The Most Christmas-y Town in Every State

By Amanda Postma
Nov. 23, 2020

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As Christmas comes closer and closer with each passing day, you’re probably starting to partake in holiday activities.

From singing Christmas carols to baking sugar cookies, wrapping presents and decorating the Christmas tree, everyone has their way of celebrating the holidays. Some choose to watch Hallmark movies.

And if you’ve ever watched a Christmas Hallmark movie, then you’ll know that almost every single one of them is centered around a cute little town that seems to celebrate Christmas as if it were a year-round holiday.

Whatever your stance is on Hallmark movies, we set out to find out if those types of towns actually exist. And, well, we found that they do.

Most Christmassy Towns

  1. North Pole, Alaska
  2. Leavenworth, Washington
  3. Sun Valley, Idaho
  4. Garrison, North Dakota
  5. Chester, Vermont
  6. Ogunquit, Maine
  7. Virginia City, Nevada
  8. Stockbridge, Massachusetts
  9. Frankenmuth, Michigan
  10. Galena, Illinois

We found these Christmassy towns based on how small the population and how likely was a true White Christmas. Some of these towns are even featured in Hallmark movies.

The other towns we found haven’t made it into a Hallmark movie yet, but still had that Christmas charm that makes it a good contender. Don’t forget to keep reading for the full list of Christmassy towns.

What Makes a Town Christmassy?

Well, for starters, you need to have a White Christmas. If there isn’t snow falling from the sky, then the backdrop will be way off.

That’s why we used the National Centers for Environmental Information’s site to determine the probability of a White Christmas.

Then we ranked each town by their small-town feel. The fewer people, the more of that small-town charm you’re going to feel. There’s just something warm about everyone knowing everyone, especially around the holidays.

1. North Pole, Alaska

White Christmas: 28%
Small Town Feel: 2,113 residents

With a place called the North Pole, there’s no surprise that it is in fact the most Christmassy town out there. In fact, many people will tell you that there is a year-round Christmas spirit that flows through the town. Even the mayor goes by Santa. And don’t forget about the Santa Claus house with real reindeer. Plus, there’s a 28% chance that it will snow on Christmas. It doesn’t get more Christmassy than that.

2. Leavenworth, Washington


White Christmas: 27%
Small Town Feel: 2,010 residents

Leavenworth may have the sixth-highest chance of snow on Christmas in the U.S., but that’s not what gives this small town it’s Christmas charm. You really don’t want to miss out on the 21 miles of lights that go up every year. Plus, everyone loves the handbell concerts and weekly carolers.

3. Sun Valley, Idaho

White Christmas: 21%
Small Town Feel: 1,473 residents

The Snow and Ice Festival in Sun Valley is the event that caught our eye, but that’s not the only thing that sets this town apart from the rest. It’s the third-smallest town with a population of 1,473, which means that everyone is your neighbor. So you won’t have to go far if you run out of sugar while baking sugar cookies.

4. Garrison, North Dakota

White Christmas: 20%
Small Town Feel: 1,485 residents

Often labeled the Christmas Capital of North Dakota, it’s not hard to see why Garrison is No. 4 on our list. There’s a 20% chance of snow on Christmas here and since only 1,485 people live here, it’s safe to assume the entire town is close to one another. While you’re in town, don’t forget to stop by the Dickens Festival. It’s a crowd favorite.

5. Chester, Vermont


Source: Sfoskett|GFDL

White Christmas: 28%
Small Town Feel: 3,154 residents

This town was actually featured for the Hallmark movie “Moonlight Mistletoe.” Chester is known for its historic stone village, Fullerton Inn and Hugging Bear Inn. Add in the 28% chance of snow on Christmas and you have yourself the fifth-most Christmassy town.

6. Ogunquit, Maine

White Christmas: 15%
Small Town Feel: 927 residents

Many don’t associate the beach with Christmas. But the people in Ogunquit would argue otherwise with the town’s annual Christmas by the Sea Festival. The town has the second-lowest population with 927 residents. So you’ll definitely get that small-town feel here.

7. Virginia City, Nevada

White Christmas: 13%
Small Town Feel: 800 residents

Normally, travelers would visit Nevada for gambling and alcohol. But we think you should visit for other reasons. Virginia City is a great place to be for the holidays with a 13% chance of snow on Christmas and only 800 residents living there. While you’re there, don’t miss out on the Christmas on the Comstock event.

