States Where You’re Most Likely To Live With Mom

By Kathy Morris - Dec. 18, 2019

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Want to live with your parents?

For most, that would be a resounding “No!” However, regardless of that strong, visceral response, multi-generational households are on the rise in the United States once again. Post World War II, the nuclear family became the norm, with young adults leaving their parents house when they reached adulthood to start their own household. However, delayed marriage, rising housing costs, and other socio-economic factors are changing the way we live once again.

However, where you live drastically impacts the likelihood of living with your parents. We uncovered the states where people are the most (and least) likely to live with their parents as adults. The full list of all fifty states is at the bottom. But first, let’s check out the best and the worst.

States Where Your Most Likely To Live With Your Parents

  1. New Jersey
  2. Connecticut
  3. New York
  4. Florida
  5. Maryland

These are the five states where adults are most likely to be living with mom or dad. What do these states have in common? All 5 states face some of the highest costs of living in the nation. While east coasters might just really love mom and dad, they are more likely motivated by sky high rent and the financial weight of maintaining their own household.

States Where Your Least Likely To Live With Your Parents

  1. North Dakota
  2. South Dakota
  3. Wyoming
  4. Iowa
  5. Nebraska

Don’t want to live with mom and dad? Move out west. All 5 of the states where you’re least likely to live with your parents as an adult are in the midwest. Midwestern states enjoy high home ownership and low costs of living, which may contribute to the lack of shared housing. Keep reading to see a detailed breakdown, or see the full list on the bottom.

How We Determined The States Where You’re Most Likely To Live With Your Parents

This one was pretty simple. We used the Census’ American Community Survey to measure which states had the highest rates of 18-34 year olds who lived in their parents’ household. The higher percent of residents living with their parents, the higher the state’s position on the list.

The States Where You’re Most Likely To Live With Your Parents:

1. New Jersey

Percent Living With Their Parents: 46%

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New Jerseyans love their parents. Hopefully, for the almost 46% whose parents live with them anyways. With almost 1-in-2 young adults living with their parents, New Jersey tops our list as the state where you’re most likely to live with your parents.

2. Connecticut

Percent Living With Their Parents: 41%

Connecticut is the state where you’re second most likely to live with your parents as an adult. Located between Boston and New York with bragworthy beaches, Connecticut doesn’t come cheap. Just ask the 41% of young Connecticuters who live with their parents.

2.New York

new york
Percent Living With Their Parents: 40%

New York is expensive. If you’re surprised to see New York at #2, you probably haven’t tried to pay a New York City rent on an early twenties’ pay check. No doubt, many of the New Yorkers who live with their parents are heavily influenced by the high cost of living. Shared expenses may help lighten the load. Young New Yorkers are also the least likely to live with a spouse.

4. Florida

Percent Living With Their Parents: 38%

Florida is known as a retiree’s dream. It’s understandable, great beaches, mild weather, and destination worthy locations nearby, sounds perfect to me. However, almost 38% of young Floridians live with their folks as adults, which may dampen that dream a bit.

5. Maryland

Percent Living With Their Parents: 38%

At number 5, we have Maryland. 38% of young Marylanders live with a parent as an adult.

There you have it- the five states with the biggest percent of adults living with their parents. Up next we explore the states where people are least likely to live with their parents as adults. Or you can scroll down and see where your state landed on the full list.

The States Where You’re Least Likely To Live With Your Parents:

1. North Dakota

north dakota
Percent Living With Their Parents: 14%

North Dakota is the state where adults are least likely to live with their parents, less than 15%. Young adults in North Dakota are also more likely than any other state to live alone, rather than sharing a home with roommates. North Dakota is a state where buying a house is more affordable than most, which may contribute to this low rate.

2. South Dakota

Percent Living With Their Parents: 19%

Up 2nd, we have North Dakota’s southern neighbor. Similar to North Dakota, South Dakota’s unemployment rates are good and home ownership is still attainable for young residents, which may contribute to its place on the list.

3. Wyoming

Percent Living With Their Parents: 21%

Most Wyomingites are paying their own rent, with only 21% of young Wyomingites live with their parents. The least densely populated state in the nation, Wyoming offers a low cost of living that makes living away from mom and dad affordable.

4. Iowa

Percent Living With Their Parents: 22%

Iowa has the fourth lowest rate of adults who live with their parents. That’s not bad at all.

5. Nebraska

Percent Living With Their Parents: 22%

Only 22% of adults Nebraskans live with their parents. That is a corn shucking low number. The fifth lowest of all fifty states, to be exact.

Check out the full list- from the states where adults are most likely to live with their parents, to the least likely.

State Total 18-To-34 Year Olds Total Living At Home % Living With Parents
New Jersey 1,860,833 863,799 46.42%
Connecticut 722,142 297,131 41.15%
New York 4,508,303 1,797,334 39.87%
Florida 4,168,609 1,601,983 38.43%
Maryland 1,299,214 498,402 38.36%
California 9,330,718 3,569,850 38.26%
Delaware 198,245 73,707 37.18%
Rhode Island 228,972 84,641 36.97%
Massachusetts 1,477,566 535,641 36.25%
Mississippi 641,324 231,238 36.06%
Pennsylvania 2,624,116 944,382 35.99%
Illinois 2,863,832 1,026,082 35.83%
Hawaii 308,956 108,183 35.02%
New Hampshire 257,502 89,213 34.65%
New Mexico 462,252 158,740 34.34%
Alabama 1,035,854 355,244 34.29%
Michigan 2,098,763 713,764 34.01%
Georgia 2,255,169 766,662 34.00%
Louisiana 1,067,035 359,037 33.65%
Texas 6,446,449 2,136,873 33.15%
South Carolina 1,028,953 335,723 32.63%
West Virginia 358,056 115,564 32.28%
Virginia 1,820,878 583,823 32.06%
Arizona 1,505,128 475,191 31.57%
Nevada 651,650 201,267 30.89%
Ohio 2,413,011 737,425 30.56%
Tennessee 1,415,829 431,493 30.48%
North Carolina 2,133,875 649,761 30.45%
Indiana 1,411,424 422,106 29.91%
Maine 244,726 72,656 29.69%
Alaska 180,806 52,902 29.26%
Kentucky 922,303 266,472 28.89%
Missouri 1,301,798 368,016 28.27%
Utah 755,628 210,305 27.83%
Vermont 120,470 33,307 27.65%
Wisconsin 1,208,364 326,583 27.03%
Arkansas 631,513 170,504 27.00%
Minnesota 1,188,122 314,191 26.44%
Washington 1,633,665 426,926 26.13%
Oklahoma 868,329 224,153 25.81%
Oregon 880,014 223,225 25.37%
Idaho 356,927 88,812 24.88%
Colorado 1,271,967 309,809 24.36%
Kansas 638,786 153,944 24.10%
Montana 213,410 47,080 22.06%
Nebraska 414,722 90,076 21.72%
Iowa 654,251 141,948 21.70%
Wyoming 129,588 26,810 20.69%
South Dakota 179,047 34,074 19.03%
North Dakota 185,584 26,844 14.46%

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