Knockri can help in detecting and assessing the nervousness of the candidates from their body languages. These technologies can also help in determining if the candidates are answering the questions truthfully or not.

Big companies such as PepsiCo have already started using AI to conduct their interviews. They use automated video messages and phone calls. The system also provides enough time for the candidates to give answers to each question.

6. Gamification and Virtual Reality (VR)

Gamification is one of the most surprising developments in the process of recruiting. It is a viral new trend and is one of the best ways to decide if the candidate is the right fit or not. It involves using the elements of games and then plugging it with other non-gaming features such as business and the corporate world. Companies are using this method to understand how the candidate will react under a specific situation and several pressures.

Another exciting development is the use of virtual reality in the onboarding process. Incorporating virtual reality will improve the interview process and will also increase hiring efficiency. The use of virtual reality will give you a better picture of how the candidates will respond in the practical settings.

Create an interactive game for job seekers and use gamification with VR technology to make the process more efficient and effective.

The role of HR and recruiters has changed over the past and will continue to improve in the further year which is why it is crucial to keep an eye on the latest trends. These are some of the trends that you should implement this year. Apply them effectively with the right methods and take your recruiting strategy to another level.

Aditya works as a Growth Assistant at AirTract.Com. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science Engineering and has been working in the field of Digital Marketing for the past two years. He is also a voracious reader and a big sports fan.


Aditya S

Aditya works as a Growth Assistant at AirTract.Com. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science Engineering and has been working in the field of Digital Marketing for the past two years. He is also a voracious reader and a big sports fan.

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