8. Stockbridge, Massachusetts

White Christmas: 17%
Small Town Feel: 1,947 residents

Stockbridge lives up to the “Stockbridge Main Street at Christmas” painting every year. The 1967 painting was created by Norman Rockwell to capture the Christmassy feel that small towns give off. So now, the town recreates that scene every year. Old-fashioned cars line the street and the buildings and homes are decorated for the holidays. That’s one Christmas tradition you won’t want to miss.

9. Frankenmuth, Michigan

White Christmas: 26%
Small Town Feel: 5,401 residents

Frankenmuth is the ninth-most Christmassy town with a 26% chance of snow on Christmas and only 5,401 residents. The town features lots of festivals and events to celebrate the season. The most notable ones are the Christkindlmarkt, holiday home tours and Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland.

10. Galena, Illinois

White Christmas: 20%
Small Town Feel: 3,183 residents

With a 20% chance of a White Christmas, Galena has a lot to offer in the Christmas department. The majority of the town’s buildings were built in the 19th century, including the BB’s and antique shops. Every year, the entire Main Street is decked out with Christmas decorations and lights. As for events, you won’t want to miss the Christmas Ball, the Night of the Luminarios and Living Windows, and the Holiday Fire in the Sky.

Let it Snow

All of the towns we found deserve some recognition for their Christmas spirit. You get the small-town feel of neighbors being neighborly while also a good chance for a White Christmas, which is what anyone could ask for.

But these towns also feature lots of events where the entire town gets together to celebrate. That’s what the holidays are all about anyway. And all of these towns paint that picture perfectly.

So if you’re looking for a little extra holiday spirit this year, you can’t go wrong with any of these towns. Check out the list below.

Most Christmassy Towns in Each State

State Town White Christmas Small Town Feel Rank
Alabama Andalusia 0% 8,735 39
Alaska North Pole 28% 2,113 1
Arizona Prescott 4% 43,314 44
Arkansas Eureka Springs 7% 2,091 13
California Nevada City 6% 3,142 19
Colorado Durango 20% 18,985 26
Connecticut Essex 12% 6,683 19
Delaware New Castle 8% 5,529 23
Florida St. Augustine 0% 14,576 43
Georgia Dahlonega 1% 6,884 37
Hawaii Honolulu 0% 347,397 50
Idaho Sun Valley 21% 1,473 3
Illinois Galena 20% 3,183 10
Indiana Santa Claus 3% 2,410 27
Iowa Valley Junction 20% 66,641 32
Kansas Atchison 9% 10,560 29
Kentucky Bardstown 5% 13,164 35
Louisiana Natchitoches 0% 17,831 45
Maine Ogunquit 15% 927 6
Maryland Annapolis 2% 39,174 47
Massachusetts Stockbridge 17% 1,947 8
Michigan Frankenmuth 26% 5,401 9
Minnesota Stillwater 26% 19,404 21
Mississippi Oxford 2% 38,655 45
Missouri Washington 5% 14,055 36
Montana Darby 37% 59,829 21
Nebraska Minden 10% 2,977 13
Nevada Viriginia City 13% 800 7
New Hampshire Portsmouth 18% 21,896 31
New Jersey Cape May 5% 3,448 28
New Mexico Taos 12% 5,971 17
New York Corning 30% 10,603 12
North Carolina Denton 1% 1,666 24
North Dakota Garrison 20% 1,485 4
Ohio Cincinnati 8% 302,605 40
Oklahoma Oklahoma City 5% 649,021 49
Oregon Jacksonville 6% 2,904 17
Pennsylvania New Hope 8% 2,527 13
Rhode Island Newport 6% 24,590 38
South Carolina Beaufort 0% 13,357 42
South Dakota Sioux Falls 23% 181,883 32
Tennessee Pigeon Forge (Dollywood) 4% 6,324 34
Texas Big Spring 1% 28,162 47
Utah Park City 28% 8,296 10
Vermont Chester 28% 3,154 5
Virginia Williamsburg 1% 14,896 41
Washington Leavenworth 27% 2,010 2
West Virginia Lewisburg 11% 3,831 16
Wisconsin Cedarburg 15% 11,536 24
Wyoming Sheridan 27% 82,801 29

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