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By Chris Kolmar - Nov. 24, 2020

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Everyone can use some extra money on the side, even when you have a lucrative job that you love. When thinking about potential side hustles, most people’s ideal scenario is a gig they can do to earn money from home in their spare time. Getting an online job on the side provides more freedom and flexibility to make cash on your own terms.

How To Choose The Best Side Jobs For You

When you decide that you want to get a side gig from home to make extra money, it can seem like there’s an endless stream of opportunities and nothing out there at the same time. One way to narrow down the list of ways to make money in addition to your full-time position is by choosing a side gig that’s right for you.

Evaluate the following questions to make it easier to choose the best side gig for you:

  1. What do you like to do? The side gig you pursue should be something that you enjoy doing. This isn’t your primary career, and you will be working on it on your time off, so make sure it involves something you like. Many people go blank with presented with the question of what they truly like to do.

    Consider your hobbies and favorite parts of working in your full-time field that can be useful to other people.

  2. What are you good at? Another major consideration is finding a side job that you’re good at. Since it isn’t a hobby that you’re simply doing for the joy of it and you’re expecting to be paid for your services, there has to be a level of knowledge and experience that comes with it.

    When you choose a side job to earn some extra income with, look for something that combines the things you’re passionate about with what areas you excel in.

  3. How much time can you dedicate to your remote side job? Certain side gigs require you to devote more time to them than others. Think about how many hours per week, you want to work on your side job before committing to anything. When you’re only looking to make a few extra dollars around the holiday time, you’ll have different requirements than if you need a long term part-time position.

Examples of Side Gigs You Can Do From Home

If you’ve ruminated on the questions that can let you know if a side gig is right for you, but you’re not sure how to apply these skills and passions to make money from home, you’ve come to the right place. Below are examples of work from home opportunities that you can use to make extra cash on the side.

  1. Create an online course. These days everyone is looking to learn new information online. One of the ways the internet has grown to accommodate this demand is through online courses. There are courses available in just about every topic you can imagine.

    This presents a strong opportunity for people from various backgrounds to share their insight and teach lessons in topics they know a lot about. Even if you don’t come from a teaching background, you’re likely knowledgeable about a specialty that can be useful to other people.

    A huge pro of making an online course through a host website is that it can generate passive income. Once you’ve done the initial legwork to create your course, you don’t have to do much in the future except wait for the profits to roll in when people subscribe to your online class.

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    Where to look for course hosting websites:

  2. Translation. If you speak more than one language, you can use this very marketable skill to get a side gig online. Since online translation jobs can be found where you’re either translating text or speaking, it can be a good position regardless of if you prefer being vocal.

    Where to look for translation work online:

  3. Get a gig on a freelancing website. Freelance work doesn’t have to be your full-time career to make you money. The great thing about online freelance gigs is that you can control which jobs you want to take and which ones you want to pass up. There’s usually a set amount of time that you’ll be working on the project, meaning it’s not as much of a commitment as other side jobs.

    Plus, you don’t have to commit to a single industry or focus, and instead can take gigs across multiple fields to boost your additional revenue even more.

    Where to look for freelance gigs:

  4. Become a virtual assistant. While the typical image of an assistant that comes to mind is an employee running around the office doing tasks for their boss, this profession can be achieved completely from home.

    There are many virtual tasks and administration work that professionals need help with handling, and that’s where you come in. As most responsibilities of an assistant have moved online, there is an increased demand for virtual employees for these positions.

    Some of the tasks associated with being a virtual assistant include:

    • Data Entry

    • Responding to emails

    • Booking accommodations for travel

    • Scheduling

    • Calendar organization

    • Performing market research

    Where to look for virtual assistant jobs:

  5. Proofreading and editing. Written content is a big part of a company’s public image, and they want it to be perfect. People who have experience with proofreading and editing documents can use this skill to create a profitable side gig. If you don’t have a wealth of knowledge regarding these areas, many online courses can improve your abilities and help you land an editing side job.

    Where to look for proofreading and editing jobs:

  6. Sell stuff online. Many people have about a closet’s worth of old clothing and jewelry that they haven’t worn since 2015. You can use these items as a side gig by selling them online. Minimize the junk in your home and make some extra cash while doing it.

    Where to sell stuff online:

  7. Website testing. This is an online side job that just about anyone, regardless of skills, can participate in. Most people know how to peruse a website or phone application and make judgment calls about how well it functions for you. That’s basically the job description of freelance website testing, making it accessible to just about anyone with a phone or computer.

    Companies hire website testers because they want to know what they’re doing well and what parts need improvement before releasing their platform to the general public. It makes it more likely that their website or application will be received well and convenient to use.

    Website testers are compensated well for their services and can make up to $40 an hour if they’re doing the work consistently. That’s not too shabby for a side job you can do from your couch.

    Where to look for website testing work:

  8. Content writing. As stated earlier, written content is on the rise when it comes to how businesses interact with their customers. Whether it be social media copy, for their website pages, or articles about topics within the field, content writing can bring in a steady side income. The great thing about this side hustle is that there are many possibilities for what you can write about.

    Where to look for content writing work:

  9. Transcription. Transcription work can take a bit of practice to master, but once you do, you’ll bringing in a good amount of extra money from the comfort of your home. A virtual transcriptionist’s job is to listen to audio clips or videos and write down everything that’s being said. It may sound simple initially, but it can quickly get complicated. You need to focus despite the sometimes poor sound quality and type quickly enough to keep up with the audio speed.

    Even though you’ll need to practice the skill of transcription more than others, it’s something that anyone can learn with the right tools.

    Where to look for transcription work:

  10. Manage social media accounts. Plenty of people are becoming social media managers as their full-time occupation. However, you don’t have to be that committed to the industry to make some money doing it at a side gig. If you’re already familiar with how different social media applications function, like Instagram and Twitter, you may already be more experienced in this field than you think.

    Typical tasks of a social media manager include:

    • Working with a brand to create a social media strategy

    • Analyzing company to customer interaction and vice versa

    • Lead daily activities, posts, and campaigns to develop brand success

    This sounds very complicated, but it just means you work with your part-time employer, figure out what they want, and help them get that through their social media accounts.

    Where to look for social media manager work:

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Chris Kolmar

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