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States with the Snowiest Christmas

By Amanda Postma
Dec. 5, 2022

Snowiest States Research Summary

  • The state with the snowiest Christmas in the U.S. is Michigan, with a 36% chance of snowfall on December 25th.

  • The state with the least snowy Christmas in the U.S. is Hawaii, with a 0% chance of snowfall on December 25th.

  • Alaska has the highest median snow depth in the U.S., at 11.71 inches.

  • Minneapolis, Minnesota has a 77% chance of having at least an inch of snow on the ground for Christmas.

There’s one thing that almost everyone wishes for around this time of the year. A white Christmas.

Snow just seems to make the holidays a bit more special. There’s nothing better than sitting by the fireplace, sipping hot cocoa, and watching the snow fall down.

If you’re wishing for a white Christmas instead of your two front teeth this year, then you might want to check out one of these states.

  1. Michigan
  2. Vermont
  3. Alaska
  4. New York
  5. New Hampshire
  6. Maine
  7. Idaho
  8. Minnesota
  9. Wisconsin
  10. Montana

Using the NOAA’s weather data, we determined the likelihood of a snowy Christmas. That’s what led us to these states.

While it’s never certain, you’ll have a better chance of a white Christmas here than anywhere else in the country.

Since we know you’re hooked on the idea of a white Christmas, we included a section on cold-weather jobs that you won’t want to miss out on. Be sure to check it out below.

How We Determined This

We used weather data from NOAA to determine which states have the highest chance of a stone-cold, white Christmas.

NOAA uses the latest three-decade averages of climatological measurements- including temperatures, snowfall, temperature variances, among other key metrics

Since data was on a weather-station basis, all stations were averaged together to get each state’s chances. Any location with non-calculable data was given a zero.

We didn’t take the amount of snow into account for our rankings. However, for fun, we followed the same method to see just how much snow we’re talking about. Turns out some states are definitely up to their knees out there!

1. Michigan

michigan class=

Probability of Snowfall: 36%
Median of Snow Depth: 5.65 inches
Snowiest Station: Bergland Dam

Michigan is your best chance at a white Christmas. With a 36% probability of snowfall on December 25, you can leave your boring, green Christmas behind.

Not only are the chances of snow on Christmas high, but the amount that might fall is enough for a proper snowball fight, some sledding and even enough to build a snowman.

Do you want to build a snowman?

2. Vermont

vermont class=

Probability of Snowfall: 32%
Median of Snow Depth: 6.27 inches
Snowiest Station: Mt. Mansfield

If snow is what you’re looking for at this time of the year, there’s no better place to be than Vermont. Plus, with a 32% chance of snowfall, you’re sure to see some snow on the big day.

And with 6.27 inches coming down, Frosty might even pay you a visit. Don’t forget to stop by Mt. Mansfield for a real snowy treat.

3. Alaska

alaska class=

Probability of Snowfall: 30%
Median of Snow Depth: 11.72 inches
Snowiest Station: Haines 40 NW

This one may seem like a no-brainer, but Alaska tends to get snowy around the holidays. Your chances of seeing snow fall on Christmas day is 30% here.

Hopefully, you won’t get buried in the cold snow, as you might get to watch 11.72 inches of snow pile up.

4. New York

new york class=

Probability of Snowfall: 29%
Median of Snow Depth: 4.48 inches
Snowiest Station: Newcomb

New York is already a great place to be for the holidays. With the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree and the ice skating rink, the state really paints a nice picture.

But it’s even better that there’s a 29% chance of a white Christmas. If you’re lucky enough, you might even get to walk through 4.48 inches of snow.

5. New Hampshire

new hampshire class=

Probability of Snowfall: 27%
Median of Snow Depth: 5.66 inches
Snowiest Station: First Connecticut L

New Hampshire is the fifth-most likely snowy spot in the U.S. on Christmas day. At a 27% chance and the probability of 5.66 inches falling to the ground, we’d say this is a great place for a white Christmas.

6. Maine

maine class=

Probability of Snowfall: 25%
Median of Snow Depth: 6.58 inches
Snowiest Station: Eustis

If you’re dreaming of a white Christmas, take a trip down to Eustis, Maine. That’s the snowiest station in the state.

But really, anywhere in the state has a 25% probability of snow on December 25 so you have a good chance either way.

7. Idaho

idaho class=

Probability of Snowfall: 24%
Median of Snow Depth: 6.35 inches
Snowiest Station: Dixie

Idaho is the seventh state on our list for the best chances of a white Christmas. At 24%, there’s a good chance you’ll wake up Christmas morning to snow flurries out your window.

