Each State’s Most Embarrassing Thanksgiving Google Search

By Kathy Morris
Nov. 21, 2022

Most Embarrassing Google Search By State Research Summary

  • Stuffing was the most Google-searched Thanksgiving recipe in 2021, being #1 in 49 out of 50 states.

  • The most google searched Thanksgiving question in 2022 is “When is Thanksgiving?” Imagine showing up at a vacant aunt’s house on Wednesday.

  • In 2022, searching for Thanksgiving dessert has been more popular than searching for Thanksgiving dinner.

  • Searches for “happy thanksgiving gif” and “happy thanksgiving meme” have been up 450% within the past week.

Ah, Thanksgiving. A day for being thankful for a good family, good food, and general positivity.

However, judging from Google searches, it’s also a day of kitchen disasters, uncomfortable family moments, longing for Taco Bell, and way too much mayo.

We analyzed Google Search Trends data to find out what each state is googling more than any other on Thanksgiving.

Turns out, some states have a little bit more to be embarrassed about than others.

Most Fun Findings

  • Toilets are clogged (Maine), no plungers to be found (Indiana), and someone’s got food poisoning (Michigan). Happy Thanksgiving?

  • Oregon is asking “How to call in sick,” not so coincidentally they are most likely to google “last minute thanksgiving”

  • Mayo. Mayo everywhere in Mississippi.

  • Searching for divorce or divorce lawyer is never how anyone plans to spend Thanksgiving, hopefully it wasn’t inspired by the holiday itself

  • Why is Massachusetts googling “Bad Thanksgiving” so much?

  • Oh, Tennessee, the question isn’t “Can you cook a turkey in the microwave” but SHOULD you. No.

  • I’m not saying Pennsylvania families fight more on Thanksgiving, but they do look up “How To Win An Argument” the most

  • Forget turkey and stuffing, people want Taco Bell (North Dakota), McDonalds (Wyoming), Little Ceasars (Arizona), and Applebees (New Hampshire).

  • Nevada may be spending “Thanksgiving alone,” but Florida is looking for “Pictures Of Happy Thanksgiving”, which seems way sadder.


Using Google Trends, we determined the most embarrassing thing each state googles for Thanksgiving more than any other. Google searches are a great way to learn more about people, because people Google pretty transparently, with no self-conscious thoughts. Although judging from the data, maybe they should feel a little self-conscious.

We look at searches ranging for the week of Thanksgiving 2019, giving us a good look into what people are thinking during Turkey week- and Turkey day itself.

We searched hundreds of terms ranging from unpleasant family situations, awkward bathroom problems, fast food restaurants, cringy social media memes, and other queries you might not be super proud of searching.

While the holiday may look a little different, there are still bound to be lots of people looking for liquor or trying to recipe-rescue a dish. Some things never change.

Don’t Stop Googling

Look, this isn’t to Thanksgiving shame you.

If you’re thankful for the Crunchwrap Supreme or that Waffle House serves hashbrowns even on holidays, who are we to judge? Thanksgiving is one of only 10 federal holidays. If you’re lucky enough to be off, you should spend it with people and food you love.

Similarly, if the gravy’s too salty or the turkey’s too dry.. that is okay. At the end of the day, holidays aren’t always about the food. They are about how you spend them.

Hopefully, even if you have to choke down the turkey, you still have a day that leaves you feeling pretty thankful.

Embarrassing Google Searches

State Embarrassing Search
Alabama Mac And Cheese With Cream Cheese
Alaska Divorce Lawyer
Arizona Is Little Caesars Open Today
Arkansas Sweet Potato Casserole With Canned Yams
California Racist Grandma
Colorado Butterball Turkey Hotline
Connecticut Vegan Mushroom Gravy
Delaware Hallmark Christmas Movies
Florida Pictures Of Happy Thanksgiving
Georgia Waffle House Open On Thanksgiving
Hawaii Thanksgiving Meme
Idaho Divorce
Illinois Turkey Or Ham
Indiana How To Unclog A Toilet Without A Plunger
Iowa Die Hard 2
Kansas How To Get Rid Of Hangover
Kentucky Velveeta Broccoli Casserole
Louisiana Racist Family
Maine Clogged Toilet
Maryland Thanksgiving Eve Meme
Massachusetts Bad Thanksgiving
Michigan How To Treat Food Poisoning
Minnesota Undercooked Turkey
Mississippi Mayo Recipes
Missouri Thanksgiving Dad Jokes
Montana How To Cough
Nebraska Funny Knock Knock Jokes
Nevada Thanksgiving Alone
New Hampshire Applebees Hours
New Jersey Can Dogs Eat Cranberry Sauce
New Mexico Fast Food Open
New York Leather
North Carolina Broken Oven
North Dakota Taco Bell Near Me
Ohio Ohio State Michigan Memes 2019
Oklahoma How To Open A Jar
Oregon How To Call In Sick
Pennsylvania How To Win An Argument
Rhode Island Liquor Stores Open On Thanksgiving
South Carolina Microwave Turkey Joke
South Dakota Betrayal
Tennessee Can you cook a turkey in the microwave
Texas Can Dogs Eat Stuffing
Utah Difference Between Yams And Sweet Potato
Vermont National Dog Show
Virginia Vegan Thanksgiving Meme
Washington Smoking Oven
West Virginia Golden Corral Thanksgiving Hours
Wisconsin What Does It Mean If Your Poop Is Green
Wyoming Is Mcdonalds Open

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