Cheers! States That Love Champagne The Most

By Amanda Postma
Dec. 23, 2020

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Champagne is a popular choice for when you have something to celebrate.

Whether you’re ringing in the new year or you just got engaged, it’s likely that champagne is part of your celebration.

It’s even the drink of choice at brunch. Normally it’s not acceptable by society’s standards to start drinking early, but brunch is a totally different story.

Whatever you’re celebrating, the bubbly drink is appreciated throughout the entire country. Even the states that aren’t obsessed with it still enjoy the occasional glass.

Through Google Trends, we were able to find where champagne is the most cherished in the U.S. These are the top 10 states that love their champagne.

  1. Louisiana
  2. New York
  3. California
  4. New Jersey
  5. Massachusetts
  6. Nevada
  7. Connecticut
  8. Florida
  9. Maryland
  10. Illinois

Now that you know who pops a bottle of bubbly open every chance they get, be sure to stick around for the full list to find out which states could do without champagne.

Quick Facts

Most Interesting Findings

  • California was responsible for shipping 10,887 9-liter cases of champagne throughout the U.S. in 2019 alone.
  • That’s out of the 12,717 total cases that were shipped in the country.
  • The U.S. purchased 29.3 million 9-liter cases of sparkling wine in 2019.
  • It takes 7-10 years for a vineyard to mature.
  • The U.S. spends roughly $743 million to import champagne each year.
  • The sparkling wine is taxed the most in Florida at $3.50 per gallon.
  • You’ll want to buy your champagne in Wisconsin where the tax is only $.25 per gallon.
  • Sparkling rosé, also known as pink champagne, makes up 15% of sparkling wine in the U.S.
  • About 40-60% of all American champagne sales take place during the last two months of each year.
  • Champagne is responsible for 7% of the wine industry market.
  • The EU and U.S. signed a trade agreement in 2006 that said champagne has to be labeled as sparkling wine unless it’s from Champagne, France.
  • Some U.S. companies that labelled their sparkling wines as champagne on or before 2006 were grandfathered in, regardless of the agreement.

How We Determined This

We used Google Trends’ data to determine which states are searching for champagne and champagne related searches (such as “champagne near me” and “champagne recipes”).

We looked at a year of searches, giving every chance the opportunity to show their champagne love.

For other facts you see throughout the article, we got our information from Tax Foundation and the The Wine Institute.

Pop Some Bubbly

Brunch. Birthdays. Baths. These words all have something in common. They’re all better enjoyed with a glass of champagne.

There’s always cause for celebration when a glass of sparkling wine is involved. Even if you are just celebrating the end of Monday.

You’ve read about some interesting facts regarding the bubbly drink and you’ve even discovered which states drink the most of it.

Now it’s time to figure out which states aren’t fans. Take a look below at our table to find out.

States that Love (or don’t love) Champagne

Rank State Search Volume
1 Louisiana 70
2 New York 67
3 California 66
4 New Jersey 61
5 Massachusetts 60
6 Nevada 60
7 Connecticut 59
8 Florida 59
9 Maryland 59
10 Illinois 58
11 Texas 53
12 Rhode Island 53
13 Virginia 53
14 Colorado 52
15 Pennsylvania 52
16 Washington 51
17 Georgia 51
18 Delaware 50
19 South Carolina 48
20 Tennessee 48
21 Mississippi 48
22 Arizona 48
23 North Carolina 47
24 Hawaii 47
25 New Hampshire 46
26 Oregon 46
27 Michigan 45
28 Missouri 45
29 Alabama 45
30 Ohio 44
31 Montana 43
32 Nebraska 42
33 Minnesota 42
34 Wisconsin 41
35 Arkansas 40
36 Alaska 40
37 Kentucky 39
38 Maine 38
39 Oklahoma 38
40 Iowa 38
41 Kansas 38
42 Indiana 38
43 Vermont 37
44 New Mexico 36
45 Utah 35
46 Idaho 34
47 Wyoming 32
48 West Virginia 32
49 South Dakota 30
50 North Dakota 30

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