The Junior Colleges With The Highest Earning Graduates In Each State

By Heidi Cope
Aug. 1, 2018

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Junior Colleges With Highest Earning Graduates Map

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Do you feel stressed about needing to get a bachelor’s or graduate degree in order to make enough money to live?

These days, it seems as if having a four-year degree is the new job requirement, but our research shows that going to school longer doesn’t always mean making more money.

Previously, we have analyzed which small schools have the top earning graduates by state. But this time, we are taking a step back and researching which junior colleges, the underdogs of higher education, have the highest earners in each state.

Junior colleges are community colleges or institutions that offer technical degrees, associates degrees, or bridging programs for bachelor degrees. Here is an overview of the top 10 bank-makers:

  1. Cochran School of Nursing – New York
  2. Los Angeles County College of Nursing and Allied Health – California
  3. University of Pittsburgh-Titusville – Pennsylvania
  4. Laboure College – Massachusetts
  5. Aultman College of Nursing and Health Sciences – Ohio
  6. Maine College of Health Professions – Maine
  7. University of South Carolina-Lancaster – South Carolina
  8. Dunwoody College of Technology – Minnesota
  9. Potomac State College of West Virginia University – West Virginia
  10. Highlands College of Montana Tech – Montana

As you can see, getting a technical degree in the health sciences can result in a well-paid job in as little as two years of schooling!

But even if healthcare isn’t your forte, there are many professions, such a web developer, computer programmer, or police officer that are possible after completing an technical or associate’s degree.

So if you feel getting an advanced degree is not the educational path for you, never fear! Zippia has done the work for you to find a junior college that is right for you and your wallet.

How We Determined The Highest Earning Junior Colleges

Using the most recent College Scorecard data, we looked at the junior colleges in each state with the highest average earners 10 years after entry.

In data-mining talk, the variable we focused on for this study was MN_EARN_WNE_P10. This translates to the mean earnings of graduates working 10 years after entry.

Lucky for us, data was available for schools in every state, allowing us to accurately rank the junior colleges.

1. Cochran School of Nursing

Location: Yonkers, NY
Median Earnings At 10 Yrs: $82,700

With a whopping $80k+ salary ten years after entry, the Cochran School of Nursing ranks first for top earners. To put that into perspective, a nursing degree could make you around the same average salary as a physical therapist, but with three to five years less schooling.

Cochran School of Nursing has flexible programs and many affiliate schools, so getting your BSN in two years or less after graduation from Cochran can be quick and easy.

2. Los Angeles County College of Nursing and Allied Health

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Median Earnings At 10 Yrs: $82,100

Los Angeles County College of Nursing and Allied Health comes in a close second as another technical school for the health sciences.

As a school that has been producing top health associates for the past 120 years, you know why their motto, “There is no education like it in the world,” exists.

3. University of Pittsburgh-Titusville

Location: Titusville, PA
Median Earnings At 10 Yrs: $58,000

Think going to a regional campus of a large state school may result in less job opportunity? Think again, because the University of Pittsburgh’s Titusville campus ranks #3 on our highest earners list.

At the Pitt-Titusville campus, you can choose between 14 different associate degree programs or start on your bachelors degree. They have excellent services for veterans and even offer an early acceptance program to bachelor and graduate degree programs!

4. Laboure College

Location: Milton, MA
Median Earnings At 10 Yrs: $56,300

Looking for a Victorian era college with a Catholic flair? Established in 1892, Laboure has helped thousands of students graduate with nursing and health tech degrees ever since. Laboure is a private junior college that offers top-notch programs with small class sizes and a post graduate salary that nice on the bank.

Also, who wouldn’t want to take classes in a Victorian mansion?

5. Aultman College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Location: Canton, OH
Median Earnings At 10 Yrs: $53,300

Aultman College comes in as #5 with an average salary 10 years after entry of around $53k a year. Considering that four of the top five programs are allied health and nursing schools, it’s no wonder that professions in the healthcare field are a hot commodity these days.

Aultman College boasts their small class sizes, with 80% of classes having fewer than 20 students. They also allow direct entry into your chosen program, which means you don’t have to take excess courses to get the job you want. Their nursing program even has a 90% job placement rate within 12 months of graduation!

6. Maine College of Health Professions

Location: Lewiston, ME
Median Earnings At 10 Yrs: $52,000

75% of Maine College of Health Professions major programs have a 100% job placement rate within six months of graduation. The college offers remote location access and evening classes, making pursuing a healthcare degree certificate easy and flexible. Their estimated student debt upon graduation is only $16k, making it affordable with a salary of $52k.

Also, who wouldn’t want cheap access to lobster while getting a degree with an amazing salary for two years of schooling?

