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By Chris Kolmar - Nov. 11, 2020

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The healthcare industry is changing.

New virtual care solutions enable patients to see doctors, nurses, and mental health professionals from home using their phones, smartphones, and PCs.

With this big boom in home-based healthcare, the medical industry is looking to hire home-based medical professionals who possess a wide range of backgrounds and expertise.

20 Best Work From Home Health Care Jobs

If you’re looking for work from home medical jobs, know that the need for your skills and expertise is high. Here are some of the most sought after at home medical careers at their annual salaries.

  1. Care Management ($75-$100K). Manage the operations of health service providers. Here is more about patient-care manager jobs.

  2. Healthcare Recruiter ($50K). Recruits medical professionals for hospitals, clinics, and in-home care. Read more about how to become a healthcare recruiter.

  3. Health Coach ($45K). Promotes a healthier diet, habits, and physical exercise. More on becoming a health coach.

  4. Health Insurance Specialist ($43K). Processes medical insurance claims, medical coding, and maintains patient records. Here are the skills needed to become a health insurance specialist.

  5. Health Insurance Customer Service ($32-$42K). Assists patients and providers in coordinated care and coverage. See if you have what it takes to become a health insurance customer service agent.

  6. Healthcare Project Managers ($100K). Oversees the successful completion of healthcare or medical-related projects.

  7. Medical Billing and Coding ($40-$45K). Prepares, reviews, and transmits claims using billing software. More info on medical billing technician careers.

  8. Medical Writer ($75-$100K). Creates medical content for blog articles, press releases, web content, and social media. Find out more about medical writer jobs.

  9. Medical Call-Center ($30K). Assists patients in greeting, screening, routing patient calls, and scheduling appointments.

  10. Medical Customer Service ($28-$32K). Set appointments and answer questions.

  11. Medical Illustrator ($70-$175K). Designs medical drawings and graphics for patients, students, and medical professionals. Check out more about being a medical illustrator.

  12. Medication Reminder ($16-$18K). Reminds patients to take their medicine.

  13. Medical Transcriptionist ($30-$40K). Transcribes medical record reports. More about medical transcription jobs.

  14. Nutrition Coach ($35-$45K). Guides and supports proper nutrition for fitness, chronic disease, eating disorders, emotional eating, obesity, and more. Read about the education required to become a nutritionist.

  15. Remote Order Entry Pharmacists ($80-$130K). Handles monitoring, dosing, and reviewing patient medication therapy.

  16. Telehealth Nurse ($45-$128K). Performs various levels of medical care virtually.

  17. Telecommuting Triage Nurse ($52K). Provides a telephone assessment of patients’ needs.

  18. Telehealth Physician ($185-$195K). Visit patients virtually for diagnosis, treatment, and medications. Here are other jobs you can do with a medicine degree.

  19. Virtual Therapist ($65-$130K). Provides online counseling for depression, anxiety, and stress.

  20. Wellness Coach. Assesses physical and mental health, sets goals, and creates action plans. Read about the education needed to become a wellness coach.

Educational Requirements and Credentials Needed to Work at Home in Health Care.

The requirements to work in the home health care field vary based on the specific career. Many remote medical jobs require a degree or certification.

  • Nursing roles require that you be a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or Registered Nurse (RN) and a license.

  • Performing a remote physician role requires having a Doctor of Medicine and an active medical license.

  • Most medical billing and coding requires certification.

  • To offer virtual therapy requires a master’s degree in psychology, counseling psychology, marriage, or family therapy.

  • You must have a Doctor of Pharmacy degree and a license to work as a virtual pharmacist.

  • Wellness coaches don’t need a degree or certification. But expert knowledge in the wellness industry or work experience is helpful.

  • Most medical scribe jobs require certification or related training.

  • Healthcare Project Managers need a bachelor’s degree in health administration, health management, nursing, public health administration, or business administration

Most Desired Skills in the Healthcare Market

Here are the most sought after skills needed for a career in a medical home-based business.

  • medical knowledge

  • communication skills

  • active listening

  • emotional intelligence

  • decision making

  • critical thinking

  • strong work ethic

  • safety

  • ethics

  • clinical skills

  • accuracy

  • patient relations

  • care coordination

  • detail-oriented

  • customer service

Benefits of Work-at-Home Health Care Jobs

If you’re passionate about helping people, working in the healthcare industry can be one of the most rewarding career choices there is.

Working from home is a dream come true for many medical workers. One of the biggest perks, of course, is that it provides better work/life balance. Without having to commute to work, it gives you a lot more free time. That’s time to spend with family, your pets, and for yourself.

Here’s why so many medical workers are looking for jobs they can work remotely.

  • Having the freedom to adjust your schedule allows you to get things done more efficiently.

  • Not having to drive to work means you are saving gas. Plus you aren’t emitting air pollutants and contributing to the smog problem.

  • When you stay at home, you save money on eating lunches out.

  • A work-from-home job gives you a comfortable, quiet atmosphere to work in. You get more done because you don’t have co-workers stopping by to chat.

  • Lastly, you get to call the shots. So you can finally achieve more freedom, fulfillment, and live your life on your terms.

Where to Find Companies Hiring Medical Jobs from Home

There are thousands of remote medical and health jobs online. Performing a Google search will bring up a lot of relevant job listings.

  1. Try a Google search for:

    • remote medical job openings

    • remote healthcare jobs

    • remote work-from-home healthcare

    • flexible and remote jobs

    • flexible work programs

    • work-life balance

    • telemedicine

  2. Networking: If you know someone at a healthcare company, it never hurts to network. Having contacts with people in the medical field can lead to career opportunities. Look through your LinkedIn contacts and see if anyone in your network knows someone at a medical or healthcare company. As for an introduction.

  3. Job Search Sites: Using one of the major job search sites can make it easy for you to find a medical job. Here are some search terms you can use to identify the best medical jobs you can do from home. You can also do searches or set a job alert for the specific area you are looking for like “medical billing”.

    • health insurance

    • managed healthcare company

    • healthcare services and prescriptions

    • on-demand hospital and healthcare telemedicine

    • health and wellness products

    • pharmaceuticals company

    • healthcare research

    • medical research

    • home healthcare

  4. Medical Transcriptionist Jobs

  5. Health Manager Jobs

  6. Medical Billing Jobs

Companies Who Hire Remote Medical Professionals

Telehealth Providers

The Future for Medical Jobs You Can Do From Home is Bright!

Telehealth is widening its scope of services. Many people are using telehealth for the first time as they try to stay physically distant to avoid spreading the novel coronavirus.

It represents a significant shift in healthcare. It’s allowing patients to get answers, get treatment, and get well from home.

That will provide a massive opportunity for qualified healthcare workers to provide these virtual services. There are openings for every step of the medical process, from diagnosis to virtual doctor visit, treatment plan, follow up, medical billing, insurance, and more.

Home based medical jobs provide a real opportunity to help patients from the comfort of your home. So if you are looking for great pay, a more flexible schedule, and exciting new medical career opportunities, now’s the perfect time to find your dream job.

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