The 10 Largest Diaper Brands In The World

By Abby McCain
Aug. 29, 2022
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Largest Diaper Brands Research Summary

  • The largest diaper brand in the world is Huggies, with a 2021 net sales of $19.4 billion.

  • As of 2020, the global diaper industry has a market size of $75.9 billion.

  • The average baby goes through up to 2,200 diapers per year.

  • The global diaper market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 4.6% through 2028.

When you have a baby or are preparing for your baby to arrive, it won’t take long for you to discover that there is no shortage of options for supplies for both you and your child.

From diapers to wipes to bottles, every time you add a product to your shopping list, you’ll be faced with a decision on which brand, product, and size are best for your budget, lifestyle, and baby.

Even with all of these choices, many of the common brands you see are owned by just a few corporations who have either expanded their product selection in order to meet more customers’ needs or have bought out other brands.

Diaper brands are a good example of this, and in this article, you’ll find a list of the diaper brands owned by a few of the biggest players in this industry: Procter Gamble, Kimberly-Clark, and Unicharm.

average baby goes through 2,200 diapers per year

10 of the World’s Largest Diaper Brands

  1. Huggies. Neenah, Wisconsin

    Parent Company: Kimberly-Clark
    2021 Net Sales of Kimberly-Clark Personal Care Segment: $19.4 billion

    Huggies is arguably one of Kimberly-Clark’s most popular brands, and it adds a significant amount of revenue to the $9.34 billion the company made from its personal care products in 2020.

    Introduced in 1978, Huggies replaced Kimberly-Clark’s Kimbies diaper brand. Today, the brand produces nine different styles of diapers and six types of wipes. One of its most recent offerings is a product line called “Special Delivery,” which is made from plant-based materials.

    Each diaper style is designed for a different stage or activity in babies’ lives. These include the infant, crawling, and walking stages, as well as activities such as swimming and overnight sleep.

    Huggies’ website also offers tips and tools for parents such as a due date calculator, a baby name finder, and feeding and nutrition advice.

  2. Pampers. Cincinnati, Ohio

    Parent Company: Procter Gamble
    2020 Net Sales of PG Baby, Feminine, and Family Care Segment: $18.46 billion

    Ranked number 62 on Forbes’ World’s Most Valuable Brands 2020 list and valued at $11.5 billion, Pampers is one of the largest diaper brands in the world. Over 25 million babies in 100 countries wear Pampers products every day.

    Pampers was started by a Procter Gamble chemical engineer who wanted to create a better diaper for his grandson, and now it offers a wide variety of types of baby diapers, an equally large variety of wipes, and even a sleep tracking system called Lumi.

    Pampers’ website also offers tools to help parents determine which diaper styles and sizes are right for their children.

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  4. All Good. Cincinnati, Ohio

    Parent Company: Procter Gamble
    2020 Net Sales of PG Baby, Feminine, and Family Care Segment: $18.46 billion

    All Good is a relatively new brand for Procter Gamble, as it launched in early 2020. The brand is in partnership with Walmart, so shoppers can only purchase All Good diapers at Walmart stores.

    Procter Gamble launched All Good as a competitor to brands focused on using natural, healthy, and ethically sourced materials, as these brands are becoming increasingly popular with millennial parents.

    To accomplish this, All Good’s diapers boast no fragrances, parabens, or latex, and the brand donates a box of diapers to Feeding America with every purchase. Since its products are only offered at Walmart, All Good can keep its prices affordable even with all of these features.

    All Good has one type of diaper that features an assortment of six different decorative, unisex patterns, so all parents have to do is choose what size and count they want.

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  6. Luvs. Cincinnati, Ohio

    Parent Company: Procter Gamble
    2020 Net Sales of PG Baby, Feminine, and Family Care Segment: $18.46 billion

    Luvs began in 1976, and since then, the brand has been a powerful player in the baby product industry, introducing a plethora of diaper designs and technologies. For a few years, it even produced a TV show called Planet Stinks.

    Today, Luvs is known as a budget brand of diapers and has simplified its product offering to one type of diaper that comes in seven different sizes. Luvs furthers its affordability by offering discounts through Procter Gamble’s rewards program and a satisfaction guarantee.

    Luvs also provides parental resources on topics such as how to choose the right size of diapers and when to change sizes, how many diapers to purchase, what the diapers are made from, and even tips on how to prevent leaks.

