By Kathy Morris
Jun. 9, 2021

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Happy National Candy Month. In honor of this very serious, highly celebrated holiday, we set out to find what each state’s favorite candy was.

After all, snacking is one of workers favorite non-work things to do at work. While it might be lunch o’clock somewhere, most of the day is the snack time.

Sure, workers could opt for loud, crinkly chips or granola bars (that are basically just less good tasting candy…), but why not go for an actual mid-day treat?

Why not have some candy to brighten up a bleary workday? We found the candy each state reaches to the most.

You can see how we found out each state’s favorite candy and some of our favorite findings below.


  • Starbursts, Skittles, and Hershey bars are beloved- 7 states each reach for these candies before anything else.
  • Chocolate wins over fruit- 33 states prefer a chocolate candy to a fruity one.
  • Most candies were someone’s favorite, but nobody likes Mounds bars or peanut MMs.
  • This is definite proof that some states’ have crummy taste. Really, Louisiana, you’d rather have a Payday than peanut MMs? I get Mounds bars not being anyone’s favorite, but peanut MM’s are awesome.


Using Google Trends, we determined which states were the most avid fans of certain candies. We examined over 20 different candies, given us a wide range of beloved favorites and some less tasty options.

We, being sane reasonable humans, excluded gum, sodas, and seasonal candies. Hopefully, you don’t swallow gum. Plus, liquid isn’t a candy even if it’s choke full of sugar- it’s a liquid.


There you have it, each state’s favorite candy. Some are delicious. And some just answer the question, “Who eats PayDays anyways?” (Louisiana, by the way.)

However, it proves there is a candy for everyone.

While you may be trying to loss the Quarantine 15, this month is National Candy Month. So, maybe today you skip the apple and grab your candy bar of choice.

State Favorite Candy Alabama Mr. Goodbar Alaska Almond Joy Arizona Starburst Arkansas Mars California Starburst Colorado Hershey bar Connecticut Hershey bar Delaware Twix Florida Skittles Georgia Skittles Hawaii Hershey bar Idaho Mr. Goodbar Illinois Hershey bar Indiana Hershey bar Iowa Butterfinger Kansas Three Musketeers Kentucky Milky Way Louisiana Payday Maine Milky Way Maryland Crunch Massachusetts Milky Way Michigan Mr. Goodbar Minnesota Twix Mississippi Three Musketeers Missouri Twix Montana Baby Ruth Nebraska Skittles Nevada MM’s New Hampshire Heath bar New Jersey Starburst New Mexico Skittles New York Sour Patch Kids North Carolina Hershey bar North Dakota Kit Kat Ohio Starburst Oklahoma Starburst Oregon Starburst Pennsylvania Milky Way Rhode Island Sour Patch Kids South Carolina Starburst South Dakota Snickers Tennessee Mars Texas Skittles Utah One Hundred Grand Bar Vermont Skittles Virginia Skittles Washington Twix West Virginia Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups Wisconsin Twix Wyoming Almond Joy

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