7. University of South Carolina-Lancaster

Location: Lancaster, SC
Median Earnings At 10 Yrs: $51,700

South Carolina: one of the most affordable states to live in. Top that with a great salary after finishing a junior college program and you will be living the good life. The University of South Carolina is a university with a good reputation, so you know an education at the Lancaster campus will be worth your money.

USC-Lancaster offers the big college experience close to home with many flexible options, meaning you can work and have a university-like experience without breaking your bank.

8. Dunwoody College of Technology

Location: Minneapolis, MN
Median Earnings At 10 Yrs: $51,000

Dunwoody College of Technology is a power-packed junior college in a thriving urban center: the perfect combination to get you a quality job. With an impressive 98% job placement rate, going to Dunwoody gives you a sense of security.

Dunwoody is not a health sciences school, but rather a high-tech school ready to make you an engineer, builder, or even robotics tech. If healthcare isn’t the field for you, do not worry. Dunwoody’s got your back.

9. Potomac State College of West Virginia University

Location: Keyser, WV
Median Earnings At 10 Yrs: $50,600

Want to go to school, but are strapped for cash? Potomac State College may be the school for you with a stunningly affordable tuition. Even out of state students can benefit, with tuition as low as $11,376 per year. And with an average salary of 50k, your school debt will be gone before you know it.

Potomac State College also has an incredibly diverse set of two-year programs. From forest resource management to elementary education and everything in between, you will be sure to find a program that fits your goals at Potomac State College.

10. Highlands College of Montana Tech

Location: Butte, MT
Median Earnings At 10 Yrs: $50,400

At Highlands College, also known as the Diggers, you can easily dig for gold after graduating. Montana tech may be last on the list, but it still is an impressive technical school. You can find any type of program here, from healthcare to business and accounting technology. Not surprisingly, they even have a school for mines and engineering.

As Montana’s top junior college for salaries 10 years after entry, you know you will be prepared for your career and a larger paycheck, once you graduate from Highlands College.

Wrapping Up The Climb To The Top Of The Income Ladder

Now that you’ve seen our top ten list for junior colleges with the highest earning graduates, you can be sure to find a program in your state that produces top-earners.

However, if you want to become a nurse, you better go ahead and buy your plane ticket to Cochran School of Nursing and take advantage of that hefty $82k a year salary.

State College Earnings
Alabama Marion Military Institute $47,900
Arizona Scottsdale Community College $41,200
Arkansas Northwest Arkansas Community College $36,500
California Los Angeles County College Of Nursing And Allied Health $82,100
Colorado Johnson amp; Wales University-Denver $40,100
Connecticut Naugatuck Valley Community College $37,700
Delaware Delaware Technical Community College-Terry $37,100
Florida Florida College $39,200
Georgia Georgia State University-Perimeter College $36,700
Hawaii Kapiolani Community College $40,400
Idaho North Idaho College $35,100
Illinois Morrison Institute Of Technology $48,600
Indiana Vincennes University $34,800
Iowa Mercy College Of Health Sciences $47,400
Kansas Hesston College $41,800
Louisiana Louisiana State University-Eunice $36,200
Maine Maine College Of Health Professions $52,000
Maryland Montgomery College $44,500
Massachusetts Laboure College $56,300
Michigan Macomb Community College $35,600
Minnesota Dunwoody College Of Technology $51,000
Mississippi Copiah-Lincoln Community College $33,300
Missouri Southeast Missouri Hospital College Of Nursing And Health Sciences $49,200
Montana Highlands College Of Montana Tech $50,400
Nebraska Nebraska College Of Technical Agriculture $49,600
Nevada College Of Southern Nevada $36,000
New Hampshire NHTI-Concord’s Community College $42,100
New Jersey County College Of Morris $42,600
New Mexico New Mexico Military Institute $49,800
New York Cochran School Of Nursing $82,700
North Carolina Carolinas College Of Health Sciences $48,300
North Dakota Bismarck State College $49,200
Ohio Aultman College Of Nursing And Health Sciences $53,300
Oklahoma Oklahoma State University Institute Of Technology $39,500
Oregon Portland Community College $39,900
Pennsylvania University Of Pittsburgh-Titusville $58,000
Rhode Island New England Institute Of Technology $42,900
South Carolina University Of South Carolina-Lancaster $51,700
South Dakota Mitchell Technical Institute $42,800
Tennessee John A Gupton College $38,900
Texas Lamar Institute Of Technology $46,700
Utah Salt Lake Community College $42,000
Vermont Vermont Technical College $44,800
Virginia Northern Virginia Community College $46,100
Washington Cascadia College $49,200
West Virginia Potomac State College Of West Virginia University $50,600
Wisconsin University Of Wisconsin Colleges $37,000
Wyoming Casper College $40,500

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