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  8. Pull-Ups. Neenah, Wisconsin

    Parent Company: Kimberly-Clark
    2020 Net Sales of Kimberly-Clark Personal Care Segment: $9.34 billion

    Pull-Ups products are technically made under the Huggies brand, but they’re marketed separately. Pull-Ups offers gender-specific training diapers that children can pull up and down like underwear while they’re potty training.

    Pull-Ups recently launched its New Leaf product line, which features diapers made from plant-based ingredients.

    True to form with its competitors and sister brands, the Pull-Ups website provides potty training tips, games, and tools for parents.

    The brand also partnered with Disney to put Disney characters on its products and to offer a feature that lets kids call one of their favorite Disney characters. When they connect, they’ll hear an encouraging message about starting the potty training process.

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  10. Goodnites. Neenah, Wisconsin

    Parent Company: Kimberly-Clark
    2020 Net Sales of Kimberly-Clark Personal Care Segment: $9.34 billion

    Goodnites used to be a Huggies brand, but now it has its own brand of products that aim to help children who wet the bed.

    The brand’s products include Goodnites NightTime Underwear, absorbent inserts, and bed mats. Goodnites offers gender-specific products to provide the most effective solutions possible and recently expanded its sizing to better accommodate kids of all ages.

    Like its sister brands, Goodnites also offers advice for parents on how to help their children with bedwetting, ranging from how to create a nighttime routine that will set their kids up for success to help them avoid embarrassment at sleepovers.

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  12. DryNites. Dallas, Texas

    Parent Company: Kimberly-Clark
    2020 Net Sales of Kimberly-Clark Personal Care Segment: $9.34 billion

    DryNites offers many of the same products that Goodnites does, but this brand serves Europe and Oceania while Goodnites serves the Americas. These products include bed mats and absorbent undergarments for children.

    In keeping with the rest of Kimberly-Clark’s products, DryNites also offers support and resources to parents who are helping their children with their bedwetting phases.

    DryNites are designed to help kids feel like they’re wearing regular underwear while still keeping them and their beds dry. Because of this, there are separate products for boys and girls that differ both in appearance and function.

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  14. Little Swimmers. Neenah, Wisconsin

    Parent Company: Kimberly-Clark
    2020 Net Sales of Kimberly-Clark Personal Care Segment: $9.34 billion

    Little Swimmers is another Huggies brand, and it produces disposable swim diapers. Swim diapers are popular with parents because they prevent leaks and don’t swell up and disintegrate when they’re submerged like regular diapers often do.

    In 2020, Little Swimmers was the best-selling swim diaper in the U.S. and Canada, but they’re marketed around the world. They are not sold in all of the locations that the Huggies brand reaches, however, so even though they’re produced under the Huggies name, Kimberly-Clark treats Little Swimmers as a somewhat separate brand.

    Little Swimmers, like many other Huggies products, feature Disney characters in their designs.

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  16. KleenBebé. Mexico City, Mexico

    Parent Company: Kimberly-Clark
    2020 Net Sales of Kimberly-Clark Personal Care Segment: $9.34 billion

    KleenBebé is a brand of baby products exclusive to Mexico.

    It produces several product lines, including Movilastic, Suavelastic, Comodisec, and Absorsec. Each one of these lines offers different types of diapers, wipes, and even baby bath supplies so that parents can choose the right products for their child’s stage of life and individual needs.

    KleenBebé keeps the Kimberly-Clark tradition alive by also including parenting advice and a rewards program on its website.

    KleenBebé is a part of Kimberly-Clark de México, which began in 1931 when Kimberly-Clark Corporation started marketing their Kotex and Kleenex products in Mexico. Now, the company offers several brands there: Pétalo, Kotex, KleenBebé, Huggies, and Sanitas.

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  18. Moony. Tokyo, Japan

    Parent Company: Unicharm
    2020 Revenue of Unicharm Personal Care Segment: $5.74 billion

    Moony is a Japanese diaper brand owned by Unicharm, a producer of personal care and pet products. Moony diapers are known for being leak-free and soft, and the brand also offers a natural diaper that uses organic cotton and has no additives in it.

    Moony produces diapers that feature the typical design with tape on the sides, a pull-on style, and swim diapers. Moony also boasts a diaper size that is smaller than typical newborn sizes, taking into account regular weight loss cycles that babies often go through right after they’re born.

    As a Unicharm brand, Moony is closely related to the company’s other diaper brand, Mamy Poko, which is also popular in Japan.

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