How To Improve Recruiting When You Have Bad Reputation

By Guest blogger - Jan. 14, 2016
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Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Simone Smith of Online Courses Australia. Her opinions are her own.

It’s fairly easy to attract new talent into your organisation if it boasts a sterling reputation in the sector and is associated with values like innovation or industry leadership. Right?

But what do you do if you’re dealing with the opposite scenario? If, for whatever reason, your organisation doesn’t have the greatest reputation out there in the market?

The reputation of any business is absolutely key to its recruitment strategy, since even unemployed people would rather remain without a job than join the ranks of a company with a bad reputation.

If you’re recruiting for an enterprise surrounded by a lot of negativity, here are some tips to help you change the public perception and attract talented workers in the process.

1. Deal with negative opinions

The worst thing you can do to your company and its recruiting process is to allow those negative comments to run wild while you just sit and hope for the general opinion about your company to improve.

Be proactive! If you see a negative comment about the company, try to respond to it in a calm and polite way.

Be sure to monitor your online brand and address negative reviews as quickly as possible. Ignoring them, you’ll show that you don’t care about your brand reputation or that you simply cannot defend yourself because all of it is true.

Show what it takes to succeed at the organization and share stories which explain what kind of people will be satisfied with working here.

2. Give a voice to your people

No matter how much you praise your company and explain (or perhaps ‘defend’) the reasons behind its bad reputation, if you are the boss, candidates will expect you to do this and disregard your efforts.

Allowing your employees, collaborators and customers to communicate their stories and experiences is your best strategy for showing a positive perspective on the company that is genuine.

It’s their feedback that candidates will find most believable. Be sure to benefit from this powerful resource and use the help of your employees to build company reputation. Encourage your staff to share honest opinions about what is great and what could be improved about your organization.

Always let them know how much you appreciate their feedback and engagement.

3. Use social media

Building you employer reputation is most effective on platforms used by everyone in the industry, from brands and their employees to job candidates.

Social media is there to help you gain a degree of control over your reputation.

Build a positive image of your organisation by showing what’s happening behind the scenes, promoting interesting industry content, sharing company photos, and linking to key resources in your posts to engage your followers and employees.

4. Create captivating job stories

Turn your job postings into interesting stories to avoid sounding boring and offer candidates a look into the opportunity, all the while making it even more attractive.

Draw a picture of their role in the company, describe the kind of environment they’ll be working at and construct a vision of a fantastic job opportunity.

Switching job descriptions for job stories is your best strategy for building a positive employer brand for your organization.

5. Revamp your LinkedIn profile

When rethinking your personal LinkedIn strategy, do it with one aim in mind – to show that you’re a recruiter who specializes in hiring a specific type of candidate.

Expect prospective candidates to vet you just as much as you vet them. Candidates will check out your profile to see how influential you are in their sector.

If you present yourself as a general recruiter, they might think that you’re not well-versed in hiring their skill sets and your requests will likely be denied.

6. Address a broader group of professionals

Have you spent a lot of time and effort trying to attract the desired candidates but so far to no avail?

Perhaps it’s time to broaden the scope of your search and count on those candidates who wouldn’t be discouraged by your reputation. Even if they didn’t work in the sector before or have only partial experience compared to what you’re asking for, you still might bring value to the organization by hiring them.

Hiring for a company with a bad reputation is challenging, but those tips will help you to work out a strategy for boosting your employer brand and attracting talented candidates.

Simone Smith is an experienced blogger working at Online Courses Australia where she shares her stories connected to business, self-improvement and careers. In her free time, she enjoys traveling and learning about foreign cultures.


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