Most Hungover States on New Year’s Day

By Amanda Postma - Jan. 6, 2021

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With the holidays coming to an end, the drinks have slowed and the hangovers have commenced.

We looked into it and found that there are some states where drinkers can hang. Then again, there are also some states where drinkers can’t hang.

And those states are battling the worst hangovers in the U.S. right now.

There’s just something about starting your new year off right, and with a hangover your year is doomed from the beginning.

So we found the states that searched the most for a hangover cure right around New Year’s Day. Our advice? Maybe just drink less next time.

Summary of the Most Hungover States on New Years’

  • Colorado was the most hungover around New Years’. Maybe it’s the high altitude in combination with the alcohol or maybe residents are just excited for a nightcap after a long day on the slopes.
  • Alaska, North Dakota, Rhode Island, and South Dakota weren’t hungover on New Year’s. Perhaps this is where the hangover cure is located.
  • Louisiana was 32 on our list of most hungover, which is interesting because according to data that we found, the state loves champagne the most. That also happens to be the drink of choice for New Year’s.
  • North Dakota likes champagne the least so it makes sense why no one is hungover there on New Year’s.
  • The place where the New Year celebration really kicks off is in New York. What’s surprising is that the state only comes in at No. 7 when it comes to being most hungover.
  • Fun Facts About Hangovers

  • Hangovers cost about $148 billion each year just from people calling in sick and poor work performance.
  • The bubbles in champagne makes a hangover way worse.
  • Roughly 20-30 percent of people don’t experience hangovers due to their genes.

    This one was fairly simple.

    We turned to Google Trends to find which states were searching for some good old internet medical advice for their hangovers.

    Odds are pretty good if you’re googling “hangover cures” and “how to get rid of a hangover” your head is pounding and you want to die.

    We looked at search volume from December 31st to January 4th, giving everyone plenty of time to stop drinking and wish they hadn’t drunk quite as much.

    Most Hungover States

    1. Colorado
    2. Alabama
    3. Wyoming
    4. New Hampshire
    5. Delaware
    6. Illinois
    7. New York
    8. Texas
    9. Connecticut
    10. Kansas

    When There’s No Cure

    There may be no cure for a hangover, but we’re going to bet that’s not going to stop you from drinking.

    Just as sure as Colorado woke up with a splitting headache on New Year’s Day, people will continue drinking too much on New Year’s Eve.

    Most Hungover States on New Year’s

    Rank State Hangovers
    1 Colorado 100
    2 Alabama 81
    3 Wyoming 80
    4 New Hampshire 78
    5 Delaware 74
    6 Illinois 67
    7 New York 65
    8 Texas 64
    9 Connecticut 64
    10 Kansas 61
    11 Hawaii 60
    12 Vermont 59
    13 Nebraska 58
    14 California 57
    15 Kentucky 57
    16 Nevada 56
    17 Missouri 52
    18 Wisconsin 52
    19 Idaho 49
    20 Indiana 48
    21 Tennessee 48
    22 Ohio 48
    23 Pennsylvania 47
    24 Arkansas 44
    25 New Jersey 44
    26 Massachusetts 44
    27 Oregon 43
    28 Michigan 43
    29 Montana 42
    30 Florida 40
    31 Iowa 40
    32 Louisiana 39
    33 North Carolina 36
    34 Utah 36
    35 Washington 33
    36 Maryland 32
    37 South Carolina 30
    38 Maine 29
    39 Minnesota 27
    40 West Virginia 25
    41 Georgia 23
    42 Oklahoma 23
    43 Arizona 21
    44 Virginia 20
    45 New Mexico 19
    46 Mississippi 17
    47 Alaska 0
    48 North Dakota 0
    49 Rhode Island 0
    50 South Dakota 0

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