8. Minnesota

minnesota class=

Probability of Snowfall: 21%
Median of Snow Depth: 5.60 inches
Snowiest Station: Littlefork 10 SW

Minnesota is no stranger to snow, especially on December 25. With a probability of 21%, you can count on seeing some snow. Maybe even 5.6 inches!

9. Wisconsin

wisconsin class=

Probability of Snowfall: 21%
Median of Snow Depth: 5.18 inches
Snowiest Station: Rainbow RSVR Tomaha

Wisconsin doesn’t disappoint in the snow department every year. And don’t be surprised if you find yourself shin-deep in snow on Christmas day.

The state has a 21% chance of snow on December 25. And with 5.18 inches of flurries, you’re game, set and ready for an epic snowball fight.

10. Montana

montana class=

Probability of Snowfall: 19%
Median of Snow Depth: 4.37 inches
Snowiest Station: Cooke City 2 W

Your last, best chance for a white Christmas is waiting for you in Montana. At a whopping 19%, you’re sure to see some snow on the magical day.

Brrr, It’s Cold in Here

As promised, we rounded up the perfect jobs for those of you who love all things that are cold.

Whether you want to just be out in the weather all day or just enjoy winter and all it has to offer, these jobs will be perfect for you.

Just thinking of working these jobs has us shivering. We hope you don’t get frostbite!

Dreaming of a White Christmas

From Vermont where the movie White Christmas was actually filmed to New York with its giant Christmas tree, there are a lot of reasons to visit these states during Christmas time.

Perhaps the reason that trumps them all is the probability of a white Christmas. The holiday seems empty without the fresh powder on the ground.

The table below has all the deets on which states will be enjoying a white Christmas, and which states will not (we’re looking at you, Florida).

Rank State Probability Of Snowfall Median Of Snow Depth
1 Michigan 35.6% 5.65 inches
2 Vermont 32.2% 6.26 inches
3 Alaska 29.6% 11.71 inches
4 New York 29.3% 4.48 inches
5 New Hampshire 27.1% 5.65 inches
6 Maine 24.6% 6.57 inches
7 Idaho 24.0% 6.35 inches
8 Minnesota 21.4% 5.6 inches
9 Wisconsin 21.4% 5.18 inches
10 Montana 19.3% 4.37 inches
11 North Dakota 18.6% 4.5 inches
12 Wyoming 18.2% 4.96 inches
13 Pennsylvania 17.9% 2.82 inches
14 Massachusetts 16.3% 3.91 inches
15 West Virginia 15.9% 2.38 inches
16 Colorado 15.8% 4.31 inches
17 Ohio 15.3% 2.22 inches
18 Connecticut 15.2% 3.41 inches
19 Utah 14.5% 4.51 inches
20 Iowa 14.3% 3.93 inches
21 Indiana 13.5% 2.54 inches
22 South Dakota 13.2% 4.03 inches
23 Rhode Island 12.8% 2.8 inches
24 Illinois 11.4% 2.83 inches
25 Washington 11.0% 2.79 inches
26 Nebraska 10.2% 3.20 inches
27 Oregon 7.8% 2.44 inches
28 Nevada 7.6% 1.84 inches
29 Maryland 7.4% 1.44 inches
30 New Jersey 7.0% 1.76 inches
31 Kansas 6.8% 2.04 inches
32 Missouri 6.4% 2.03 inches
33 New Mexico 6.2% 1.10 inches
34 Kentucky 5.2% 0.40 inches
35 Virginia 5.1% 0.93 inches
36 Delaware 4.0% 0 inches
37 Oklahoma 2.8% 0.24 inches
38 Tennessee 2.6% 0.04 inches
39 North Carolina 2.0% 0.13 inches
40 Arizona 2.0% 0.45 inches
41 California 1.7% 0.69 inches
42 Arkansas 1.6% 0.06 inches
43 Texas 0.9% 0.05 inches
44 South Carolina 0.4% 0 inches
45 Mississippi 0.4% 0 inches
46 Alabama 0.3% 0 inches
47 Georgia 0.3% 0 inches
48 Louisiana 0.1% 0 inches
49 Florida 0.0% 0 inches
50 Hawaii 0.0% 0 inches

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Amanda Postma

Amanda Postma is a writer for the Zippia Career Advice blog with a focus on creating entertaining content to help you through your job search. She received her BA from the University Of Missouri-Columbia.

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