The States That Play The Most Dungeons And Dragons

By Kathy Morris - Jun. 2, 2021

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There are an estimated 13.7 million DD players.

With a user base that large, it’s no surprise that Dungeon and Dragons’ isn’t the same dirty, secret basement game it was when your dad played.

Players from across the globe and a variety of walks of life play the tabletop role playing game. Companies have even jumped on board, hosting corporate DND games.

We analyzed search data to determine the states playing DND the most– and where

Most Interesting Findings

  • Utahans plays more DND than any other state.
  • In fact, the Midwest as a whole is pretty into it.
  • The most searched DND class? Monk.
  • Ranger and Druid tie for 2nd most popular class choice.
  • New Yorkers play the least DND- but when they do, they play as bards.
  • New Mexico likes the quintessential ‘wizard’ class.

States That Play The Most DND

  1. Utah
  2. Idaho
  3. Oregon
  4. Maine
  5. Vermont
  6. Alaska
  7. Washington
  8. Montana
  9. New Hampshire
  10. Kansas

States That Play The Least DND

  1. New York
  2. New Jersey
  3. Mississippi
  4. Georgia
  5. California
  6. Florida
  7. Texas
  8. Hawaii
  9. Delaware
  10. South Carolina

Keep reading to see whether they’re wielding swords or wizard hats, and where all 50 states landed in the ranking.

What are they most likely playing as?

How We Figured This Out

DND is popular, but it’s also very complicated. Even the most experienced player will often turn to Google to look up new spells or complex craft about the lore. That doesn’t even take into account the sheer volume of online users of dice rollers, online character sheets, and virtual tabletops.

With the being said, we felt very comfortable using Dungeons and Dragons related search volume as a proxy for users. We looked at a full year of search interest, giving every state ample time to let show their nerdy side.

To determine classes, we used the 15 most common DND classes and did a similar analysis of Google Search Trends.

We excluded obscure classes because, well, they are uncommon.

IT’S OKAY, NERDy is in now

Don’t be ashamed if you regularly pretend to be a half-Orc barbarian named Gilgar.

In fact, depending upon your workplace, you might not be the only one rolling the D20s or open to game talk at the water cooler.

At the end of the day, our interests make us who we are. And DND isn’t even an uncommon one. Who knows, maybe some of those problem solving skills will even come in handy for your 9-to-5.

The States That Play DND The Most (And Least)

Rank State Favorite Class
1 Utah Monk
2 Idaho Cleric
3 Oregon Rogue
4 Maine Monk
4 Vermont Artificer
4 Alaska Barbarian
7 Washington Druid
8 Montana Monk
9 New Hampshire Druid
10 Kansas Druid
10 Wyoming Ranger
12 Oklahoma Druid
12 Kentucky Monk
14 Missouri Warlock
14 North Dakota Paladin
14 South Dakota Ranger
14 Arkansas Ranger
18 Indiana Druid
19 Colorado Druid
20 Nebraska Ranger
20 Iowa Fighter
20 Wisconsin Monk
23 Minnesota Druid
24 Michigan Monk
25 West Virginia Ranger
26 Ohio Druid
27 Massachusetts Monk
28 Virginia Warlock
29 Arizona Monk
30 Tennessee Monk
31 Rhode Island Monk
32 Alabama Ranger
32 Nevada Paladin
32 Pennsylvania Monk
35 Maryland Monk
35 Illinois Monk
35 Connecticut Monk
35 New Mexico Wizard
39 North Carolina Monk
39 Louisiana Monk
41 Delaware Paladin
41 South Carolina Druid
43 Texas Ranger
43 Hawaii Monk
45 Florida Monk
46 California Monk
47 Mississippi Ranger
47 Georgia Ranger
49 New Jersey Monk
50 New York Bard

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